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How to learn to eat gradually, but it is frequent? We change habits in food of

Recently much attention it is paid to a subject of diets, and the scientific community inclines that diets are harmful. They drive in a stress. The lost kilograms, as a rule, come back with interest as soon as the person begins to eat way, usual for it. Conclusion simple: it is necessary to change once and for all a diet, that is food behavior and habits.

Very often in articles and recommendations of nutritionists simple advice is given: it is necessary to eat variously, without special restrictions, but often and gradually. You will read and think: it is simple, I will be able! But here difficulties also begin. Many, suffering from excess weight, learned to overeat in the childhood. These habits are everything and without special analysis in us are too strong. Kind grandmothers and mother in eager rivalry persuaded the child to eat up a squash, not to leave the force, for mother, for the father to eat one more pie and so forth. It is not simple to master such inheritance.

The rhythm of life of the modern adult, as a rule, does not leave to it time for itself, for quietly to sit, think and relax. How at the same time to be retrained is gradually and often, to learn to derive pleasure from food, but not extra kilos on a waist? Everything is possible! The main thing to want and move step by step, not to hurry to embrace immensity.

We will begin with the fact that we will cease to eat in front of the TV, at the computer or with the book in hands. We have to be concentrated on one process - absorption and digestion of food which is incompatible with nervous excitement and a stress. Therefore try to calm down before sitting down to a table. It is necessary to bring the emotions to a state of serene harmony, a peculiar absolute zero emotions. The joyful excitement during food as well as disturbed or a stressful state, will inevitably lead to an overeating.

To calm down not only before food, and in any situation, simple councils help.

Drink a water glass small drinks. You remember, always offer the person water to recover? Water, except calm, will remove the first attack of hunger and you will gorge on in the smaller portions.

Try to breathe deeply some time with emphasis on an exhalation (the exhalation has to be longer than a breath on time). Such breath naturally appears at the person when he sings. It is not obligatory to sing aloud, it is enough to sing about himself a couplet from any melodious song, for example, of the Russian national. Breath itself at the same time will become such as it is necessary. You will calm down. It is my favourite way.

If you are strained, try to relax muscles, to stir up shoulders. It is especially important to weaken face muscles. Gloomy folds on a forehead which so often it is necessary to see on strange faces on the face can even be straightened hands. At a muscle strain relax, and after the person also all organism will relax.

Try to eat with concentration and quietly within a week, keeping the number of meals, habitual for you. It is not excluded that also bigger term on accustoming with these habits, new to you, can be required by you. Give yourself so much time how many you will consider it necessary. The expected effect as a result of this period: you spontaneously will begin to eat less at one time food because you will be quiet and will not distract.

At the second stage we will develop a habit is slowly . Duration of meals has to increase ideally till 30 - 40 minutes because you will chew more slowly and more carefully food and to do pauses. You remember old slogans? Carefully chewing food, you help society! Actually it you very much help the digestion. Remember how small children eat? They for hours sit at a table and savor each piece, but hasty parents adjust eternally, and as a result the child learns to cope in 10 - 20 minutes.

Your task - to chew slowly, it is possible to consider the number of the chewing movements on each piece put in a mouth. Ideally it is necessary to achieve at least 30 chewing on a portion of food. After each spoon it is necessary to stop and listen to the organism: whether I gorged on? Scientists say that the signal that hunger is satisfied, is late for 10 minutes for this reason it is important to extend meal that you managed to understand that you gorged on before you overeat. Duration of this stage is similar: week or more, depending on your personal features.

At the following stage try to pinch off from the habitual portion a piece and to eat it in about 2 - 3 hours after the main meal. For example, if during the lunchtime you usually eat a main course, and then drink tea with buns, then make so: eat a main course, adhering to recommendations of the first stages. Postpone a bun and drink with it tea later. So you in a diet will have an afternoon snack. Notice that you nobody deprives of favourite buns, we simply redistribute their reception on time.

When the afternoon snack densely will enter your life, portions will decrease by a dinner spontaneously, you will not suffer after a lunch any more. After an afternoon snack you pass to introduction of the second breakfast in the similar way. Add easy having a snack between a breakfast and a lunch, it will allow to reduce a serving size during the lunchtime as you will be not so strongly hungry. As a result you will be reconstructed on five times food with small portions.

Now we will talk about products which can diversify your life and having a snack between the main meals. Chips and aerated water, obviously, not the best choice for having a snack. I very much like comparison of an organism with the car. Any car owner will not fill in obviously low-quality or unsuitable fuel in a tank of the car. But here with the organism we for some reason dare to act this way and we throw in it, as in a fire chamber, everything. You want to be healthy and harmonous, then eat better a glass of yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk, an apple, banana, gnaw nutlets or sunflower seeds. Very well satisfies hunger and tea with milk is suitable for having a snack of cocoa also, tasty to add cheese sandwich to it.

If we chose a way of healthy food, I will dare to give some more advice. Try to refuse absolutely cold drinks or do not wash down with them food. Otherwise you will quickly get hungry. On it marketing strategy of fast food where it is offered to wash down hamburgers, most often, with cold aerated water is constructed, and warm tea and coffee are, as a rule, more expensive. It forces the consumer to come back more often behind an additive.

Therefore all cold has to be eaten or separately, or before the main meal. If you have for a dessert an ice cream, try to postpone its absorption for some time, having allowed main courses to be acquired. Try to wash down food with drinks at least of room temperature or it is even better - warm.

Check the weight before development of new habits, I hope, it will pleasantly surprise you. I had a result minus two clothing sizes in 3 - 4 months. Retraining pleasant to you!