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Whether Popseet Russia?

The other day was on a visit at the friend, that, being generous on performance of desires, included « TV channel; A1 which I adore. The picture seen by me would hardly satisfy esthetic inquiries of the real rebel. It was standard boltologichesky show. On a soft, elaborate sofa (as if the daddy did not ache!) the soloist truly cult the punk - the rock groups « sat; Cockroaches Dmitry Spirov also answered the wittiest questions of TV viewers which are skillfully filtered by skilled children from creative group of above-mentioned TV channel. The question which is most interesting me which was formulated approximately so sounded, perhaps: Tell, what do you think of extreme musical fate - to collectives like System of a Down, The Exploited, Slipknot and similar? Dmitry, having twisted a face, squeezed out from itself with alien pathos the question weakening audience with a hint on incomprehensibility of frankness and relevance of the TV viewer sounding approximately so: And - and, you mean those groups which at music have too rigid guitar riffs which vocalists do not sing, and bark?... . farther it became unpleasant to me to watch

to the core, and I switched to other canal.

to the Modern Russian person has very a rough time. The priest - idols surround it from all directions, here - here he will become the fan of one of them. Slightest shortage of critical evaluation - and everything, your outlook within the cliched principles of beautiful life, is not present any alternative.

we Will remember America 80 - x. Any educated person paid attention that this state in every possible way promoted advance of the famous performers of popular music. Besides, the American state erased a framework between two opposite &ndash styles; fate and priest . Attempts to lull into a false sense of security the younger generation did not get married success - fate - performers had an opportunity to self-express and be unique while pop-music it was pushed the background. There was still a big differentiation of these two musical genres alien each other.

Today in Russia - the mother entertaining history exactly the opposite. Popular music justifies more and more the name of the genre while the fate departs in an underground. Fate - isponitel on whom part the underground - parties goes crazy reconstruct themselves and the style on more pop harmony. They lose fans - so what? They do not feel sorry for them, soon and other fans will appear - from a pop party. And true (yes masters of loan will forgive me for lack of a transliteration) - rebels will look at the world slightly in a different way soon too, looking to us in eyes. Money - that are necessary!

But whether will look with similar to rebels - chameleons in eyes those fans who want to remain such with what they are?

Wants to be believed that the worthy representative of new generation will not continue to go on the offered way, and will offer the way of a solution which will restrain nobody.