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How to improve store pelmeni?

Happen what there is no time, desire to prepare some house delicacy, and it is necessary to feed very quickly with something tasty house or to surprise guests?

In that case the pack of pelmeni saves from the refrigerator - usual, store.

They can be baked in an oven, having built such to itself dumplings baked pudding, to prepare pelmeshka in pots or to cook from them soup. It will be really tasty. I do not apply for authorship of recipes below, something similar can be found easily in a RuNet. Each of recipes can be changed to unrecognizability to the taste and a discretion.

Dream of the bachelor Directly frozen pelmeni we spread

on a hot frying pan with oil, we fry to a golden crust. It is possible to strew a dish with the crushed chesnochok, onions, any greens. We fill in everything with sour cream, from above we strew with grated cheese. We cover a dish, we prepare before full melting of cheese.

Jellied pelmeshka we put

of Half a kilo of frozen pelmeni in a frying pan, we add several leaflets of a lavrushka and we fill in everything with sauce. For sauce we pepper, we salt a glass of sour cream, at desire we add to it mayonnaise and/or tomato sauce. From above we spread the onions pickled in vinegar, previously having sorted it on ringlets. We bake in an oven.

Pelmeni in pots without the " sauce;

Pelmeni needs to be boiled to semi-readiness. In the pots which are previously greased with butter we spread part of pelmeni, then a mayonnaise layer. We alternate, we fill in the top layer of pelmeni with mayonnaise and we strew with grated cheese.

" eggs Pelmeni; Crude pelmeni we fry

, we add the cut tomatoes, mushrooms, we place in a form and we fill in with the shaken-up eggs. From above we put a little cheese and mayonnaise. We bake in an oven.

Pelmeni in broth with " champignons; Previously fried pelmeni (it is better to take small) we place

in clay pots. We fill in them with vegetable broth, we add the fried champignons. We salt, we pepper. Covers we do not close pots, we put in an oven. We add to ready pelmeni it is buttered also sour creams.

Well and finally the dish which it is very difficult to call a quick dish, but can be prepared it from usual store semi-finished products too.

Baku " pelmeni soup; by

It is boiled in broth carrots, potatoes, the root of a celery, parsley cut by bars. When vegetables cook, to add pelmeni, tomato sauce. It is possible to add also paprika. Already to add cilantro and small chopped garlic to ready soup.

Original ideas and good appetite!