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Anniversary of the Moscow theater of Satire: how actors manage to earn joking?

Whatever one may do, and recognition of actor`s glory initially depend on opinion of close people. Somehow Raisa Samoylovna Shirvindt`s girlfriend, the aunt Rozu, managed to go to a performance to theater of Lenin Komsomol where young Shurik Shirvindt played. In a performance during which there was a rural wedding actors A. Shirvindt and M. Derzhavin joyfully shouted: Bitterly! Having waited three offices to see once again Shurik, the aunt Roza in despair called his mother: Paradise, saw Shura, it is the tragedy He should look for a profession .

Raisa Samoylovna told something about new theater, about director`s look but the aunt Roza only hemmed in reply. Unfortunately, - as already venerable Alexander Shirvindt told, - the aunt Roza in the diagnosis was not lonely . The actor referred to the book of the famous director M. Zakharov who wrote about him: a profession at it unique. He is Shirvindt .

Alexander Anatolyevich said more than once that he can perfectly do without acting. Rehearsals, premieres I love, - he admitted, - and here to step on the stage in the 100-th performance boringly . That is why Shirvindt, having come to theater of Satire, with pleasure participated in statement of performances.

And still the artistic director of present theater of Satire Shirvindt calls himself the chief of any shuteynost, in students he together with friends was fond of skits . It was not only the performer, but also the director, the author (coauthor) of many cabbage numbers which always caused delight in the audience. Young actors M. Derzhavin, A. Adoskin, V. Larionov, L. Losev, M. Menglet, AA. Boring with all the heart derided bungling, a facade, ignorance in society what many directors of theater and cinema were afraid to raise a hand

against But, perhaps, the time " came; to raise and to glance a curtain in 20 - e years of the last century. At that time theaters were born almost daily, everyone tried to surprise with something public. Here what was remembered by the actress P. Green, quoting newspaper headings: Ur to Proletkult! Down with Tairov! No to Yesenin! Back - to Ostrovsky! Eisenstein in archive! What was to creators? They earned money, experiencing a heat under hundred degrees, rushing in an ice-hole.

Those years many writers - satirists appeared. Professional funnymen - N. Erdman, V. Mass, M. Ardov, And. Slangs, V. Tipot, S. Antimonov united, being eager to create repertoire for satirical theater. The first actor`s troupe of the arising theater in which F. Kurikhin, R. Holodov, the Item played. Paul, E. Milyutina, Ya. Rudin, where is later came V. Henkin, V. Lepko, the director D. Guttman headed. The theater of Satire in Moscow was born on October 1, 1924 (according to other version - in October of the same year).

In the capital posters of satirical reviews under names appeared: Moscow from the point of view of Quietly, I remove! But whether you are the hooligan, the citizen? Sketches, reprises, couplets, short miniatures performed by remarkable actors went with the notice. Nearly 15 years the director N. Gorchakov directed theater. Actors showed to the audience of the play of A. Tolstoy, N. Pogodin, A. Chekhov, M. Gorky, B. Shaw. In the years of World War II the theater took active part in work of front crews.

Big popularity to theater was brought by the performances put after war: You are called by Taimyr A. Galich, The Wedding with a dowry N. Dyachkova, Island of the world E. Petrova, Even a wise man stumbles A. Ostrovsky. As today`s coryphaeuses of theater remember, many actors lived in the hostel, together celebrated holidays, had a rest and played each other. The ingenuity was not a limit. So, during a performance the actor had to leave a scene with a suitcase which was beaten to a floor in advance what he did not know about. And it, having torn off the handle, in horror ran away under laughter of the hall. The partner under a hat could have a red wig, and sometimes the actor could not remove points since they were tightly pasted to a nose.

Except N. Gorchakov, theater directors S. Gerasimov, B. Ravensky staged performances, P. Vasilyev, A. Lobanov, N. Petrov, some of them directed theater, V. Meyerhold pupil V. Pluchek did not come yet . Before arrival to theater of Satire Pluchek worked in different theatrical collectives, itself was their creator. Managed to prove as the director with a sharp look on the world having the mass of any plans in a stock, loving actors. Seven years he put performances in the commonwealth with other directors and independently, and in 1957 was confirmed to the post of the chief director of theater of Satire.

For the long life in theater Pluchek with gloss put performances on works H. of Gogol, I. Turgenev, M. Saltykov-Shchedrin, V. Mayakovsky, many modern writers. The real triumph was brought by statement of the comedy of P. Beaumarchais Mad day, or Figaro`s Marriage where actors   brilliantly played; A. Mironov, A. Shirvindt, V. Vasilyeva, T. Pelttser, G. Menglet .

When on television the " broadcast appeared; Vegetable marrow 13 chairs in which almost all actors of theater of Satire took part, it caused unprecedented spectator interest. In theater people went to look on live lady Monica (Lake. Aroseva), sir Direktor (S. Mishulin), sir Professor (B. Runge), lady Catharina (N. Seleznyov) and other different sirs and lady.

The beginning of reorganization in the country coincided with death of A. Papanov and A. Mironov. The theater lost really star actors. Many theaters during this period experienced material difficulties. The theater of Satire did not become an exception. To attract the audience and to find money, Pluchek organized show with participation of the famous actors of theater, having invited to it businessmen and bankers. In the improvised performance the actress V. Vasilyeva acted as the bartender who is allegedly earning additionally in buffet, G. Menglet worked in clothes of theater, S. Mishulin cleaned a scene. Conducting show, the actress O. Aroseva appealed to the audience in the hall: You See what our actors reached! And all from a lack of money Thanks to this stocks sponsors came to theater, money for new scenery, suits and trips appeared.

In 2000 - the m the artistic director of theater became to year the people`s artist of Russia who worked in it nearly 40 years, A. Shirvindt. It has a final authority in the actor`s environment, he is an inveterate fisherman, likes to smoke a pipe. And still Alexander Anatolyevich the one-woman man, with the wife Natalya Nikolaevna (she is an architect) lives 50 years. It has a son Mikhail, the famous TV host, the director and the actor, and two adult grandsons.

Shirvindt is solidary with the actress O. Aroseva who told once: It is necessary to come To theater from the youth, in it it is necessary to be brought up As before, actors like to gather, joke, make jokes, with pleasure of a recall the most successful tricks . For a long time there were winged A. Papanov`s expressions: Not on talent you drink Any performance from rehearsal became better not If in the morning not to go for rehearsal, and in the evening - on a performance, life of the actor would be fine .

The theater visited many cities of the country. Since 1963 foreign tours began. V. Mayakovsky`s performances Bug and Bath the first the audience of Paris saw. Actors of theater constantly act in at film and on television, participate in various shows - programs. It is remarkable that in 2006 the monument " was open for ; Shirvindt`s Tube during the III International festival of humour which took place in Yalta.

Actors of theater of Satire in the interviews often call themselves ordinary people, but they use cunning a little. Not incidentally they so like words of the Russian satirist Don Aminado: Live so that it became boring for others when you die .