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Children in night club.

Many parents, having heard I went to club, I will return to morning ask questions: And in what my beloved child in this haunt of vice is engaged? What there so pulls she (he)? It will be easier for Many parents to trust the children when they know better what occurs in night club.

There are several main aims which are pursued by young people, going to night club. The pursued purposes also define, than the girl or the young man in club will be engaged. If to exclude from our attention special cases, such as birthdays, St. Valentine`s Day etc., then acquaintance to new people, a meeting with old friends, desire to listen to certain di - Jay, and also simply " can be the purposes of visit of night club; to come off . But let`s consider each of options in more detail.

Acquaintance, is more preferable with the representative of an opposite sex, is a main objective of a visit of night club for young guys and girls without couple. In this case young people can drink several cocktails (and can and not drink at all) and to work, proceeding from the sex. Girls in bright and fashionable dresses sexually dance, showing the bodies and plasticity in all beauty. Guys observe, then approach the pleasant girls, can treat with cocktail or just start conversation. In a case of the girl take the initiative, but it is rather an exception. At mutual sympathy the exchange of phone numbers follows and if the guy by car, then it can bring the girl (and also her girlfriends) home.

Are young people who go to club in order that, being expressed by a youth slang, to hang out . Then communication, both with old acquaintances, and with recently acquired becomes the main thing. Such guys and girls usually do not seek to put on invitingly brightly, the main thing - to be stylish. Party-goers as a rule, beginning already with an entrance to night club, meet a great number of acquaintances, with each of which to them is what to discuss. In club these guys and girls usually do not stand still and dance a little. They constantly move on the hall, meeting continually acquaintances with whom discuss some general for them interests, or meet new people, generally through old friends. Content that this night " can become result; I saw all, chatted with all, at all everything is excellent and also couple of phone numbers of new interesting acquaintances.

Inveterate clubbers (that is those who know names of all directions of club music and names of all famous di - Jay do not miss any qualitative party) go to club to hear specific di - Jay, or can visit clubs of a strict orientation on style - for example, only rnb clubs. Often such young people try to practise music, or secretly dream of it for now it gives pleasure to them to hear alive the recognized expert (in parallel they can dance, drink a little) then to discuss details and to share admiration with the same friends who are carried away by club music.

the brightest group is made by young people who go to club on purpose to come off on - full . For them the night club is freedom! Freedom from parental guardianship, from looks of teachers and the public, here, anyway, almost everything is authorized. If the guy or the girl come to club with the purpose to feel freedom, then they can or get drunk excessively alcohol, or forget about everything around and just dance to exhaustion (including enough provocatively), or to flirt with everyone, having spat on public opinion. Sometimes such young people self-express in rig-outs and hairdresses, specially shocking with the views surrounding with freedom. As a result visit of club reduces at them stress from the daily pressure under which they are in usual life, and gives a drink of freedom and self-confidence.

as a result wants to emphasize the fact that people a being many-sided, and any guy or the girl it is impossible to carry strictly to one group. Most of young people go to club, having is slightly more whole, knowing about which at least approximately, it is possible to guess, than your child is engaged there. And not to be necessary to worry, you were young people too and had a good time according to fashion of your time. Instead of bans and alarms, explain better to children what dangers can wait for them in night club, and then you pray that they listened to you.