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What beauty ideal is?

Who on light of all are lovelier? Probably, it is impossible to find the person who never in life dreamed to become fantastically beautiful. Here to count time which people spend on improvement of the appearance! It is sure, the number would turn out absolutely rather big.

And what is this beauty and how try to obtain it? If to glance in the thick book called by the sensible dictionary it is possible to find definition: all fine that brings esthetic and moral pleasure. It is interesting that it is necessary to make to cause suddenly this pleasure Let`s travel and we will look for ways to become beautiful which people of different eras and the different countries used.

Sahara. In these parts, to put it mildly, is to people not easy. Precisely nature against that here somebody lived. Wearisome heat, lack of water, poverty But also this corner of Earth aspires to fine. Only fashion here very peculiar. Slender, tall girls have no success here. Local beauties weigh hundreds of kilograms and since the childhood worry about existence of fatty folds on the body. Fat beauty

Ancient Egypt. on care of hair here definitely did not complain Of bad shampoos and means. Egyptians even did not use hairbrushes! The matter is that only those who had no filament on all body were considered as beautiful. It was provided by means of a wax epilation. Bald beauty

France. Several centuries ago beauties filled in various spirits. Wanted to smell delicious? More likely, did not want to smell badly. Bathing, one may say, was fashionable not. Here it was also necessary aromas a dirty body to hide. Dirty beauty

Papua New Guinea. Curvy shapes are not appreciated here. To become the real beauty, the girl since the childhood has to twist and pull together a breast. Only then she will be able to achieve a figure, ideal for local places. Flat beauty

Island of Borneo, Malaysia. Saying ears hanged out here as it is impossible by the way. Beauty standard - ears to shoulders. Since young years to the person begin to delay lobes of ears, suspending to them special bronze weights. The weight of weights is gradually increased. Eventually, it reaches three kilograms. The beauty - the girl with twenty-centimetric ears. Long beauty

Angola. you will not brag of the Dazzling smile in 32 teeth here. Really only lack of teeth, however, only of lobbies can decorate the woman here. They are carefully beaten out, and this action becomes even special ritual. Honorary title dentist it is attributed most often to the girl`s uncle on the maternal line. Toothless beauty

Alaska. Here in fashion beautiful lips. But at all not such, such as at Jessica Alba or Angelina Jolie. To achieve ideal lips, it is necessary - navsy to pierce all them several times and to stretch a beads in the turned-out openings. Beauty full of holes all of you are still sure by

that all of you endow too much for the sake of beauty? I doubt. We were just lucky that we were born in Russia where what will save the world, does not demand such victims. Any your reflection in a mirror, you remember: ideals leave and come. Perhaps tomorrow your features and type of a figure will be fashionable.