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Whether there was Atlantis?

the Secret of the sunk Atlantis which treasures still lie somewhere at an ocean floor for centuries concerned mankind. The few know that a source of information about her - Platon (apprx. 427 - 347 BC) . We find the story about Atlantis in two of its dialogues - Krity and Timey where the extensive fertile island rich with ores and magnificent gardens which was beyond the Strait of Gibraltar is described. This state which subdued neighbors thanks to the powerful fleet was patronized by god exhausting with Poseidon. However degradation of morals led to the fact that Atlases began to honor other gods. Poseidon punished them - Atlantis plunged per day into the sea abyss. The powerful contribution in a moneybox of extravagant hypotheses was brought even by the pragmatic USA. In 1882 the congressman Igneyshes Donnelly published the best-seller Atlantis: antediluvian world in which it was written about existence in the past of the continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It, according to Donnelly, would explain similarity of pre-Columbian civilizations of America and Ancient Egyptian culture, including construction of pyramids and the year consisting of 365 days. All this, he considered, - heritage of Atlantis, postponed for other continents after her death.

In the subsequent, there were hypotheses placing Atlantis in different places including Tibet, the Bahamas and Amazonia. However the thought of the island which was near Greece seems to the most plausible.

Modern seismologists and volcanists compared the data with historical data and drew a conclusion on ancient Aegean cataclysm which could wipe out the whole civilization literally. About 3500 years ago the most powerful eruption destroyed the island of the Shooting gallery (Santorini) in the extreme South of the archipelago of Cyclades. It was equivalent to 500 - 1000 nuclear explosions! From Santorini no distance to Crete in which then the Minoan culture endured blossoming. Excavation found ruins of the beautiful cities there - quite in the spirit of described by Platon. Eruption lifted a series of a tsunami which fell upon Crete, having destroyed its ports, including the magnificent capital of Knossos - during that era the largest city of East Mediterranean. Minoytsa did not recover from a shock and were soon subdued by achaeans. The Minoan civilization disappeared like Atlantis.

How there was a legend of the sunk continent? In dialogues Krity says that he heard it from the great-grandfather, and that refers to the Egyptian source. Egyptians were not good seamen, but traded with Crete and, certainly, knew about its magnificence. They felt eruption and connected with it sudden disappearance of the Minoan ships. Perhaps, quite so in Egypt there was a thought of death of Crete which gradually acquired fantastic details, having generated the myth about the sunk Atlantis.