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How to have beautiful nails of necessary length without building of artificial?

Of course, to us, women, it is necessary to care for beauty of the nails and hands. Well-groomed nails do the woman graceful and charming. But with beautiful nails are not born, carefully form them, improve.

Also there are certain councils to achieve result of it which you want.

can be recognized by nails about health. Yes, all problems of our organism are reflected in nails.

Here, for example, the sloyeniye of nails is caused by a variety of reasons.

It is possible to learn from - whether for a lack of calcium in an organism nails exfoliate and to trust in experts, t. e to make monitoring of a mineral exchange. Such analysis is done on the cut-off tips of nails.

But each problem has the decision.

Even then when we do these problems to ourselves: we wash the dishes and we clean without gloves, we increase nails etc.

Therefore, very important caring for own image, not to do much harm to the nails and the organism.

First of all to do manicure at the skilled master who can determine your problem by a condition of a nail plate and in time send you to the corresponding expert.

There is a certain System of care of natural nails having the philosophy based initially on the analysis of each nail an individual approach to each client.

Nails as it was already told above, have various types of a nail plate and individual care is necessary for each nail.

" company; JESSICA COSMETICS INTERNATIONAI, INC and its founder CEO Jessica, the first lady of the nail industry, developed this unique System and a series of care products for natural nails. Jessica allocates four types of nails: dry, fragile, damaged and normal.

Now and we in Russia in beauty shops have masters, nazyvayey kultivist working on system of care of natural nails JESSICA . Before manicure the kultivist will surely carry out diagnostics of nails of the client and will pass the decision on application of these or those means.

Result of such leaving - natural beautiful nails without use of artificial materials. Any tips and nails on forms. Any podpilivaniye metal files.

Here a key to beauty of nails which gives you manicure from JESSICA.