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Robin Hood Robin Hood discord? Once again about good deeds from heart to heart about Russell Crowe and a syndrome of the Shervudsky benefactor

we will tell At once: image at Hollywood selebrit of Russell Crowe (Russell Crowe) in means of Mass Media settled - desperate. You hear Russell Crowe and right there you assume: now washing up of star bones will begin - fought, touched, did a lot of mischief. Generally, famous hooligan Crowe, quick-tempered squabbler. Give it to us a star of mass media - serve its brutal maskulinnost, having generously seasoned with the separate impartial facts.

At reporters even the saying in this respect exists: if somewhere someone rows, it means Russell Crowe. By the way, the note about natural desire of a star to replace the place on a tribune during one of games of the last Wimbledon tournament quite so and was exaggerated in media channels, with such heading. And scandal - that actually was also not.

Well, happened at the main Hollywood gladiator exits from - for ovens . Generally in relation to linear gostinichno - to restaurant personnel (you remember stories with flying phone and fried fighting chickens?) . But the speech not about it. The rare person (whether it be selebrit or idle time cityzen) is consecutive in the behavior. No, no and no. Life is life. There is it as Lego - layers from dark and light details. Here showed fieriness, but there there - arrived adequately, generous, it is even warm. It is a pity only that Mass Media prefer to duplicate strenuously the negative moments, and report about fine sincere rushes only by the way. And that, mostly, in a whisper .

Russell Goode Crowe (Russell Hood Crowe)

Coming back all to the same basic to terpila star tricks (managers of hotels and waiters): whether you know that in Russell Crowe`s habits to leave huge, indecently huge tip for really high-quality service? The last incident - 1200 pounds. Now increase number of the English pounds by US dollar exchange rate. Impresses? And business happened not in the Best Restaurant of the World from the well-known list of Pellegrino shining with ranks of mishelinovy stars at all. No. Regular there was such institution and usual visit to time, free from shootings (Russell Crowe is engaged in a new epik of Ridley Scott (Ridley Scott) Robin Hood as Robin Hood, certainly).

Generally, the role of the noble robber is ideally suited for present image of the superstar. Besides, very likely, exerts serious impact on acts. Recently Russell Crowe it is mixed only in affairs good, even, I would tell, rather robingudovsky. For example, literally the other day the famous actor presented to the member of film group the new car.

Also you know why? The girl`s car - the sound technician broke on the way to a shooting stage why the employee was late for work, having forced the director, large-caliber stars and all royal host to wait and be nervous. But even not in it an essence. The resourceful lady quickly reacted to the remark on a delay with a " remark; well, at you the rich never arise problems with purchase of new " cars;. And received 5000 English pounds from Russell Goode Crowe on the new vehicle. Still, his cine hero - a thunder-storm of Sherwood Forest of an era of the Lion-Heart - that also became famous that took away money from the rich and gave to the poor. Was also the real gentleman (at least, in relation to real ladies).

Actually, I do not doubt at all that Russell Crowe is just good Hollywood guy in itself. Though, such concept as Robin Hood`s syndrome really exists. And here to that several examples.

Robin Hood`s Syndrome. An example the first, German

I Will begin with

, as in the fairy tale. In the German town of Tauberfranken (Tauberfranken) once upon a time there was somebody Peter Taubinger (Peter Taubinger). The inconspicuous character who is not shining with outstanding external data, did not make a meteoric career by forty five years, not Generally, not made anything considerable in life. Ordinary such, ordinary German, a provincial middling, which in Germany (and not only in it) a dime a dozen.

Who knows, maybe, Peter himself chose the destiny, having reconciled to destiny comfortable vegetation in an obscurity shadow. However at destiny into its account were, it appears, absolutely other plans.

So left that mister Taubinger worked as the bank clerk and had the access to accounts of clients. And what is accounts, you also know - it is financial pass - stories of the most different people. At someone history happy, at someone - not really. And at some they in general extremely sad.

By the way, beginning the story about Peter Taubinger, I did not mention the main detail - at all the not notability, it had big, very big heart (in figurative, of course, sense). And people with hearts of such sizes are, as a rule, inclined to compassion and empathy. And still, it appears, and to active actions for justice restoration.

So Peter undertook? Took and redistributed monetary resources: withdrew a little bit from account of rich, successful clients and added slightly - slightly to accounts of the poor, insolvent. Fairly? N - yes Maybe it is fair, but it is illegal. When business was opened, the court obliged Peter Taubinger to pay losses sustained from own pocket.

Robin Hood`s Syndrome. Example the second, Japanese

A here still interesting case. On it time from the land of the rising sun. It is surprising that local Robin Hood managed charity in public toilets. However, only in man`s. And anonymously.

