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What is the time the person can hold on in cold water?

Looking on this high stately sports view the man, never you will believe that he was a member of USSR national team on swimming that year when the astronaut Alexey Leonov for the first time left in an outer space - in 1965. But it quite so. Once we (full the namesake of the legendary Soviet actor) met Vyacheslav Tikhonov in the foyer of the Kaliningrad sport center Youth before the International veteran " tournament; Vester - Masters .

Before start there was an hour, and all new athletes approached a little table of registration. Went out of cars and buses gray-haired, but not lost symmetry 50 - 60 - summer young men and girls who cheerfully embraced, welcoming each other, and then by all means inquired after about health yes about birth of new grandsons. Old guard Tikhonov`s

I found

in the foyer. He about something briskly talked to the colleague.

- Get acquainted, is Sasha Bashmakov, the repeated world champion and Europe on swimming among veterans. Now it is difficult to believe in it, but we for the first time met Sasha as a part of USSR national team on swimming in far 1965.

And it is Vladimir Naumenko, our former mentor, Candidate of Biology, the head of the department of a physical education at the Kyrgyz state university. Sent us as sidorovy goats. Happened, you will have a good swim so that already and a spoon to lift and to a mouth it is not necessary to bring forces

- the Legendary personality, - Alexander Bashmakov nodded on Tikhonov, - the world record-holder in a marathon swim in cold water, the numerous world champion and Europe when that turned away, having become interested in the young woman with a patsanenok of years of four - five asked

Ya Tikhonov: And it is weak to you, Vyacheslav to teach swimming of it pencil ?

It right there jumped up to the boy`s mummy.

- How many to yours?

- The other day three and a half it was executed.

- Is able to float?

- Relatively! In Kaliningrad such kids in section are not taken. Speak,

should grow up about years of seven - And at us, in Svetlogorsk, I with such children am engaged

to Float earlier, than to go?

Once I had an amusing case. Someone from administration of a complex of the grandson who with parents lives in Moscow brought to me, and for the summer arrived to the grandfather with the grandmother. Take, Slava, can that will turn out

of Month one and a half I persistently taught the boy to float. On a back. And we were engaged with it or early in the morning, or in the evening when in the pool practically was nobody. And once, when near the pool there were a lot of people, we with my young swimmer showed small focus. It stood on the edge of the pool and purposely fell in it. What here began! Men who sat at little tables right there in water jumped to rescue the child. And here my three-year-old lays down on a back and begins to float beautifully! Those who did not manage to jump to the pool from shock slightly a speech power did not lose

- And how many then your pupil floated?

- I already also do not remember, meters four hundred, probably. It is so much also not to each adult man in power, but at good training the boy or the little girl to seven-year age are capable to float this distance even in cold water. But, naturally,

needs to accustom them to it gradually the Record heat

- Vyacheslav, you possess a world record in a marathon swim in cold water. Tell, please, what it is equal to and what at the same time was water temperature?

- My record is included in two books of records. In Bet and Miracle . It makes 1500 meters for half an hour, and was established in water which temperature was +2,8 C.

The truth today I could hardly repeat it. It is necessary to prepare for any record very seriously. This business not of one day, week or month. At someone on it the year and a half, at someone nearly all life leaves.

- Here excerpt from the book devoted to a survival in the sea. What is tested by the person who unexpectedly appeared in ice water? At it intercepts breath. The head as if is squeezed by an iron hoop. Heart without restraint beats, arterial pressure jumps up to the menacing limits. Muscles of a breast and a stomach are reflex reduced. causing at first an exhalation, and then a breath. The involuntary respiratory act is especially dangerous if at this moment the head is under water because the person can choke. Trying to be protected from killing action of cold, the organism puts into operation reserve system of heatproduction - Holodova`s mechanism of a shiver. Heat production sharply increases due to fast involuntary reduction of muscle fibers, sometimes in three - four times. However through some period of time and this heat it appears insufficiently to compensate heatlosses, and the organism begins to be cooled. When temperature of skin goes down to 30 C, the shiver stops, and from this point the hypothermia begins to develop with the increasing speed. Breath becomes more and more seldom, pulse is slowed down, arterial pressure will fall to critical figures .

How you think, here everything is correctly stated?

- I think and! By the way, for the unexercised person temperature of 2 - 3 C is deadly in 10 - 15 minutes. It emphasizes once again that when swimming in cold water an organism it is necessary to accustom gradually to increase time of a holodovy threshold.

Swimming - panacea from many diseases?

- And you believe that it needs to teach children?

- Out of any doubts. Especially considering the fact that our city seaside, parents can almost not follow the child, especially in the summer. Constantly pulls children in water, and we have to do everything possible that our children were able to swim as it is possible from earlier age.

- What style of swimming can train the child, since three-year age?

- Till five years until the young swimmer learns to float very steadily, I learn to swim on a back. It is the only way when airways of the child are over water, that is it has an opportunity to breathe freely. Other ways assume that the person will adjoin to water, and it is less safe.

- Vyacheslav, you are engaged with children of years forty. What, in your opinion, during this time changed? Children became others?

- If you hint that they became more intellectually developed, I do not deny. Only it influences swimming a little. Here other mechanisms are involved, for example, a self-preservation instinct. Some people teach children to swim barbarous in the way - throw into water and watch who will come up! Here then the instinct joins to the full extent. But before a situation swimming - one of the sports, most useful to health, is better not to lead up

A in general. Besides in the pool after several occupations at the child the bearing begins to improve that is very important in present conditions when the same first grader spends several hours a day behind a school desk, and then at home, at the computer.

The second moment - when swimming well develops both respiratory system, and a cardiac muscle. I am always a supporter of that to spare no expense for children. It is all the same over time will pay off a hundredfold