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Where the spirit of the age lives? In household details of memoirs

Ma, and when it is already possible to begin to write memoirs? It is already possible for me how you think? - the son asked me somehow, being at the age of years of ten. It is possible already, - I answered without reflecting, - to You precisely is what to remember - here and write down. And it started to To Memoirs about a cat having taken an epigraph: The Cat dictates about Tatars memuar .

Here and I regained consciousness - or perhaps and it is already time for me to memuarnichat while memory is fresh (relatively, of course)? The actual mistakes will be less, dialogues - here they as yesterday said. And, using diary entries, started memoirs.

Bodrenko and not without inspiration during few weeks I wrote down all cheerful and amusing events, all funny things which obligingly prompted memory and diaries. And here reflected. Perhaps it is not necessary about sad? Here it is necessary... Sad, tragic and ridiculous, let and briefly, too found to itself the place in memoirs then absolutely still of the young lady.

Well, and that else? Still - that? What gives to memoirs aroma, grace, taste? What the contemporary quite often does not pay much attention to, and the descendant so often enjoys the description of what? And it that else haunted me because it - that, in my opinion, especially valuably also escapes from memory quicker and most imperceptibly.

Also it is called something - fine, minor household details. What contemptuously was called as our criticism trite narrow-minded bytopisatelstvo . The fact that we usually miss, keeping diaries and scribbling memoirs. It is not accepted to focus attention on it today. It is considered that the most interesting are the famous persons, feelings, passion in scraps relations, gossips and intrigues.

And it is better that it was outlined by large bright dabs that character described (it is quite often simple rubbishy miles sorry) it was visible at once that it is weaved more and more ridiculously that dialogues (which of you, dear readers, sincerely trusts memoirs dialogues? And? I do not hear...) struck with vivacity, originality and depth (the identity of the memoirist, certainly, and you as thought?). And any household details that you... Why this petty-bourgeois surroundings?

And what diaries and memoirs of district young ladies and ladies of an era of Biedermeier, irrespective of estate are so interesting to us by say? Yes these most minor details: as there took place the ball at the district leader what toilets and colors in fashion in a winter season in En - the sky county ( Ah, ma Sherea, ekryu do not carry now, in this season only pervansh and sandr roses ) what is read how flirt as dance - and so on. And it is more interesting to those if such thoughtful bytopisatelnitsa is come into the view suddenly by a celebrity. So to speak, out of a separation from a household context.

Both landowner daughters, and popovna in memoirs left us the whole era. Were not lazy in details to describe ware, interiors, shows, traditions, prejudices, up to fashionable drawings in that season for embroidery by beads. Despite obvious insignificance of events, it is exclusively interesting to read it - life of that century appears vividly and unvarnished. Ayr du thane spirit of the age, so to speak.

In Memories of Rachmaninov - the fine two-volume book - near Yurok and Ziloti`s memoirs the special charm allocates live and fresh diary entries of Verochka Skalon - young, rather ordinary girl, in love with Rachmaninov. And exactly thanks to abundance of small household details.

Or P. D. Boborykin`s novel China - the City too some kind of memoirs, the diary of an era which is so condemned for the pedantic description of household trifles. Contemporaries even entered into use the verb to boborykat - t. e it is boring and verbose to describe the smallest details.

Now art critics and antiquaries bless Boborykin`s pedantry. Its boring bytopisatelstvo allows to date many objects and exclusively in detail to recreate interiors and suits of that era, following descriptions.

So - keep diaries and write memoirs, dear readers. And - please, very much I ask you - garnish your texts abundance of household details and fine details of modern life. It is more than close attention to ordinary trifles. And who knows, maybe, through stopisit years your notes will decorate with himself academic publications, and venerable art critics at disputes on dating of antiquarian laptops will refer to fine and detailed memoirs and Zinaida Petrovna Pupkova`s diaries - Back, the chief accountant of " firm; Stay with me .