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Mikhail Zagoskin: whether it is easy to please on a uvula to great Gogol?

on July 25, 1789, 220 years ago, in an entail property of landowners Zagoskinykh was born the boy who was named Mikhail. Rod Zagoskinykh originated from Tatar murza of Shavkat Zagor who in 1472 made a knight`s move: ran away from the Golden Horde and passed to service to Ivan III. Orthodox priests crossed Muslim a murza on the orthodox Christian, having named him Alexander Abdulatovich Zagoska.

320 years later after these events numerous ancestors of a murza started up its riches in raspyl - Nikolay Zagoskin, Mischa`s father, was not rich. And except belonging to a family of great antiquity and small imeniyets, the income which almost is not bringing in, it behind soul had nothing. Tell it who then, on July 25, 1789 that the baby whom it holds on hands in forty years will become well-known to all Russia, and the emperor will hand it a gold ring, Nikolay would burst out laughing to this person in a face! He even could not dream of it!

From a gothic style to a fiction

Was brought up by

Mischa in the fatherlike house, since the childhood conceived a liking for reading, and it very much liked Anna Radklif whose Gothic mystical novels could chill blood not only to the child, but also the adult. The love to historical novels remained with Zagoskin that is called to a grave. And waters under the influence of Gabriel Derzhavin the boy early began to try to write verses. The gothic style and the present fancifully intertwined in the first composition of the boy. It was the tragedy in verses which, alas, did not remain. And here story Hermit appeared while to the young author only 11 years were executed, eventually, was issued, the truth is much later But did not allow to be developed by

to the literary child prodigy. The family still hardly - hardly made ends meet, and therefore the father somehow called Mischa in the office and told: To You already 13 years, almost adult. It is clever, widely-read. As - nibud you will live. Go to St. Petersburg, I will give the letter of recommendation, will get a job the clerk in office .

Whether there is a strong wish to leave a home in 13 years? To leave for a long time the mother? But you will not argue with the father! Brought Mischa to St. Petersburg, employed. Of course, for someone from the rich the capital - as if paradise heavenly: live do not grieve, there would be money! And for those who are poor how a church mouse?! Slums, malnutrition, cold, eternal dampness, diseases, poverty, hopelessness!

Fortunately, Zagoskin - younger possessed strong character. Did not break when it was only necessary to dream of promotion. Whether a joke, in 10 years of faultless service served only to the official of the XII class! Then - that the father could not hide the disappointment: annual earnings of the young man made 100 rubles. And that the son could though somehow to make ends meet, the father annually sent him 300 more rubles.

to Whom war - mother natively?

From this gloomy poverty it was pulled out by war. Napoleonic invasion of 1812. In August he registered the volunteer in a team of the St. Petersburg militia. In three years voyenno - field life Mikhail Nikolaevich served to the aide-de-camp general Levis. It was wounded, the fighting award deserved. But the most important - it even more became tempered, both corporally, and spiritually. So on return to a native manor he could not spend even several months there, returned to St. Petersburg in native department. The order bearer rebelled against paper work! In the evenings, coming back to the dwelling, Mikhail Nikolaevich writes the first plays.

Partly he was lucky: the famous comedy dramatist prince Shakhovskoy paid the attention to the beginning playwright. But there is a wish to emphasize: the success expected not the first or second plays. So Zagoskin`s example with another science: even if your works are recognized unsuccessful, it does not mean at all that it is necessary to put aside a feather: happens, as the quantity develops into quality!

Of course, a big role Mikhail Nikolaevich`s marriage on the St. Petersburg beauty Anna Dmitriyevna Vasiltsovskaya - the collateral daughter of D. A. Novosiltsev, the famous rich man and the grandee of Ekaterina`s times played in his creativity. And though in Anna Dmitriyevna`s family were not glad to Zagoskin`s appearance as the son-in-law at all, but it became big incentive for creativity: he wanted to show to the boastful father-in-law, as he a bast shoe does not sup Russian cabbage soup! And at the same time to amuse the Annushka

the Talent revealed mainly in Moscow

Soon after Zagoskina move to Moscow. Here, far from the father-in-law moreover at more or less normal position - Mikhail Nikolaevich`s talent gave new shoots. But not at once it decided that his destiny - a fiction. Its first serious novel Yury Miloslavsky, or Russians in 1612 appeared in 1829 it was met by readers with a bang as according to one of contemporaries, had national physiognomy . During lifetime of Mikhail Nikolaevich Miloslavsky it was republished 8 times and it was translated into the English, French, German and Czech languages. And soon the author became the member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and is appointed the director of all Moscow theaters.

History did not leave Mikhail Zagoskin and Nikolay Gogol`s meeting which by all means was in details. But when in Maly Theatre the premiere " took place on May 25, 1836; Auditor Zagoskin as the director of theaters was present at her. And having heard the well-known dialogue about the composition mister Zagoskin Yury Miloslavsky even turned pink from pleasure. Then he also could not guess that from now on and its work will be forever associated at the descendant, first of all, thanking To the Auditor .

of What were not divided by Mikhail Nikolaevich and Nikolay Vasilyevich?

Why g - N Zagoskin got on a sharp tongue of - on Gogol? There are two versions. The first - they had opposite views of a role and the place of the Zaporizhia Cossacks. Like, Nikolay Vasilyevich considered Zaporozhetses if not ideal, then, at least, diligently shaded their shortcomings, having remembered the main characters Taras Bulby where thousands " fall on one anti-hero; normal Cossacks. And Mikhail Nikolaevich considered this estate first of all as robbers and then heroes and when pripecht .

The second version - Zagoskin was considered in the Moscow literary circles as the person of rather violent imagination, Ostap very often bore and, having got to a subject, Mikhail Nikolaevich could tell it that in life never was. Some contemporaries directly specified that the g - N Hlestakov is written off since - for Zagoskin though more likely it not absolutely so: auditor - the image, no doubt, collective, but not without lines of the famous writer

At first Zagoskin so took offense at the classic that he even to it did not offer a hand that was a new subject for a gossip. Finally and irrevocably they were reconciled by death. Both died in 1852. Nikolay Vasilyevich on February 21, and Mikhail Nikolaevich on June 23. And Zagoskin`s death followed very unexpectedly. In the winter of 1851 the writer strongly caught a cold and got sick. He did not like to be treated, counted that the organism will cope. At the beginning of June the writer was caught in a heavy rain, got wet, it also became a last straw Buried Zagoskin on Novodevichy Cemetery.

And to 100 - to the anniversary from the date of its birth, in 1889, in St. Petersburg in 7 volumes there were complete works of Zagoskin, with a biographic sketch and the chronological list of all to them written. Including Yury Miloslavsky and Askoldova grave