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Whether there are miracle drugs? Immunomodulators and vitamins

the Patients having chronic diseases for certain notice that over the years one preparations leave, others appear on pharmaceutical shelves. Whether always new, and, as a rule, more expensive means is more effective than old? Alas, not always. Pharmaceutical firms improve the production, patent new trade names, change a compounding, reduce side effects, but rather new preparations appear quite seldom.

On a table of the doctor it is often possible to see various office trifles decorated with names of new drugs. The same names are embroidered on pockets of white dressing gowns and printed on fields of the information stands hanged in corridors of policlinics. What to do, the pharmaceutical companies - the usual commercial enterprises anxious with advance of the production and growth of the income. You remember it, having seen the next commercial on a TV screen.

Many illnesses of the modern person are caused by immunity violations . Such picture does not cause fears in some people, there are drugs - immunomodulators. If immunity low, they increase it and if is normal, then and harm from them any.

Unfortunately, the drugs granting to the person health no. Immunomodulators, certainly, have the right for life, but, applying them is uncontrolled, itself can only do much harm. The scope and a dosage of any preparation are limited. At competent use of medicine are capable to correct violations of normal activity of an organism if they are. But how to treat nonexistent diseases? Immunity - an organized security system of an organism, but also it is possible to crack it if thoughtlessly to accept even the best medicines.

All know about advantage and need of vitamins for normal activity of an organism. There is an opinion that vitamins - harmless candies which can be consumed nearly handfuls. Availability of vitamins B drugstores, unlike the same antibiotics, only supports confidence in unconditional usefulness.

Vitamin preparations
- the same drugs, their impact on an organism is defined, as well as at any medicine - the applied dosage. Small preventive doses of vitamins can really be accepted when necessary and somehow, without paying special attention to frequency.

And here various antioxidant complexes, as a rule, comprise the vitamin doses which are repeatedly exceeding preventive. Therefore and it is necessary to accept them only according to doctor`s instructions and within established periods.

The need of the person for vitamins is not always identical. Experts claim that there is a dependence on a time of year. In the summer when around it is full of some vitamin-containing greens, requirements of an organism are higher, and in the winter - below. But we accept polyvitaminic dragees usually exactly the opposite, is more often in the winter, and in the summer almost we do not accept at all.

Probably, in it there is a sense if regularly to eat greens, berries and fruit. At the same time it is useful to remember that vitamins are unstable. Fruit it is the best of all to eat Yagody at once, from a bush at storage of vitamins B they become less.

Besides, we almost do not consider natural production of vitamins the microbes inhabiting our organism. There is only it on condition of availability of the normal intestinal microflora which is not broken by antibiotics, hormonal preparations and alcoholic drinks.

Kind health.