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Why so often men and women do not understand each other?

Very many women do not understand that they initially, having been born on light, are a source of spiritual love. It was not told about it also to our mothers, grandmothers. Thus the chain of uncomfortable destinies lasts. In it there is also a problem essence.

If each mother bringing up the daughter put this essence since the childhood, then this girl already in adulthood behaved correctly. The woman is a bottomless source of love. In which soul the love never runs low. It can give the love to whom and anything. Be it men, women, children, animals, plants etc. Near such woman warmly.... The man do not leave such woman. How many times such couples where the wife absolutely not of glamourous appearance the internal, true love, forced to look tremblingly at herself beautiful, with a strong machismo of the husband met. And it is valid for such wives, they a svorchiva - whether

of the mountain.

And what men are? Men are the entities taking love spiritual, and the love they express matter. It is, I`m sorry, physical love, material benefits.

You only reflect, having looked around why presently women as dray horses bear on themselves all life, at the same time working somewhere at a proizvodstsva? And men become effeminate? Only because everything has to be on the places. If mother rastiv the son, correctly loves him, the selfish love does not mean, then she thus teaches it to accept love of the woman correctly. And now imagine if such men and women in whom are correctly imparted concept of love meet, there would be between them a misunderstanding? Such women have men as a rule very successful. At such women husbands from work run home, to warmth. And children grow up without special problems.

The true female love is a love without conditions...

If the husband does not receive love of the wife, then he as a rule dies, or looks for other source of love.

Because without female love he cannot live. When I understood it, I actually felt sorry for men. Why, speak, women are more hardy. Yes, yes, just because it at the power level is stronger. It does not say that men are deenergized. But we feed them with this energy. The man is stronger physically.

Many women begin to accuse all men, for the fact that they do not love them that they such - syaky, ungrateful. So it also says that two half, one of which is not able to give love, met, and another is not able to accept it. Whether not a sad picture?

Lovely women, glance in inside yourself, in your breast there is a love, open a door of your cage and let out it. You do not stint, you give it. It is necessary to all. Osebenno to your men. And only then you receive what you want, and only then, you will see in your man Rytsarya. And only then there will be between you a full harmony and understanding.

Men who read this article can become proud. But also here it would be desirable to tell that there are also women who very strongly love the men, and those in turn, without having learned it is correct to accept love from the mothers, will just make unfortunate the woman. Your rejection can sometime bother with it to her love. Well, she has full authority for luck with that man who will accept it. I think, that you should reflect also deeply in this respect....

Lovely women, look at the men with other eyes.

Dear men, open the hearts for love. Be not afraid of it. Scoop it from the woman`s heart, and you become Knights. We so want to be weak near you.