The mysterious benefactor left envelopes with money (on 10 000 yens, i.e. it is slightly less than 100 dollars in everyone). For several weeks across all Japan of similar gifts it was found for the sum of 2 million yens (more than 16 thousand dollars). It is remarkable that happy letters were inscribed by the phrase Only for one person also were followed by the message Please, use for self-enrichment .

The Japanese Robin Hood`s actions drew attention to police. In it minus history. The found envelopes asked to hand over the lucky who received unexpected gifts (with all valuable stuffing by itself) as material evidences of illegal acts of extravagant John Dow. Unfairly? N - yes Perhaps and unfairly, but the order is an order.

Robin Hood`s Syndrome. Example the third, Hollywood

already wrote

Ya about the philanthropy and good deeds which are managed in Hollywood. But till a present situation did not mention cases with obvious robingudovsky background. Well, time came.

It is known that Renee Zellweger (Renee Zellweger) bought very expensive Manolo Blahnik shoes and presented them to the employee of a nu - York shop. The star like sincere pity to the girl at the moment when that with melancholy considered elite footwear (Manolo Blahnik not to everyone on a pocket). Ladies` solidarity is available - because it is only clear to ladies that there is in life nothing worse, than lack of an opportunity to have those shoes which passionately you wish.

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) during one of releases of the TV show of the same name in 2004 presented to each guest of studio on the car (where to Russell Crowe to Oprah Goode Winfrey?) .

It seems that the automobile subject is quite popular in Hollywood. Jessica Simpson too it was lit on this field, having presented to the Mexican orphanage the car which, in turn, received at a ceremony of MTV Music Video Awards.

How you think whether the police became interested in above-mentioned actions of a selebrita? Precisely - did not pay absolutely any attention. Fairly? N - yes Fairly - that fairly and here mister Peter Taubinger and the Japanese toilet John Dow will hardly agree with this statement.

So, Robin Hood`s syndrome - it is bad or good?

It is a delicate question. With the phenomenon of a syndrome of Robin Hood, as with a marriage: if on love and voluntarily, then it is good. And if is not present Then options are possible.

If the rich take away from themselves and with sincere desire to help give to persons in need - it is fine, it is philanthropy. If suggest to list you a few financial means in this or that fund of support (and them in the world great variety) and you agree - it is remarkable too, it is charity.

And if suddenly money from your purse takes away, without having asked permission? I believe, to indignation there will be no limit.

Yes. Robin Hood`s syndrome seems quite harmless manifestation of care of the poor exactly until the fact of depriving of financial resources does not concern personally you (as donor necessarily). The robbery, and it already a crime is the cornerstone of action. Whatever good were motives.

you Think, you are insured? As if not so!


- very widespread hacker entertainment. For example, during restoration of New Orleans after a destructive raid of the hurricane Katrina, many Americans faced a similar e - a joke ( Hey, we took from you a little money to help victims of natural disaster. Do not take offense! ) . Actions of malefactors caused the real confusion in society. How to react?...

And if as Robin Hood not the particular natural person, and the inanimate automated system acts? There was also such case. At Starbucks. The computer sboynut and doubled the account for coffee. And made it on - robingudovsk cunning: in the beginning showed for payment the correct sums, and then repeatedly and without demand withdrew the same sums from bank accounts of clients (the last paid and did not even notice).

All right the malfunction would arise in one coffee house, but Starbucks is an extensive network of institutions with uniform system of the computer account. As a result plus to the general profit the size in a solid state turned out (by estimates of experts - about 5 - 7 million dollars). By the way, it is necessary to pay tribute to the management of Starbucks which decided to return to clients each illegally appropriated cent.

Actually, the public catering and trade are one big Sherwood Forest where thousands of robingud from time immemorial rob. Shorthand, give short weight, deceive Take slightly - slightly from us (conditionally rich), put in a pocket to themselves (conditionally poor). We got used, but did not give up - we continue to fight, in hope forever to eradicate a harmful syndrome. Business moves is shaky, shakily. whether

Waits for us splash in a robingudomaniya?

A as! In 2010, when new Robin Hood Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe in a leading role will leave in world hire. Then once again will cover us with a wave of popularity of the Shervudsky robber.

We will hope however that fixed interest infected " virus; robingudstvo it will be concentrated not on purses of respectable fellow citizens, and on a Middle Ages era, on the historical character - Robin Loksli, on graceful art of archery and forest green fashion (in direct and figurative meanings).


On illustrations: promofoto Russell Crowe to the new movie Robin Hood posters to movies and covers of books / DVD of different years, fashion - the Carolina Herrera Fall collection