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About what your grief? In the life from time to time us grieves can overcome

. And, of course, everyone dreams of positive changes in own life.

However, this positive reformation happens then when the attitude towards itself and world around changes. In other words, our habits, the purposes, a way of life, the general philosophy of our life have to change.

If we persistently do not want to understand true essence of this or that problem, we will not study ourselves, the abilities, the pluses and minuses, then our attention will concentrate only on the solution of problems and an exit from impasses. We will not be able to understand what to do farther. And any positive changes on it will end. It is so possible to fall into grief and despondency. Such minutes it is necessary to wonder: where that enthusiasm with which some new business where opportunities for new changes left began disappeared?

The care of having communication with people who inspire will adjust on positive changes and will play an important role in various life situations.

It is necessary to seek to look for communication with those who think on a substantial scale, operate vital processes, know the abilities and self-actualize, but not just work for themselves or someone for the sake of money and material prosperity.

Sometimes it is not absolutely pleasant to hear in the address the truth about himself or any accusation from such people. It is unpleasant to hear the bitter truth in the address in general from somebody. But as still it is possible to get rid of these lassos the internal nature, destroying our life if not to understand that they are and are shown in us at the most, apparently, inopportune moment? To accept accusation and to understand these things is a chance to leave them forever.

Many people leave from what they received a fair dose of the truth. They nurse a grievance on these people. However the offense is not the reason to refuse positive changes in own life. It is not the reason to avoid execution of the mission. There are no ideal people, all are imperfect, but the aspiration to leave the bad habits, tendencies, egoism, will allow us to stick to the dream, to carry out grandiose projects of the life and to execute a task for the sake of which we live.

Life on the earth is a large construction, everyone participates in it. Everyone builds a family, business, some business, personal happiness. And if to apply the principles creating our life, then we will be similar to the person who built the house on the stone basis because it dug and went deep and his house sustained a hurricane. If not to execute these vital principles, then it is possible to assimilate to the fool who built the house on sand and it did not resist, failed at a flood.

Everything that has no firm reasons, collapses when adversities come.

And, of course, that it did not occur, it is necessary to dig and go deep - to study and apply the principles of creation of life.

Today so there are not enough people in whom there is this depth. Today there are not enough families in which the husband and the wife are true and devoted each other. Today few true professionals because many come to this or that sphere of society not for the sake of calling, and for the sake of the guaranteed providing, for the sake of earnings.

Everywhere it is possible to notice the superficial relations when people do not think of to what conduct their these or those acts, actions, steps, what they sow seeds in the life or in life of the people surrounding them. Many ways of the person lead to destruction him, his family, some business and in general life.

What is the superficial relations? It means: to somehow be interrupted, endure, wait difficulties, to evade responsibility. But in what then human life differs from animal life?

To execute the mission is always diligence, work. And here the person can begin fight against the outside world, forgetting that there is its inner world, the world of his soul, spirit and thoughts. That all this can and has to be in harmony. It has questions, he looks for council when he does not want to live as before any more, the former life, but does not see an opportunity to change something in the life.

If not to go deep into sense of the mission and having listened to a wise advice, not to execute it, the great destiny will pass by and the dream will remain dream.

There are two types of grief from which it is bad to become.

If to the person it is badly simple because that he was offended, humiliated, offended, wounded him vanity, then this grief will not make favorable positive changes in it but only will destroy life. Such grief means that he does not wish to leave the nasty character, egoism, pride and narcissism, he in everything is repaid and blames someone. But what we cherish we cultivate in ourselves and what we do not want to get rid of, remains with us on life. This way conducts to death spiritual which the death physical follows.

If the person accepts accusations in the address, and even the undeserved offense or an insult do not cause negative emotions in his soul, and on the contrary, make a bigger diligence to execution of the vital strategy and aspiration to achieve the dream, it means on the right track changes. This grief is short-term and will surely lead to positive changes in his life and as a result, to success.

Let your grief will be short-term if someone is plain with you, but does not gossip behind your back.

Rejoice when you are convicted because if you accept this accusation with mildness, it will make favorable changes in you.

In life there are a lot of reasons for grief, but if to know the calling and to realize the potential of the boundless abilities, talents and talents, the reasons for despondency and a depression will not be, and difficulties will be only temporary which new level, new success follows!