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The world chyorno - white?

Now summer. Those who were lucky to appear on vacation and to luxuriate in beams of the southern sun run on the beach to take baths. Solar bathtubs. Only several days and color of your skin from winter white will turn into summer chocolate. And all - even to the suntanned person is still far to Blacks who wander about the beach and are photographed with everyone. (Not free of charge, of course. Probably, crisis concerned also Africa).

If you appear suddenly in the country where you will be distinguished with a white spot from black people, then most likely will want to be photographed with you. Just it seems to people surprising that the person of other color. But we got used that primary colors of skin there can be only two - black and white, and the rest only shades. Whether so it?

The inhabitant from Oregon proved the existence abnormality of these beliefs. He can brag of a rank the silver person. Not because remained in some way since a silver age. And at all not because consists of metal. Just skin silver, exclusively!

To Paul Karason now 57 years. This person celebrated the forty fifth anniversary with white skin on a body. A few years ago at Paul because of a stress dermatitis developed. He decided to get rid of dermatitis by means of extract on the basis of silver. Medicine was intended for the internal use, but Paul decided to accelerate process and for the best effect began to rub it in skin. Soon it learned that it means the word an argigriya.

Argiriya is the silvery pigmentation of skin arising from - for industrial influences of salts of silver or owing to their hit in a human body. Skin changes color slowly, but at continuous reception of silver inside, it is easy to achieve Paul`s effect. The first signs of an argiriya appear in 2-4 years of influence of silver, and strong darkening of skin arises not earlier than in ten years. Before everything lips, temples and a conjunctiva of eyes darken, then coloring of mucous membranes of a mouth and gums, and also color of nail holes changes. At the same time no painful feelings and frustration of health usually arise.

Paul`s people around could not continue communication with the changed friend. It was necessary even to change the residence for California and to take great pain to avoid public places. But Paul, despite everything, did not refuse medicine. He not such as everything, but it to him does not prevent to lead usual human life.

Today the argiriya is incurable therefore Paul will not manage to change skin color any more. But in it there are even pluses. The matter is that silver which impregnated all its organism interferes with penetration in any pathogenic bacteria. So health of the silver person can envy. But it does not mean that having read this article, it is necessary to move off in searches of magic medicine for all diseases. Besides an argiriya, at the long use of solution of silver there can be a damage of kidneys, neurologic frustration, digestion violation, headaches and chronic fatigue.

Probably, Paul Karason should not have looked for long work as summer in resorts.