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What secrets Maria conceals a name?

Names, names, names... But one in my heart - Maria! There was once such song. And really, a name Maria - special. Perhaps, from all female names what only exist, Maria - one of the most widespread. And it came from Hebrew language where sounded as Miriam. Value is interpreted differently. In the orthodox calendar the name is translated as madam . Other version is submitted to more correct: Maria means bitter stubborn rejecting .

It is hard to say what feelings parents wanted to express, naming the daughter with such value, it is only possible to speculate. Perhaps, mother had difficult delivery, the child went obstinate did not want to be born in any way. Perhaps, before us one more example of a name - a mascot: evil spirits will hardly pay attention to the girl whom the mother addresses my grief . Could give such name and to the late child whom did not hope any more to wait. In the Gospel it is told that just Jehoiakim and Anna till an old age had no children, suffered, prayed and, at last, god took pity on them, and they gave birth to the blessed daughter named Maria who should become Jesus Christ`s mother.

Prevalence of Maria in former years is explained by the fact that in a church calendar there are a lot of Saints bearing this name. The orthodox tradition forbids to name at a baptism to the Mother of God, but it is possible to call the girl in honor of one of numerous Saints Mary, for example, Mary Magdalene or Mary of Egypt, or Maria is Lazar`s sisters. At Old Believers only the name of the virgin is said Mar and I in all other cases even if it is about Saints, the accent is put on the first syllable: Marya . In Russian from Maria it is formed most of all umenshitelno - caressing forms: Masha, Marusya, Musya, Manya... Everyone will be able to continue this list with ease.

In Russia XVIII - the beginning of the 19th centuries the name Maria was noble. A.S. Pushkin called so heroines of the poems ( Poltava Bakhchsarai " fountain;) and stories ( Captain`s daughter Dubrovsky ) . N. A. Nekrasov in the poem Russian women sang of a feat of the princess Marii Nikolayevny Volkonskoy - daughters of the war hero of 1812 and the wife Decembrist S. G. Volkonsky.

But already in the second half of century before last prevalence of Maria in the upper class declined: from Marya began to smell a muzhichka . Long decades the name remained popular only with peasants. By 1940 the social status of Maria raised again, and to 70 - 80 - m to years the name became fashionable on a wave returns to sources . It remains to one of the most popular and now.

Maria - a name international In England it sounds as Mary, in France - Mari... All Christian people consider this name. Catholics have no ban on a narecheniye of babies a name of the blessed maiden, and they name Maria not only to girls, but also boys: Erich Maria Remarque, Francois - Mari Arue (a real name of Voltaire). All were surpassed by Spaniards: they have Jose Maria or Fernando - Maria meet very often.

Speaking about Spaniards and Latin Americans, it is possible to remember the Mexican series Just Maria . Unlike the heroine of this soap opera in the countries where speak in Spanish, almost everything Maria - not just Maria, and with makeweight : Maria de los Mercedes - Maria fertile, Maria de los Dolores - Maria grieving, Maria del Amparo - Maria - the defender. All these epithets (relating, naturally, to the virgin, the Madonna) became independent names: Mercedes, Dolores, Amparo. So these women are also called in use, and the full name appears only in documents.

The same can be told about names Stella and Regina: initially they represented epithets of the Mother of God. Maria Regina coeli means in Latin Maria, queen heavenly and Maria Stella maris is translated as Maria - a star of the seas (the maiden Maria is considered the patroness of seafarers). Tak chto and Regina - queen and Stella - star actually just Maria . The fact that their names are not in the calendar, does not mean that bearers of these names have no guardian angel: they are under the patronage of the virgin!

Even show stars - business consider that Maria - a sacred name. For example, Anjelica Varum did not want to come to a platform under the real name Maria, took a pseudonym. Also was not mistaken: the new name brought success. Colleagues address it as to Anjelica, but a family, friends, acquaintances continue to name the singer Masha, and in the passport at it the name Maria still appears.