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How to catch a bird of happiness?

As often people chase illusive happiness, without understanding that it nearby. Some, having lived up to gray hairs, continue to think that, having retired, they will find true happiness in rest from problems and the guaranteed provision of pensions.

The person tries to catch this bird of good luck as in Andrey Makarevich`s song, and it all does not give in. And so from year to year.

The question of a growing of the person is directly connected with his responsibility for own life and execution of mission. In adulthood of people itself can become the creator of miracles. It will occur when it begins to see, hear and seek to understand and apply the principles by which it can be happy in the life. And it is necessary to put diligence to it. Not all want to work on the internal nature.

But so the world is arranged that all in it is mute is divided into external components and internal. And always the inner world is primary.

In any family there are relations in a family and out of. There are relations in the organization and the external relations. Also in any country there are internal actions and interactions and external. These two worlds are connected among themselves. But a priority behind an inner world. So, for example, the country has to be economically strong to win against the external enemy.

Today everywhere it is possible to hear that it is necessary to have strong will. Yes, mission is feasible with strength of mind. The person weak in spirit who is not seeking to mature, what physical force would not possess, will not be able to resist problems and to win against circumstances. They can break it. But existence of will power is only one of the principles of success.

In today`s world very few people to care to keep clean the thoughts and intentions, the internal nature in which prevail: vanity, pride, arrogance, zlorechivost, passion to money, rebelliousness, ingratitude, slander, cruelty and other lines. In himself does not see their people even then when they are obviously shown in any situation. And when does not see and it does not wish to be exempted itself from their manifestation, what from it proceeds? Happiness? How the person can give others what does not possess?

It is important to understand that being exempted from above-mentioned negative lines of the essence and having faced the next manifestation of the evil in the life, the person has the power to change the outside world, the world around himself.

But for change of the world around itself it is not enough to have will power, it is necessary to know still, than already you possess also what abilities you have. And whether it is possible to know the global strategic line of own life, without penetrating into the general strategy of the state, without seeing an overall picture of a peace arrangement? Many are sure that their mission in building the house, to give birth to the son and to plant a tree.

No! In life everything is arranged logically and subordinated to certain rules, laws and the principles, they extend to all spheres of human life and society in general. Each family, the organization, the country can be considered as a uniform organism in which everything is interconnected and carries out a certain mission. Whether can carry out kidneys in a body of the person function of a liver or heart? No! And each person on the earth is called for something.

Whether he will see the calling, without having an accurate civic stand and without being devoted to some common cause?

Here Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy`s words about meaning of life: Life is a place of service, and the person should take out much it that it is difficult to bear, but is more often - to test a lot of pleasure. However this pleasure can be real only when people treat the life as to service and have a definite vital purpose which is not reduced to him and to their personal happiness .

The personal purpose to find much more difficult, than the nobility the general. Therefore many blindly go on life, hoping to reach personal happiness. But when society has the general accurate and concrete strategy, the states, groups, teams, there are specific projects, but there are no faithful, reliable and devoted assistants, hardly the project and an objective will be executed in necessary time. In life of each person an array of problems and if to be distracted by the solution of each of them, then it is hardly possible to learn the strategy and to concentrate the attention on it.

We will remember the historical moment described in the Bible: Ache built the ark. It was its task which he received from God. All laughed at it and distracted it. But hardly he would construct an ark if he distracted from this project or would have the opinion other than opinion of God. Perhaps, Ache wanted to rely on the opinion and would begin construction of the balloon in which only it could be located with the family. Unless it is not care of personal happiness? But it then would execute the mission assigned to it From above?

The person who is not understanding the general strategy and rejecting it first of all rejects the personal vital purpose because it follows from the general.

To buy the car, to construct a cottage, to get the island - unless these are the purposes for the sake of which it is worth living and dying?

When people have the opinion on everything, rejecting the general strategy, this protivleniye has no logic and constructive confirmation. What some people live in this world, has no anything concrete that could be reasoned, they just state the claims based on some knowledge of life. And then force and energy are wasted.

The protest is always the wasted time and force. It is silly to spend time, forces and money for nothing since there are tasks for the solution of which they are intended.

Rebelliousness always causes a bigger evil. Compare it to sorcery. And today in the world of rebelliousness, a protivleniye and disrespect more than it is enough. And, it is already considered abnormal to treat with respect to parents and to respect teachers. It is enough willfulness in all cells of society: in a family, in the organization, in the country Often it is given for freedom.

But when there is a protivleniye and disobedience in a family - wives to the husband, children - to parents, to the organizations - subordinated to the administration, in the country - to decrees of the president, how people can see the destinies and take the positions corresponding to them? From there is a chaos because as the blind person can lead?

Most of people live for themselves today, look back at the experience, are not devoted to the mentors, have on all the opinion and are not guided by opinion of mentors. But only the unity releases force by means of which it is possible to win any victories and to achieve the objectives.

The unity is put not into words, and accurate execution of what is charged by the head. Pride is expressed by non-execution of charged. The uniform team is the people devoted to common cause and each other.

Observance of these principles of devotion and a posvyashchennost in a family, in the organization, in society will help to stand everywhere when it is necessary to defend the civic stand dividing strategy of the mentor, head.

These principles are important for everyone who wishes to enter the calling, to know the destiny and tasks which to it are foreordained From above. All this will give to the person feeling of completeness of life, pleasure and happiness because all this and is success!