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It is the full paragraph or incomplete? A response on the movie Operation dead snow .

Having watched the movie Operation Dead Snow I still some time stayed in a condition of a little shock. Ouch yes descendants of Vikings! Ouch yes the largest producers of a salmon! Ouch yes Norwegians! The movie is shot by little-known Norwegian cinematographers. The main heroes of a picture, if it is honest, are not similar to descendants of ancient soldiers of the North at all - Vikings. But, nevertheless, the thirst for blood, for the stomach of the enemy which is ripped up by the Viking`s sword, for extreme cruelty which is deeply sitting in genes nevertheless played a role in minds of creators of this picture.

The beginning of the movie differs in some tediousness. Even attempt of the little girl by the name of Sara to escape from a certain persecutor in the Norwegian wood not especially - that clings. It is banal. It is clear, that behind it not the admirer with a bouquet of flowers and a wedding ring, and a certain animal runs. There is no fear yet. Well, he overtook for it, this Sara, well, with it bad made something. Here break in the narration comes: whether Sara was killed, whether eaten, whether obryukhatit - not clearly.

And further the group of teenagers who, it seems, students, but look already as shabby maids and little men is represented. They go to look for Sara, and at the same time and to have a rest. These teenagers overage in appearance (probably, puberty at them was late in view of strong cold weather in Norway) drink beer in the old house, ride snowmobiles, foolishly joke. Or perhaps such there style of jokes, to us not clear. For example, one of guys by the name of Martin, the successful fellow a pillow in hands, took seat then on the maiden and a pillow of that let`s the maid smother. Also laughs at the same time, has fun! Maid slightly horses did not set - it has claustrophobia. And to actors - it is ridiculous. The fact that act in the movie. To the viewer - not really.

Sexual intercourse of the fat student with the maiden in a rural toilet like toilet is of special interest. Here, as it is unpleasant, but bewilderment raises a question: why to them was impatient to strike in a toilet? Detail: the fat man descended on - big, was facilitated, to breathe became more cheerful, without short wind and even wanted to wipe toilet paper. But - was not in time. Usually people in a toilet are closed, here the fat man was absolutely available. To the box of a toilet vperlas the maiden, prevented the fat man to hold a session of hygiene and let`s undress. Climbed on the guy sitting on point also banged him at smells not of a lavender, and shit in a toilet. In a disgusting way?

But be not surprised! In the movie Dead snow a lot of things will be opposite. The same maid will fall all in the same rural toilet. From a hole for sewage it will be dragged off down by the zombies living in rural shit. But all this is nonsense, florets. Berries - ahead.

Has to recognize that Norwegians this time, surpassed many American horror films in quantity of bloody scenes. Plot such: the group of children and little girls appeared in a solitude where since war with fascism the group of nazis zombies lives. Fascists, led by the most furious zombie - the colonel of Gestapo by nickname the Duke, love treasures. The duke made in this district experiments over people in military fortieth years 20 - go centuries, but when the Red Army came nearer, local lyud armed with axes, knives and other kolyushche - the cutting objects and interrupted fascists at night.

The duke with the Gestapo men turned into the zombie. He and - that was during lifetime at all not the altruist and when the zombie became, absolutely became stupid from greed. The smile at it became a curve, lips never cover teeth and that is amazing, circles under eyes and around pupils as though were made to it by professionals - makeup artists from maxfaktor. And so, the Norwegian children that on " Jeep; came to have a rest and look for Sara, under a floor dug out a casket with gold jewelry which was taken away many years ago from defenseless people by the sadist - the SS-man Gertsog, pulling out gold teeth, with a root chopping off fingers with wedding rings. Thereby modern boys and girls strongly angered the Duke and army of his zombie. As a result the lot of the dead and badly looking, but walking fascists began to hunt for students - overages. These zombies, it is necessary to notice, big fans to devour human fleshes. And they will receive it.

I will honestly tell, at cinema I will not remember similar nasty thing. Under cheerful music children the chiansaw saw the zombie in half, stick to mouldering fascists a long dagger in an eye-socket from which the river zombikovsky blood flows. The chopped-off head of a mertvyak - the fascist modern children play soccer so, as Ronaldinho will envy. Zombies are not in debt too. Naturalistically show how the Gestapo man - the dead person extends from the girl of a gut living still. Slowly, with taste stretching them. As though a chewing gum strawberry puzyrit dithat.

Are present at the movie Operation Dead Snow and sado-masochism. One young student darns to himself the torn throat a fishing hook, another saws off to itself the chiansaw the hand bitten by the zombie. Everything is shown naturalistically, guts hang on trees as linen ropes, and brains, such krasnenky, are shown clearly at the moment when hands of the zombie break off a cranium of the fat man, fan to sit on a push and in the same place to fuck. To mouldering fascists modern Vikings cut the heads with a sickle and the hammer, and snowmobiles use that to turn a face of the zombie into medley with a fetid odor.

Movie Operation Dead Snow - it is the full paragraph! At the kind beginning, later time, the real bacchanalia of blood and nasty thing begins. Shootings the most part of time go in the twilight, but there are also day scenes and then against the most beautiful landscapes of a winter dense forest of Norway everything is splashed by blood and parts of bodies, both people, and zombies. I admit, the movie keeps in suspense. Not always, places. But what is, that is. And tension it is created not by special effects (probably, creators had a few money), but the most cruel naturalism of BLOOD. This picture blood-thirsty.

There are, however, also cheerful moments. For example, it is strange to see how two guys allure to themselves the zombie, knocking a ladle on a pan. Here hint tremendous: like, hey, zombie, go to us! We - your food, we - live, we are people! Here to you for convenience both a pan, and a serving spoon that pieces of our bodies on a fire to stir slowly when you prepare our thighs! And from the movie clear that zombies do not love swan`s down from the guy`s padded jacket. Are spat, infections. To them, you see give warm flesh! No, the cheerful moments in a picture are available.

The movie is positioned as horrors . And, what to palter, from time to time it becomes terrible. From here and recommendations who can watch and to whom it is undesirable.

There is one more postulate in the picture Operation Dead Snow . This postulate is hidden, is not visible to the viewer so obviously and at once. But it says the following: Greed of the guy ruined! . And not only guy, but also frayery, that is girlfriends of guys. When watch the movie, you will understand about what I.

Once again I will repeat: the movie - the paragraph full! Barefaced bloody and razzing medley. Everyones Texas slaughter by the " chiansaw; - have a rest. No, I cannot refrain from repetition though the text and suffers from repetitions: movie Operation Dead Snow - it is the full paragraph!

24 / 07 / 09