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Whether it is easy to be a muse of the legendary sculptor?

in the Summer of this year to the seaside settlement of Otradnoye there came the whole group of the western Germans, led by famous Herman Brakhert`s son - Thomas. Together with it there arrived his numerous children and grandsons, some of them yet never were in the house in which the legendary sculptor, the engraver and the jeweler created. By the way, for the first time Thomas came to Otradnoye in the summer of 1998 when he was 70 years old. Thanks to it and his children the house museum was replenished with such rarities as it is black - white photos of Konigsberg and East Prussia, made by Maria von Wistingchausen, Herman Brakhert`s spouse. However, in a family nobody named her Maria, and umenshitelno - Miya. She was one of the most successful and interesting photographers of the time.

the House managed to be kept by miracle...

History of this house is mysterious

. Till 1990 the Kaliningrad local historians only assumed that the mansion in which from 1933 to 1945 Herman Brakhert almost without quitting the place lived has to be in the settlement of Otradnoye. It was not possible to identify it. The writer and local historian Yury Ivanov and artist Nikolay Frolov got down to business. They found for Herman Brakhert who sent photos in Germany, on them and the house was found. In Soviet period there was a communal flat here, but in general the building was in more - less technically a working order.

After a while it became known that the management of sanatorium Otradnoye plans to demolish the house settled by then (in Soviet period in it the communal flat was placed) and to construct mud baths on its place. The local resident Nadezhda Kuzmina managed to collect eight thousand signatures for preservation of the house. Considering desire of inhabitants, the management of Svetlogorsk made the decision on creation in the house of the memorial museum of Brakhert which opened for visitors on July 14, 1993.

Herman from a sort Brakhertov

Several words about Herman Brakhert. He was born on December 11, 1890 in Stuttgart. Graduated from real school, then took private lessons, studied in art school in Vaysenkhof and studied architecture in Stuttgart.

In 1919 received the invitation from School of arts and crafts in Konigsberg. Having moved to Konigsberg became professor of School of arts and crafts, conducted classes of a sculpture, bases of an interior and jewelry. Brakhert worked at Art school till 1926 then he completely devoted himself to creative work of the sculptor. The monumental sculptures and reliefs created by it decorated many buildings of Kyonigberg and other cities of East Prussia. Within ten years Brakhert was an art consultant of the State amber manufactory in Konigsberg.

In 1933 Brakhert who was not sharing views of nazis received a ban on professional and teaching activity. Brakhert left Konigsberg and began to live constantly in the holiday apartment in Georgensvalda (nowadays Otradnoye) on the bank of the Baltic Sea, conducting the freelancer`s life.

In 1944 Brakhert was evacuated from East Prussia to Stuttgart. Since 1945 worked in the State Academy of the fine arts in Stuttgart, from 1947 to 1951 was her rector, from 1951 to 1953 - the deputy rector, in 1955 retired. Living in Stuttgart, Brakhert continued to be engaged in a sculpture. In 1970 Brakhert created the latest work - Reminiscence of East Prussia .

Herman Brakhert died on June 2, 1972. Miya`s

- uniform and unique...

About what was in life the faithful companion and Herman Brakhert`s muse, I asked to tell the director of a house museum Alla Semenovna Sarul. As well as where they got acquainted? How she managed to be both the successful woman, and careful mother for two children?

- Herman Brakhert`s wife, Miya (Maria) Brakhert, nee von Wistingchausen, is from St. Petersburg. She is a hereditary Russian noblewoman. Rod Vistingkhauzenov received a noble title in 1812.

Being in 1998 in St. Petersburg in search of data on Mia Brakhert`s destiny, nee von Wistingchausen, I got to talking with the elderly lady - the hotel administrator who was curious about the purpose of arrival to the northern capital. Having heard that there is a museum of the sculptor Herman Brakhert which wife was Mija von Wistingchausen, she in thought told: And you know, mister von Wistingchausen who became the German ambassador in Tallinn " later was the German consul in Leningrad;.

Vozvratyas to Svetlogorsk, I addressed with the letter to Tallinn. From the kind answer learned that Henning von Wistingchausen now the ambassador in Alma - to Atya and that an entail property a background Vistingkhauzenov is near Tallinn in the town of Vastemyyz. Being in Moscow, I addressed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the USSR behind the address and phone of the German ambassador Hanning. The miracle was result of negotiations! The book " was presented to the museum; A family Contribution von Wistingchausen in the history published in Lyudvigsburge in 1957. Rod von Wistingchausenow made a big contribution to history. The book is in an exposition. So very nice meeting with " ended; old resident of Leningrad to which everything was interesting.

- They say that Miya Brakhert was close familiar doctor Alfreda Rode, the adviser for culture?

- Yes, she performed certain works on an order of the doctor. By the way, the name of Alfred Rod is well known in art criticism circles with 30 - x years of the last century. He was considered as the large specialist in amber. And the world glory to it was brought by the Amber room. The doctor was the director of the Konigsberg museum. He corresponded with Hitler, and that demanded to transport the Amber room from Konigsberg to Berlin what doctor Rode answered with motivated refusal. What then meant to go against the will of the Fuhrer, I think, it it is necessary to explain.

And the fact that Rod kept in touch with Miya Brakhert - too the testimony of his courage Maria did not share views of nazis, and never hid it...

If to tell about fatal Herman and Mia`s meetings, then it occurred in Stuttgart, hometown of Brakhert. From the beginning of World War I, radical Russian hurrah - patriots laid down severe conditions before the Russian emperor: to get rid absolutely of all Germans who live in the capital of the empire. They just from there were squeezed out. And Maria`s father was forced to make the decision - to return home the ancestors - to Germany. Why to Stuttgart? Definitely I will not tell: perhaps, there some relatives already lived.

And creative persons are capable to get on with each other...

Herman and Miya got acquainted between 1914 and 1916 as in 1916 they already got married. By the way, spouses moved to East Prussia three years later, in 1919. Exactly here Miya revealed as the artist - the photographer, she was engaged in photographs, did pictures of architectural landscapes for albums, left halls, expositions, exhibits of the museum of the Royal castle in eternity. It carried out photos for Books about " amber; and books Konigsberg Alfreda Rod.

Since the time of Charles Perrault a certain stereotype wanders worldwide that to the prince the Cinderella - very hardworking can make happiness only, but it is not enough on what in life applying. It is only enough to it to be beautiful. Mia Brakhert`s example proves once again that in harmonious marriage it is very easy for both spouses to disclose the abilities. The muse has to be not only a nice, but also purposeful, integral nature. Without it beauty as a hand without fingers

Needs to add that Miya left East Prussia in 1944 together with the husband. In spite of the fact that it was three years younger than Herman Brakhert, she died, unfortunately, for two years before him, in 1970...