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How us check at employment?

When we get a job, with us conduct interviews, in every possible way test, and we, as a rule, guess only superficial aspects of the conducted interviews. So, what us is asked on interviews and for what?

- Why people do career and whether career development is necessary to you? If you answer in the affirmative, then think also over the answer to a question WHY. If you tell that career development assumes a big salary, so you do not need career development - your motivation - a high salary.

- Why the person can leave? This question checks your demotivating. You as if answer for all but you speak for yourself. You say about what you consider as such occasion, which a feat you to dismissal.

- Why people at the good level of prosperity seek to earn more? This question check how further to operate you, what comfort zone at you (it is good, when it not only money).

- Who such good head? If you answer this question with words of type: which understands, supports and so forth, it speaks about your readiness for mistakes and need that the management forgave them. The good head is a professional, and a point!

- How people choose work? If you list criteria, such, for example, as proximity to the residence higher salary and some other, it will tell that you have a low level of loyalty to work. The correct answer will be following: on professional interests.

- Why one achieve results, and others are not present? Or why one sell much, others - it is not enough? If the person answers: it was lucky - it was not lucky, there were communications or still something - he evades responsibility. If explanations are connected with the person - is able to take the responsibility. The one who sets the purposes achieves results!

- the Head on holiday, and all work. Why? If answer: everywhere there are chambers, will always be to whom to nastuchat, fear and so forth, - this person does not approach. If the speech about responsibility - it is normal.

- whether Were at you failures? All have to answer yes . On the question What they were connected with? the real answer is necessary, and the person has to call the real problems, for example, haste.

- Why one people like to make business trips, and others are not present? If the answer begins with the fact that it is interesting to go to new places - well if begins that parting with a family, then it is bad. We watch sequence of answers.

Pay attention to a number of similar questions, answering which, you describe the vision of a situation:

- Why one are late at work, and others are not present?

- Why people are late?

- Why clash?

- Why steal?

- Why at the person is a stress?

- As you consider what will force the person to work better?

- From - for what the conflicts arise?

For example, at the answer to the question From - for what there are conflicts? you describe own conflict zones.

Questions What is pleasant in work?

What is pleasant in work of the seller? Define what you are focused on: on process or result.

If is pleasant to be DONE, then it is process. If to MAKE, then the person is focused on result that is more important. If you get a job as the sales representative - the result, but not process is important for you.

- As you consider how it is necessary to conduct document flow? According to the scheme or independently?

If the employer a beret you as performer, then is necessary the answer with the existing scheme. If as idea man - that the creative, decisions, an initiative is necessary.

One of the most widespread questions: What you will do .? (the situation is described). Here it is checked: you will think, analyze or act. Again - all depends on a position. If you the financier or the marketing specialist - first of all, is important for you the analysis. Actions are important for other positions -.

Often in this question is one HO checking your independence. Happen that whether you will consult on somebody, whether you have to do in principle it and what to do if it is necessary persons is not present on the place

- you do H. Idete`s plan to the chief, it has a plan At. You consider that your plan is better. Your actions. The answer to this question checks a ratio of controllability and ability to make independent decisions.

- you work and incidentally learned that the colleague (not the girlfriend) does the left works. Your actions? If you tell that it not your business, so close you do not accept a problem of firm.

In the course of interview it is estimated also:

- Use of filler words by you.

- Tempo of speech. Resistance to stress. Be ready that will ask you questions which NOT well describe your early life. Among such questions, for example:

- whether Were cases what you were late?

- whether Were cases when you told something about people for eyes? And other.

- the Analysis of the speech. In the speech there is not only a substantial part, but also estimated part. At the level of subconsciousness the true attitude of the person towards comes to light what he speaks about.

- you are a single player, command or the manager. It depends on the used pronouns.

Ya, I - individual achievements - the single. Likes to try to obtain. Is responsible for individual results.

We are a command player.

Ya and my team (department, I - as the coordinator) - the manager (head).

I want to stop your attention, the dear reader, on one moment. As often I met that candidates will read the mass of clever books, including How to get good job?! then come to interview, successfully pass it, begin to work and . leave And the reason for that one - discrepancy of a post. Therefore, choosing itself work, estimate yourself. It will save time and to you, and the employer.