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Whether there are miracle drugs? Silver and antibiotics of

the Military paramedic with a thoughtful air breaks a tablet in half, stretches one half to the patient - the fighter. It to you from the head! And it - tells the soulmate - from a stomach. Look, do not mix! to

It is interesting, but a joke that is called from life . And not only because to the military physician who in a peace time is mainly dealing with healthy people, not subtly to lose qualification. Similar treatment quite often helps, many people trust in the miracle force of drugs. However, the belief based on the sketchy information obtained from rumors and commercials is even more often it is absolutely groundless, and over time leads to disappointments and deterioration in a state.

For example that we think of preparations of silver ? That this fine bactericidal means which is perfectly coping with all harmful microbes. Any of us can remember couple of stories how someone was helped by usual water in which immersed silver spoons or coins.

And it is valid, for many years to people truly serve many preparations among which kollargol and lyapis. But the truth is that silver does not divide microbes on good or bad, it kills everything and at a certain concentration of a preparation can even destroy cells of the person.

Well it or is bad? As well as any phenomenon in our life - yes and no. Microbes do not get used to silver salts, centuries-old experience of their use proved that efficiency of silver does not decrease. At the same time from side effects any medicine is not free, it is always necessary to remember it and to consider when using.

Famous Paracelsus said that all drugs - poisons, and all poisons - drugs. It is all about concentration and a dose. Many do not reflect, but harmless atropine which they drip in eyes for expansion of pupils even to children, in practice the strongest poison.

Not so long ago many people used a highly effective preparation biseptol (to - trimoksazol), sometimes is even uncontrolled also without consultation with the doctor. But in recent years it is refused to be applied sometimes even if it is recommended by the doctor. The reason in one of a medicine component - the trimetoprima, substance capable to break production of spermatozoa. Though, according to experts, fears are unreasonable, to - trimoksazol contains the scanty dose of a trimetoprim which is not causing serious side effects.

Ambiguously and our relation to antibiotics . Someone, having believed in their high efficiency, apply preparations at the slightest pretext and without consultation with the doctor. On the contrary, having heard others about collateral manifestations, essentially refuse to take medicine.

Neither those, nor others are right. Antibiotics - group of effective medicines which can be accepted and it is necessary only on appointments of the treating doctor. You should not make independently the diagnosis and to drink tablets because last time they helped. Restrictions in drugstores for sale of drugs without recipe exist not for nothing. Visit policlinic. If for this purpose there are indications, the recipe will be surely written out.

Also do not advise the doctor. Selecting an antibiotic, the doctor solves a complex problem. We live in the world of the microbes which are constantly fighting with each other for existence. The natural balance between different types and groups provides our health and life. It is easy to break it, but what will follow it?

Be not ill.