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You go to a campaign? To know, where to spread straws... You Know

how to distinguish tourists from fishermen? If at a fire sing - means, these are tourists. And if make a helpless gesture, then these are precisely fishermen. All want to have a rest from a civilization. We pack backpacks with friends, we take tents - and let`s go far away from city turmoil. Let`s be at one with the nature and we will try to be taken impressions!

The nature - it is good. But beginners on tourist footpaths are trapped by many surprises. And they are not always pleasant. If your route lies far from human housing, then in emergency situations it is necessary to rely only on itself. Even if nearby there is a village, it is not the fact that there is a first-aid post. Therefore first of all take care of the first-aid kit.

It is necessary to take with itself bandage, vatu, a plaster (bactericidal and usual), hydrogen peroxide, iodine, talc. Antiseptic and wound healing means are necessary on a case of wounds. Take also the ointments or aerosols healing burns. Take also preparations for cold. No Hydrometeorological center will be able on everything hundred to guarantee that there will be no sudden cold snap, a hail or heavy rain. To maintain hygiene in a campaign always it is problematic so just in case take medicines from zheludochno - intestinal diseases. Will not stir also validol with Corvalol - from a physical overwork heart from time to time is enough absolutely unexpectedly.

Protect legs

skilled tourists take convenient, raznoshenny footwear In a campaign. Best of all - leather. And then walk vigorously, whistling themselves under a nose. And who put on the bought sneakers or moccasins only yesterday, limps and sighs. As soon as you feel what somewhere rubs, understand in what the reason and immediately eliminate it. Grease skin with the softening antiseptic cream. And when there is already an obvious reddening, process iodine, brilliant green or alcohol. Dried - close up with a bactericidal plaster.

If rubbed skin to blisters and the bleeding wounds, it is necessary to apply a bandage with a sintomitsinovy emulsion. If the small site is damaged, grease with an emulsion (that did not spread), and from above impose the same plaster. At an intertrigo wash out the angry sites of skin clear water, then powder with talc.

you Hurry slowly

Overcame the Po River to slippery stones therefore fell in water, having hit against an ill-fated stone the head? Clambered on the mountain as it was necessary to bypass too far, and broke? Well, not so important, from where you broke to yourself on trouble there. Consequences are important: bruises, stretchings, dislocations, fractures and other different concussions. Let`s deal with everyone in turn.

Damages of soft fabrics with internal hemorrhage are characteristic of bruises (what in popular speech is called bruise). Grease skin in the place of blow with iodine and apply a cold compress for some time. Next day the compress is necessary too, only already warm that resolved quicker. At blows in the head, a breast, a stomach the person needs to provide absolute rest and to transport immediately in a first-aid post. In case of blow to the area of a stomach the victim cannot allow to drink. It cannot accept anesthetics too.

Symptoms of stretching or rupture of sheaves following: at the first moment - sharp pain, further - hypostasis, bruise and severe pain in joints at the movement. At first impose a cold compress. After it - the hard fixing bandage. And at severe sprain of a knee or ankle joint it is desirable to impose the tire. Give to the victim the anesthetizing preparation.

Not to jokes

At dislocations if you is casual not the traumatologist, do not try to set them independently. The matter is that dislocations of ankle, knee, carpal and elbow joints quite often are followed by changes of shoots of bones. So, having pulled very much the injured extremity, it is possible to do a bigger trouble. Be limited to imposing of the tire and use of sedatives.

Happens that the misfortune occurred among the naked steppe or at mountain top, and for the tire it is impossible to find anything suitable. Then bandage the injured hand to a trunk, and a leg - to a healthy leg (if such remained). Also carry, carry the victim to physicians. At open change needs to process leather around a wound iodine (not to pour into a wound!) then to apply a sterile bandage and, at last, the tire. If the person in a serious condition, it is necessary to give antishock preparations.

of the Artery and a vein

Arterial bleeding - the pulsing blood has

brightly - red color. It is necessary to press immediately a vessel fingers to a bone. Impose a hard plait above the place of wound to stop bleeding. It is necessary to attach a note where time of its imposing is specified to a plait. Make it surely, do not rely for any memory. And fast - in hospital. In the summer the maximum time of imposing of a plait - one or one and a half hours. Then it needs to be weakened for 10 - 15 minutes.

Venous bleeding plentiful, blood dark, but does not pulse. It is necessary to apply the pulling together bandage (the plait in this case is not necessary). At an opportunity it is necessary to give to the victim antishock and styptic preparations. And besides to hurry to doctors - let rescue.

And now when the straws are spread to gather, forward! And let impressions of a campaign will be only pleasant and painless!