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Whether still immemorial Russian plots meet?

Happen. The set of ready journalistic pens (on - modern - lept) used up mountains of paper how life in Russia for the last a couple of decades strikingly exchanged. Be touched by delight, many note emergence of computers, a casino, fast food and night advertizing. And night clubs! And smart residences of oligarchs in London! And private planes! And Courchevel! Where there to Gogol with Pushkin writing with a goose quill at a splinter. They would not learn modern Russia, would not understand it, were absolutely lost. What is a bird - the three in comparison with Maybakh? It as monarchic idea for belief, the tsar and the fatherland in comparison with sovereign democracy? Yes, Russia of the past on waves of oil boom was far carried away. However, fools and roads remained how the main troubles, well, to them increased fools on roads, but who in light waste of progress pay attention to similar trifles at not bias progress forward? Light hour when oligarchs are appointed in the Kremlin came, and Moscow region OMON thrashes on muzzles of motorists in Vladivostok (and gets on well ogrest from unknown at restaurant in the same place in the evening).

Botanists zapolnoch write in the blogs with phrases: AFFTAR ZhZhOT also speak in a video camera under " Skype;:

- You on a CD to throw off or on a flash card?

And here when we will be hung out then I will give.

July 27th, 1:36 And here when I left in 1. To smoke 35 nights on a balcony under a ringing fighting about the glazed balcony of a rain and to look in the direction of the night settlement of Peredelkino through the field, the lightning sparkled and highlighted an immemorial Russian plot: the working water cart with an orange tank and powerfully spurting water. Still satirists of the Soviet training were tired to laugh at this story about 20 years ago - the last, apparently, was Match ...

Also the voice of the mayor Luzhkov seemed to me: It is our sacred debt - to water streets during a heat. And to us neither the rain, nor crisis is terrible... It was necessary to hear couple of appeals from lips of the top management of the country about reform of a zhilkomkhoz and as there money will be effectively spent and as the competition will develop. Yes, it inevitably will arise - for the right to water streets during a rain from watering machines (or sprinkling). For ours - that money! The general money which is carefully collected in the budget by vigilant inspectors.

There would be I cinema - or at least the teledirector - would photograph this miniature - still lyrical night, the lightning sparkles, occasionally rustle on wet asphalt of the tire of the flying by cars and the lightning lights the tireless toiler at the wheel in the car... However, Match already removed all this. Not therefore whether it, by the way, finally was gone from TV screens and our life? :) Yes, there are nonsenses in Russia which find not just the second life, and original immortality... :)

Really at tops woke up conscience that they order to be engaged in such nonsenses now at night ( like the Tat in burdens ), that there were no witnesses? Or to drivers before people inconveniently the plan for watering of streets to carry out in such a way? Here to find the competent person and to learn... But in response to my question which has to disturb soul, conscience and mind of all honest people of Russia - only a thunder echo as a precautionary shot... :)