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What to be engaged in the summer in? Can subdue America?

Nobody never know where the destiny - the cheat will bring it. Especially actually it for active and vigorous youth which is not sat in place eternally. The new countries, new feelings, new experience and new friends - here than live modern young people.

Bright, cheerful, light on the feet and risky children are not afraid of anything today: whether it be to fill up examination in a foreign language or, having armed with a couple of dictionaries, to conquer others country.

A when violent young blood does not allow to live boringly and monotonously when the soul strazhdt something new, interesting and fascinating, they go to travel. And where zhelanny only? Of course, on other side of Earth - to America!

Time two o`clock in the morning. In earphones Zemfira`s album, I sit in a comfortable chair of the plane of the Turkish Airlines company - the house-keeper - a class, as well as at all other students - participants of the " program; Work &Travel USA which make a good few of all passengers. To a meeting, Almaty, we will meet in three months!

For certain, many of you more than once heard this name - Work &Travel for certain, many even know what is it. For the same who is not aware, I will explain: Work &Travel USA - it is the program for students of almost whole world according to which it is possible to go for the whole summer to America to visit the USA, to get acquainted with culture of this country, to work in a services sector and on the earned means to travel across America. This program for several years already positively proved in the world therefore from year to year participants become more and more. Here and I appeared in the USA with almost zero level of language and a spirit full of enthusiasm. I in America!!!

When you go for the first time abroad, you feel like a blind kitten who knows nothing, it is rubbed the nose anywhere and which constantly should study on the mistakes. Now, having returned home, I know that much could just be avoided, but nevertheless, I am glad that gained such remarkable experience.

Important aspects: transport, housing, work and travel

we Will begin

, perhaps, with the fact that the expenses which left for the period before receiving the first salary could be reduced time in two. Here one of numerous examples: our with children of job offer (employment contract) was to the State of Florida, and on arrival in New - York we found out that the price of the ticket considerably increased up to Florida since that moment as we got acquainted with them on the Internet about two months ago. How so? And here so. The rule first - the prices in transport system of the USA increase as approaching date of departure. So if you want to do some flying more expensively, than initial cost, just wait for day of departure and forward behind the ticket. The success is guaranteed to you!

Continuing a transport subject, It should be noted that if you have no own vehicle yet, then it should be got as soon as possible. On foot far you will not leave, and the public transport in resort small towns is almost nullified - buses run strictly to timetable with frequency of times an hour, not more often. As a rule, among youth bicycles - they inexpensive enjoy special popularity and are very convenient for movement on the city. Therefore as soon as arrived to the place, at once follow purchase of the bicycle - it surely is useful.

The second, not less concerning question - housing. Someone comes and begins searches of the suitable place, the employer helps someone with an arrangement - here at everyone differently. In general it is possible to describe so: in resort areas people live or in own houses, or in removable apartments. Seldom when visitors according to the program students live in families, it is destiny of students on an exchange who came to study, but not to have fun all summer without a break. Therefore we choose removable apartments at once. Usually, it is not so difficult to find housing - just it is worth walking on the city and you will find a set of houses and the whole inhabited residential districts with plates of for rent (is given). Housing prices vary from $600 to $1500 a month depending on the number of rooms, conveniences and other. Here you will not face anything especially new; still, as well as at us - the more people, the payment is less on everyone. Though there are exceptions when comfortable apartments, but taking into account each resident are offered, then payment goes fixed.

The third point - actually, work. Work as I already noted, all in a services sector: waiters, rescuers, sellers of souvenirs, maids, karikaturshchik, guides, workers of amusement parks and many, many others. Here not to tell that from you the wide experience of work, the main thing - an initiative, activity, and also honesty, diligence and punctuality was required. In principle, irreplaceable both at work, and in simple life of quality. As for a salary, in the USA the system of compensation differs with ours. There, behind a hillock work is paid on hours and the wages is paid out most often once a week. An average salary of the participant - $7-8 an hour; the standarny number of working hours a week - 40. Respectively, if you want to receive more, then either work longer, or look for the second work. The second work - business frequent. Often the working day comes to an end at 3 - 4 o`clock in the afternoon, and after a lunch it is possible to get other job. Here everything depends on your desire and forces to work.

Final part of your trip - travel! It is possible to travel as one, and amicable company. The main thing - to decide on a route and not to forget to reach the point of departure home. Here it is very important to understand the purpose of your round in advance: just you want to visit in as it is possible the bigger number of the cities in the USA and everywhere to buy to relatives and friends of souvenirs or can luxuriate enough on beaches of large resorts, visit different monuments of culture or you very much want to descend in the most known night club of staff. Also it is worth calculating finance, and further - gas down and full speed! Have a rest, walk, be photographed, go to discos, ride attractions - everything that upon return home was what to remember, except heavy labor everyday life!


Finally would be desirable to dispel some myths concerning the USA. In - the first, Americans not stupid as we got used to realize it thanks to the become current phrase. Yes, you can face working personnel which mental capacities leave much to be desired, but it also is working personnel, but not research associates. Be favorable; it is other culture, quite perhaps, they do not accept your behavior too.

In - the second, amerinkanets not false only because smile, meeting requirements of you. It is accepted, it is lifestyle, it is norm, eventually! And even if they do not know you at all and are not going to meet you, standing in a queue in cafe of a fast food, it does not mean that they are double-faced false people. Agree, and to you it is indifferent who this person and what is engaged in, and the smile increases mood.

In - the third, everywhere wait for you for work with open arms - this lie. Actually, during the summer period the number of persons interested to get a job trebles - it is constant employees, the local youth exempted from study, well and we, visitors students whom, believe, enough, that you lacked the place at employment. From here and all dismissals for each trifle: workers do not make quantitative value, any your oversight - and you are dismissed. So be alert if you do not want to be left high and dry.

And the fourth myth - in states it is possible to steal things with impunity . It is impossible to steal things with impunity anywhere. I was personally familiar with two girls who lacked adrenaline in blood. They decided to steal in one large shop (WalMart)... bicycle! That nobody noticed their small thefts of chocolates and lipsticks they decided to play for high stakes. Estesstvenno, that they were immediately caught and arrested. Moreover, it was all their former thefts which were noted are shown, but were not disclosed. As a result, two options were offered to girls: to stay in the conclusion about three months or to pay the huge sum of money. As girls understood, I do not know as I already prepared by then for departure home. But anyway, it was the good lesson for many who lacked thrills.

Thus, I advise you surely to participate in the program. Do not refuse to yourself pleasure, live to the full extent, without forgetting at the same time about security measures and consider that the summer worked well wonderfully well because you will long remember it still. And bright, beautiful photos and the updated list of contacts of friends from the different countries will not allow you to forget about it. Well, have a great summer, guys!