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We prepare according to the well-known recipes? Bridget Jones`s Diary

The Way of life of Bridget Jones is dangerous to your health .

Meets by such slogan us the fallen in love movie long ago. The movie about sincere and amusing Bridget. Every time I watch the movie as if for the first time. I endure every time about the careless fatty as if it is my close friend. Ridiculous and charming, touching and real.

Helen Fielding, the author of the novel about Bridget, once conducted in the newspaper a column on behalf of the diffident lonely Englishwoman. Then these notes found a type of the novel, and then it was picturized and it is pushed out on the world screen. Having got the world popularity, authors decided to release continuation. Though, it seems, everything was told in the first part. Renee Zellweger, the performer of a role Bridget, by her own recognition, differs from the heroine a little.

The movie is vital, giving hope to all ugly women to find personal happiness, to find the destiny. The romantic, melodramaic comedy for family viewing. It if is absolutely short about the fallen in love movie.

And me as the inveterate culinary specialist is always interested in recipes of dishes from books and movies. I try to prepare according to star recipes, I dream, I finish. The main thing that my culinary treasury constantly is replenished and grows cook skill.

Here what dishes I spotted at Bridget. First course -

Onions soup from Bridget Jones

the heroine cooked This soup from leek. We it need for 5 portions one kilogram or slightly more. Soup at Bridget turned out blue color. Let`s remove blue threads from a leek bunch, we will avoid such fate. Though to achieve full compliance with the movie, the thread can and be not removed

To leek needs brotherly addition in the form of three - four healthy stalks of green onions. Healthy - in sense, ripe and fresh, but not the size. Let`s cut green onions with ringlets and we will fry on olive or any vegetable oil within 7 - 10 minutes.

In a pan we will pour one liter of boiled water, we will add the cut leek and the fried green onions. Let`s fill with pepper and salt. On slow fire we cook about an hour. Leek has to become soft. As soon as soup a little cools down, we will turn it into mashed potatoes easy pressing of the button of the blender. Let`s pour fragrant dense soup on plates, we will fill with sour cream, we will strew lightly with small cut parsley greens. Let`s give fresh toasts. (British do not eat sour cream ) let`s smile and we will thank Bridget for the recipe of onions soup. The following simple dish - the Omelette from Mark and Bridget

you Remember

, Bridget reckoned on the unmarried chief Daniel, it was perfectly played by the handsome man Hugh Grant. But parents married off her to the neighbor - the modest man Mark Darci. Eventually Bridget understands how Mark is reliable and clever, and makes the choice in its advantage.

We will try to prepare an omelet according to the recipe of happy couple. There is nothing difficult in it.

For 2 portions (a romantic breakfast!) 4 fresh eggs, salt are necessary, it is a little butter and pepper. We shake up eggs a fork quickly - quickly when butter on a frying pan already cheerfully crackles. We salt, we pepper and we pour out on a frying pan an even layer. We diminish fire to a minimum. When the top of an omelet is slightly liquid, dexterous movement we turn it in half, we overturn, we give minute to be fried and quickly we switch off. We shift on a plate, we garnish fresh vegetables. The nourishing fast breakfast is ready.

And this recipe - top of creativity of the main character.

the Water-ice from Bridget

In fact - home-made fruit ice cream. Let`s make it, as in the movie. It is possible to use any fruit and a citrus. Bridget did a water-ice of oranges.

For four portions eight large oranges are necessary. We beat two fresh egg whites the mixer in strong foam. Juice of six oranges and one lemon, 150 - 200 of sugar, is a little vanilla, a liqueur tablespoon (it is better orange or lemon) we mix and right at the end we enter foam from proteins. It is better to put this mix in a house ice-cream parlor. As we have such kitchen gadgets - rather an exception, than the rule, pour weight in a baking sheet for the refrigerator and we put in the freezer for 30 minutes or slightly more, so far mix not will grab will not begin to harden yet.

While our water-ice gains strength, we prepare orange candied fruits. From two remained oranges very much tonenko we cut off a dried peel, we cut on long thin strips and we fill in with water. We cook hour. Separately we mix 100 ml of water and 50 g of sugar. We cook dense syrup. We add the ready welded dried peel and we cook 10 more minutes. We cool.

We take out a water-ice from the refrigerator. Quickly we shake up cold mix in the blender. We add pieces apelsinovo - a sugar dried peel and we decorate home-made ice cream.

Bridget was right. It is very tasty!

Still did not watch this movie? And Renee Zellweger signed the contract for shootings of the next part Diary . What will be in the following series, it is possible to judge by frank records of direct Bridget.

Five days ago, after three months of separation, we with Mark Darci carried out nothing the meaning night : what happens to all after irritations and disappointment in the relations are forgotten, giving way to memories of those lines which you loved in each other.