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How to use the Soviet cake cheeses?

Under Soviet cake cheese (unlike curd cake glazed ) I mean the dairy product possessing the following signs here:

1) weight - 100 g;

2) a form - a rectangular parallelepiped, length 75, width 50, height is 25 millimeters;

3) a wrapper paper (there can be slightly metallized or polymerized paper, but anyway a distinctive feature is that the wrapper is freely wrapped, but it is not soldered, as at glazed cheese curd);

4) lack of glaze.

For greater clarity we will bring here TTH of the curd cake glazed :

1) weight (on average) - 50 g;

2) a form - different, usually the cylinder or the quadrangular prism sometimes approaching a parallelepiped (distinctive feature the fact that corners are, as a rule, rounded is);

3) a wrapper polymeric, usually painted, with metal gloss, soldered since two ends;

4) chocolate glaze to which cookies are sometimes added in recent years.

Besides, sometimes add different types of a stuffing (fruit, nuts, chocolate shaving) whereas at the Soviet cake cheese I saw only one so far - raisin to glazed cheese curds.

Apparently from all these signs, glazed cheese curd is more convenient in operation. At the same time the Soviet cake cheese possesses pleasant taste (and somewhat as it seems to me, more pleasant, than glazed) therefore is very interesting product. However, as we know, our fellow citizens after 1991 began to forget traditions and among all other lost also some useful skills of the use of the Soviet cake cheeses. In this regard I also consider it necessary to give several advice on their application.

So. Here you face dairy department of shop or a show-window of a supermarket. Recognized the Soviet cake cheeses by the signs given above - and decided to buy them. Your the first step - to take them from a show-window. And here in this regard shops of old type - the best option. There you should not take them - shop assistants who wear special gloves will give or at least got used to deal with mokrogryazny things. If you in a supermarket or, speaking on a modern harmony, a supermarket, then keep in mind: one of secondary signs of the Soviet cake cheese is that it eternally wet and sticky! It, likely, from - for paper wrappers. It is good if nearby there is grain or some other department in which it is possible to take thin polyethylene bags. If is not present - well, it is necessary to put the hands on not too pleasant trial.

But here curd cakes at you, are punched on cash desk, it was necessary only to carry them home and to eat. Step of the second: to put curd cakes in a package. the Consistence at them, we will tell directly, to hell: soft curds of which the Soviet cake cheeses are made are very sensitive to temperature drops therefore they always look in every sense extremely in depression. Do not rescue them from it, alas, even refrigerating show-windows. Only your deep freeze can rescue, but about it the speech is lower. For now put curd cakes over all other products (with a guarantee that will not fail), and it is even better - in some separate package which when carrying will be focused outside. (That is when you go with purchases, at a view of you the following picture full face has to be created: a package of curd cakes - one package - you - other package.)

Step the third. Storage before the use. That the dejectedness of the Soviet cake cheeses was not transferred by

to you, store them in the freezer. If your refrigerator multichamber, put them in a chamber on which it is written Storage if the freezer one, but under it is available the pallet - that in it. However, there are some refrigerators in which fairly melted products, without being frozen, get very firm consistence and in the main office. Try to estimate the power of the refrigerator.

Step the fourth. Use.

Take out curd cake from a deep freeze. Remove from it a paper wrapper. You will find out that it will be anyway simpler to make it than if you decided to use a product right after purchase. Removed? Now put it in some vessel to be defrozen. Periodically control process if you do not want that it softened again to such state in which you brought it from shop. If to defreeze not really long, then from curd cake something can turn out like ice cream that is twice pleasant. Optimum will be to defreeze to such state to separate pieces a spoon or a knife with small pressing.

And the last. As it was already told, in dairy departments the frequent phenomenon - dampness owing to what ink which applies on dairy products date of production and an expiration date are often washed away. It is actual not only for the Soviet cake cheeses, but also for milk, kefir, sour cream and so forth. Therefore it is possible to define quality of a product not always. It is necessary to hope for intuition. I can advise the following: if you see that curd cakes (or what other product) in section remained a little - do not take better, most likely, they lie long ago. Though, perhaps, the acute reader will be more successful, than the author, and will be able to make out treasured figures on packing.

Bon appetit!