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And you like light of a lamp in a window?

In our village where I live constantly, decided to hang up lamps along the street. No sooner said than done. Brought together meeting, all wanted, chipped in together and hung up. I one was against, but handed over money provided that opposite to my house the lamp will not be. I not for this purpose left the city and lodged in the village that to me prevented to look at stars.

Well, naturally, when lamps brought and began to hang out on columns, directly opposite to a window of my bedroom on the second floor the lamp had. And the lamp powerful, city, and column height not city, turns out quite strong light stream. And directly in a window. Though hang up black portieres. What to do? It was necessary to move to the room fronting to the opposite side, but also here light reached through open doors. And doors at us cannot be closed that numerous animals could move freely on the house and sleep where they want. It was necessary to cover doors, leaving strictly dosed crack, to a cat or a rabbit to pass, and to light - no. Cats strongly did not like to go to a crack and they paws opened doors more widely. Light began to get... It was necessary to rise and regulate a gap. There was the following cat... It became clear soon that the lamp should be cleaned.

But the trouble is that we in the village have no governing bodies. Meeting is just a meeting of house owners, any rights not having. To complain there is nobody, there is nobody to ask that cleaned a lamp. It is possible most to clean, but I am not able to climb columns and to study me already late. Besides, the conflict with neighbors to whom the lamp very much is pleasant is inevitable. All my closest neighbors are summer residents, visitors for the weekend, after the City with a lamp is more habitual to them. At some still the lamp in the yard hangs.

I talked to those, to these, nobody agrees to clean a lamp. They left, and to me here at a lamp suffer!

The repairman from local was surprised - And cho to think here? Break and all! .

What, is visible it is necessary to break.

A question - as? It is necessary to beat so that to cause the minimum damage to the equipment - to break only a bulb.

Therefore the firearms do not approach, from it there will be holes from a bullet or fraction. Yes and no at me is it, the weapon of it and to take from the same neighbors ridiculously. Then a sound from it on all village... No, it is not our way.

Another matter slingshot! At the beginning of 90 - x years in hunting shops magnificent slingshots for hunting for rats were on sale, at me such was. Bill far and precisely, a lamp it is possible to break from several attempts. But here the elastic band served not for long - one season and cost rather much. Washing davny - long ago became useless. I will not be dragged to the City from - for such a trifle. To make a new elastic band there is nothing, such special elastic band tubular there, and fastens cunning. The slingshot is still inaccessible.

It is possible to make onions and arrows. I had fine onions from a hazel grove, and arrows with plumage from goose quills. But onions were taken away long ago by the son and new to do long enough. Besides, the arrow if not to find it after a shot or a miss, will serve as a proof as I was seen on the village with these onions a few years ago. And I was not going to advertize the acts - you never know who broke?

It turned out that the only real way to finish with a lighting source - to try to throw a stone. It was necessary to wait for weekdays when on our end of the village there is nobody and to get where - nibud stones because in the early spring all stones were under snow.

While I turned over in the mind all above described options, my anger gradually ceased, and the brain began to think a little better.

And why it is, actually, obligatory to beat a hated lamp? Well I will break it, and neighbors will call the electrician and new will insert. I will break also the second, then troubles are guaranteed, not fools they, eventually.

Whether better most to call the electrician and to ask to make the switch? Then I will be able to switch off a lamp when there is nobody, and neighbors, having arrived, to include if it is so necessary to them.

Solomonovo decision! The electrician was called, the switch is bought and installed into place.

Blessed rest on the street and at heart came. Eat the cake and have it too. It is possible to suffer light for the weekend, it absolutely not that to rage from rage, suffering from unnecessary nobody, but all the same burning lamp.