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Training after 9 - go a class. How to choose college?

Time fly quickly. Still yesterday your child - the first grader, and today he already overcame the first level of secondary education - the 9th class. Many parents ask a question - what`s next? To Study up to the 11th class or to take the child in an armful and to hand over in the educational institution giving secondary professional education?

How this issue was resolved by me? Comparative analysis. If for the child school - heavy freight, at it is furious dislike for certain objects or teachers that often goes hand in hand if his progress began to worsen for the last a year and a half, do not doubt, it is better to change for it ground of knowledge acquisition . If the child comfortably feels at school, progress at the level accepted for you - do not pull it, let studies up. Well, and if your child differs in brilliant progress, participates in any Olympic Games, teachers on him will not rejoice - unambiguously only 11 classes.

In my case the child just furiously does not love algebra with geometry together, hates chemistry and is spat towards physics. Respectively, these objects do not love it. But we have an excellent progress on the humanities, and we know English at the level of reading works of English-speaking writers in original language. The child decided to study as the lawyer. The choice of colleges and technical schools in our country, especially in the capital, now truly impresses. In them it is easy to get confused. Further I will try to state all problems and questions which we faced in the course of entrance in the college, and a way of their decision.

we Look for the specialty

All colleges are divided, first of all, by the principle of the directions of training of specialists. If at you the Internet is had near at hand, we set in the searcher " colleges; we set specialty necessary to you and the city of search in the same place: for example, colleges jurisprudence Moscow . And the searcher right there will give you them for every taste and color.

A bigger help - various printing reference books of colleges, are on sale in any bookstore. Personal practice shows that this option is more preferable. On the Internet there is a lot of outdated and unnecessary information, moreover, it there just too much. Now your task - it is methodical to study information and to eliminate those colleges, the directions of training of specialists in which suit you.

There are one tricks. If you look for where train jurists, and the institution is called College of information " technologies; it does not mean that it right there needs to be eliminated. Very often in colleges with unnecessary to you the directions of preparation of specialties necessary to you are the name. Therefore we study information attentively. Perhaps, this, with unnecessary the name, the college as a result just will also suit you.

Pay attention also to an opportunity to enter to the university after college, it is desirable basic (to which the college is attached). Or it can be any program of cooperation of college with higher education institutions. Anyway, if the child decides to get higher education after college, unless it is bad that he without problems will enter to the university on the second or third year at once?

of the Guarantee of the state

All average special institutions share

on state and non-state. The preference is given in our country state. By the way, many eminent educational institutions abroad have the status private, and the experts trained by them are demanded around the world. But it there, at them. And we have all - better to give preference to the state educational institution. I will make the note: this my personal opinion can also not coincide with yours. It does not say about what in private institutions is learned worse. Sometimes even on the contrary.

But me there was no wish subsequently already in the course of training of the child or upon termination of it to face a response problem at college of the license, and respectively, and cancellation of the diploma of college. Therefore check existence of the state accreditation and the state license in the chosen college. At the state educational institutions both documents have to be obligatory. Usually colleges spread on the websites the scan - copies of these documents. But nobody will forbid you to approach in college and to see everything personally, to feel hands, so to speak. to Pay or not to pay


not the most unimportant question - on what basis learns to go? Budgetary or contract? Naturally, any soberminded person will choose the budgetary basis: why to pay money if an education can be got for so . Besides here not everything is so simple. A certain number of the places paid at the expense of the budget for each of specialties of training of specialists is allocated to each college. On average it is about a third of total of places.

But from these budgetary places part already it is reserved for medallists and prize-winners of the Olympic Games, still part for exempts. And here on the remained places you can try to get. Moreover, I advise to write the application for enrollment of students for the budgetary places. Arrive - perfectly! And if the child does not gather additionally points on a competition on byudzhetka but will have a good GPA in principle, to you, most likely, will suggest to study on a paid basis. What papers to prepare


we prepare for

documents Now. Usual set: statement, copy of the passport, copy of the certificate, six photos 34 (opaque). Many colleges ask still the medical certificate of a form 086 - at. And somewhere can ask the copy of the medical policy. Other documents usually are not required. One feature - documents will be accepted only from the child, he also personally writes the application in a selection committee. Your presence is necessary when signing financial documents i.e. if you pay for training, then the contract with educational institution will be signed by you.

So, prepare documents (except financial which, naturally, are signed by you on the place), hand to the child, and forward, on storm of the temple of knowledge! Of course, you can accompany the child everywhere - both on documents acceptance, and on examinations, but my personal council - give it more opportunities to show independence. I to the child only showed the door to a selection committee. It handed over documents and examinations is independently.

When to hand over documents?

Usually time of the termination of documents acceptance in colleges - somewhere on July 25. But practice shows that there are many colleges where documents can be filed also until the end of August and which - where and all the year round.

If to pay, then, how many?

the Difference in training cost in different colleges is very essential

- from about 15000 to 20000 rubles for academic year. Such dispersion of the prices depends on many reasons - from a pomposity of college, from an opportunity to continue education in basic higher education institution, from existence of additional education programs etc. Still I advise

to pay attention to frequency of payment. Somewhere payment is made on semester, somewhere on quarters, and somewhere and on months. What, perhaps, will matter for you at the choice of college too. If the child gained the necessary points and there took place the competition, you pay the necessary period of training and exhale. In total. Your child is enlisted.