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What pay cats the fees for?

Many noticed that on screens for some reason the same persons wandering from series in series from a tape in a tape, solid teams flash in recent years. Among them there are wives and children of celebrities, their children and their wives, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Sometimes can seem that for cinema the main thing not talent and ability, but support of the influential patron.

But is " layer; actors to whom will not help any paw except a paw own. The speech about animals. That to break through at cinema and to become the real actors to cats, doggies and other living creatures should show extraordinary abilities. And ability to carry out difficult tricks - not the most important. Far more important resistance to stress and ability to communication.

Our earth talents is full. Otherwise how to explain that among pets there are " studios; Mosfilm - Cynology it is full of four-footed actors, to cinema simply being homeless on streets? The highest paid cat - the stuntman of studio by nickname Kuzya was found by a little kitten in an epicure, eliciting sausage scraps.

Other star - the black cat for the first time seen by the audience in the thriller The Secret sign - 2 to cinema lived in riveting shop of aircraft factory. To it now any noise on a shooting stage at all, and behind shoulders (or behind paws) not one ten movies. The most popular cat of studio.

At cinema it is difficult to work with cats. Independent character affects. At any time can go about the own business, without paying any attention to requirements of the director. With dogs it is simpler. A dog - the friend of the person if, of course, the friendship is supported with a tasty stone and caress. To the actor of the movie What was told by the dead man the German mastiff to Roma so liked a cine entertainment that it refused to eat at all during shootings at home, and since morning took seat at a door, impatiently expecting appearance at work.

Huskies by nickname the Blizzard in series Border. Taiga novel the role of a wolf got. According to the scenario she had to attack the person. Well, for what reason, tell, the normal well-mannered dog will begin to rush on people? The cinema, as we know, continuous illusion did not do without deception. The actor allured the Blizzard the entertainment hidden in a pocket.

The scene was successful, and today the Blizzard is very popular. In the past 2008 it had 150 film-making days. Any Russian movie star, perhaps, cannot brag of such result.

Good work has to be paid for merits. On average film-making day of an animal is estimated at the sum about 15 dollars. Deserved and skilled pay more. Same Kuzya costs ten times more expensively. Day of shootings of large predatory cats costs one thousand the same conditional, and here an elephant - in two and a half.

Duration of the working day of animals is not limited to the Labour Code. But in practice it lasts no more than four hours. You will not tell a cat it is necessary . Four-footed actors are tired, and the most seductive entertainment does not cause former interest any more.

As well as actors - people, at animals have film festivals too. Not such, of course, loud, but too with carpet paths, festival displays, prizes and photoshoots. In the spring of 2009 in Russia for the fourth time there took place still only " festival in the world; Gold canine on which the contribution of animals to art development is valued according to the merits. Dogs, cats and even a she-wolf got prizes of this year. And upon termination of a ceremony of all winners and nominees invited to a banquet where everyone got an entertainment to taste.

We will wish animals creative achievements.