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On performances - it is free? The open theater of Miller

human never and nothing more noble and more usefully than theatrical shows invented Mind, both for improvement, and for clarification of customs...

F. Voltaire

is Hardly people who do not love theater. Well, maybe, not as it was loved by V. G. Belinsky who set in the article Literary dreams, the elegy in prose the question: Theatre!. Whether you love theater as I love it and as Tatyana Doronina in the movie " read a fragment from it; Elder sister . But we far not everywhere have theaters and concert halls. And where they are available, lately ticket prices grew so that are available to only very wealthy citizens. I will not analyze why tickets in so expensive theaters. I remember that in Soviet period in opera theater of Kirov in Leningrad in orchestra seats the ticket cost 3 - 2,5 rubles. Both students, and pensioners, and, especially, working could descend on a performance. And now, to go to a performance of any Moscow theater which arrived to tours to St. Petersburg I should lay out nearly a half of monthly pension, and it not on the best places.

Here also I envy kind envy to residents of Houston! It is difficult to imagine that in the USA where, apparently, money is the main criterion of everything, there can be absolutely free theater available to everyone. This unique theater, only the States, or perhaps and around the world, is called Open theater of Miller (Miller Outdoor Theatre) . Already more than 80 years he absolutely free of charge offers high-quality, professional representations of different genres for public. The theatrical season lasts since the end of March until the end of November - all the time, in Houston warm weather so far. There is it in the center of huge city park of Herrmann (Hermann Park), near the Zoo, the Museum of natural sciences, the Japanese garden and other museums.

Together with office constructions and the adjacent green hill the theater occupies the territory in 3,5 hectares. The covered scenic platform of 2113 meters in size, as well as it is necessary to theater, has the modern operated curtain, an orchestra pit which can rise and fall as required. The scene is equipped with the modern lighting and sound-reproducing equipment and other theatrical equipment, there are dressing rooms for actors, service office premises. The powerful air conditioning system provides a comfortable microclimate on a scene for actors.

In theater there are 1582 stationary seats, 27 special chairs for disabled people - wheelchair invalids, plus the huge hill with a green lawn where about 4 thousand more people can be placed. There is the theatrical cash desk, but tickets give out free of charge there. The rule works - who the first came, that the first and received. Tickets give out only in day of representation, with 10. The 30th mornings to 13 o`clock in the afternoon, no more than 4 - x per customer. The remained tickets give out for an hour before. Places are specified, the entrance under tickets stops in 10 minutes prior to a performance. It is not forbidden to bring with itself soft drinks and I go that many Americans also do. If go all family or with friends, then take a cooler with food and nonalcoholic drink. (Any alcohol, including beer, is forbidden to be drunk in public places.) Part of the viewers even if there are empty seats in the hall and furthermore when they are absent, take place on the hill from where all is visible and heard. Bring with themselves folding chairs, plaids and I feel quite comfortably.

Performances in Miller`s theater go on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes on Fridays, usually in 8. 30 or in 7. 30th evenings. Children`s performances and festivals happen in the afternoon, and not only on the weekend, but also among a week. Near cash desk there are two stands where it is always possible to take - too free of charge - the program of all performances with the short announcement, at first on the first half of a season, then on the second.

For a season of 2008 in theater 120 representations which about 298 thousand viewers visited were shown. Also do not think, not some amateur troupes from the province give performances. Here show the ballet Don Quixote performed by Hstonsky ballet theater, the Grandee the Opera of Houston stages the opera Madam Baterflyay , and during the annual, become traditional Shakespearean festivals go Twelfth night Pericles . In June, 2009 in theater showed the performance My fair lady . Miller of theater play both the Symphonic orchestra of Houston, and jazz collectives on stage, and the priest - musicians, act actors of different genres from China, the countries of Africa, Mexico. Last year we managed to get on a remarkable concert of the State ensemble of dances of Georgia! Actors danced two offices under the orchestra.

History of creation of theater such is. In 1919 the mining engineer and the dealer in cotton Jess Wright Miller (Jesse Wright Miller) died, zaveshchav all the state, and it was considerable, to the city of Houston for use in the municipal purposes, i.e. for the benefit of citizens. Two years later, in 1921. the city council made the decision to use about 50 thousand dollars from the state left by Miller for construction in city Herrmann park of memorial Theatre of Miller, in the form of a constant platform for an orchestra. On May 18, 1923 the ceremonial opening of Theatre of Miller took place.

On the memorial plate established in honor of opening of theater it is written: For art of music, poetry, the drama and oratory thanks to which the inquisitive spirit of the person seeks to interpret words of God correctly. This theater of the city of Houston will always be open (To the Arts of Music, Poetry, Drama and Oratory, by which the striving spirit of man seeks to interpret the words of god. This theater of the City of Houston is permanently dedicated).

Of course, modern theater not the fact that was in 1923 it was reconstructed more than once. That hill on which the audience sits now was created artificially in 1948 when built the neighboring Fangning (Fannin Street) Street, and the construction debris became a hill basis. The following reconstruction, more precisely full reorganization, took place in 1968 - 69 years. And the last update of theater was in 1996. The roof is newly made, the scene size is increased, seats for the audience are replaced, new public toilets near theater are constructed, the adjacent territory is arranged well.

There is a question - at the expense of what there is this theater? The building of theater with adjacent rooms the cities are financed, and the organization and financing of all actions the Board of directors Miller of theater - the non-profit organization receiving money and from private donations, and from various enterprises, partially from travel business and from hotels directs . All donations are exempted from taxes therefore many firms do not stint charity.

Here if among our millionaires there was at least one, created something similar on the homeland that people could join fine too!