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How to estimate the candidate for a position?

Many of us, being either heads of the company, or heads of an average link, face staff recruitment. What to pay attention to and how not to make the wrong choice? I will try to prompt.

Before selection of the employee make a position profile. A position profile - requirements to the candidate which will make it successful. It is necessary to estimate what the candidate should work with. Wrong profile: That it was pleasant to me .

For example, position profile Specialist in personnel :

- Professional skills of carrying out interview, trainings, regulations, training.

- Learning ability.

- Adaptability.

- Controllability and independence.

- Skills of accounting.

- Focus on result.

- Readiness for development.

- Resistance to stress and not conflictness.

- Inclinations of influence on people.

- Skills of management of the conflicts.

- Ability is competent to convey negative information.

- Skill of management of people.

- Creativity (ability to think beyond the scope).

By preparation of a profile of a position everything needs to be treated accurately.

Honesty can be treated as a disinclination to theft, ability to tell to the head that he or someone really was late, honesty to clients.

of Competence have to be accurately formulated and clear.

Skill to communicate is what?

- Ability to stir by phone - it is not necessary for us.

- Communication by phone is polite and correct - it is for the secretary.

- Ability to gain - is important for the seller.

- Public statements - for the head.

At the same time always there has to be an existence of priorities - that is desirable and that is important.

Is desirable - what can be taught quickly and what it is possible to do without.

In business, unlike policy, do not interest us personal qualities. The behavior is important. Future behavior of the employee in your company is important to predict ability. Professional competences are based on skills. Competences - all this that is shown in behavior. If the person does not suit the company on behavior model, to take him is the same mistake which is made by the woman marrying the alcoholic and speaking at the same time: with me he will stop drinking.

As a rule, at employment we pay attention to information stated by the candidate in the questionnaire. Biographical particulars do not need to be considered. It is necessary to consider a consequence. If the candidate worked all life as the seller, it does not mean that he is a good seller. If in the questionnaire it is specified that the person is 50 years old, and for us the age, how many appearance is critical not so much, it is necessary to watch how it looks, but not how old is he. The type of the employee (candidate) has to correspond to business type.

At an assessment of the candidate cannot make a final decision on the basis of last experience and recommendations. It could be successful in one firm and any in another. The position at which the candidate worked at the former place can not correspond to concepts of the same position of your company. as

As a rule, employing the person, we try to estimate his knowledge.

It is necessary to estimate not knowledge, but practical skills. So, the accountant, for example, needs not knowledge of accounting, but skills of accounting. It is not necessary to tell anything! Let show! For this reason the majority of the companies passed only to demonstration by candidates of the abilities on the first interview now.

of Knowledge sometimes is, and skills or are absent, or is, but insufficiently.

Can tell itself: I will teach the candidate! But why then I estimate it now

For an assessment of skills are used by CASE - interview or situational interview. With its help it is possible to estimate anything. Sometimes to interesnouvidet logical thinking of the candidate. So, - SHOW the CASE - the simulated typical working situation for the person of this position.

A situation for the secretary. At the same time two calls to the head arrived and one visitor came. Your actions.

the Situation for the administrator of shop. Client: I will buy if you allow a discount and you cannot allow a discount - your actions.

the Situation for the HR manager. I am a candidate - conduct with me interview.

We ask the candidate to act with such cases, but not to show how it is necessary to work. This working task can be multilevel, and in its basis a number of totals is put. Even the thinking of the candidate, his reaction to the events (including reaction speed), the speech and other, will show you as far as the candidate is ready to work in your company.

Certainly that it is not all aspects which influence the candidate`s assessment. Their huge set. About it tens of books are written, various articles and materials are devoted to it, but all aforesaid surely will help you!