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Here someone went down from a gorochka & I recognize darling by a pokhodochka of

Remember years young, zastoyno - table?

As soon as the next holiday to us on a threshold - on May 1 (and even earlier, sorry, on April 22 - an all-Union Lenin and communistic community work day), on March 8 or on November 7 happy New Year, and walks, without departing from the place of a labor feat, all native land.

The people from " were forgotten; lead nasty things of life . After the second the siskin on the carriage whether it is time for us on the third " goes; and further the account gets off and at last, in collective someone`s ringing, pleasant voice is cut, and all pick up:

On it shoulder straps gold

I a bright award on a breast.

Why why I met

it on a course of life?

Why when passes by,

With a smile waves to me a hand,

Why it arrived to our collective farm,

Why intruded upon my leisure?

Leader ours - the Cossack young, cheerful, kind and dear senior nurse Nina.

It from the village Pleasant (or Lovlinskoy?) . Nina remembers how she the little girl, having got on a hillock, looked, having blinked the eyes, afar, and the steppe with farms and villages was visible kilometers on thirty in different directions. In dense - just knife - hot air without the slightest signs of whiff of wind lyrics " are carried; Here someone went down from a gorochka Voices are female, loud, pure, with howling Were tired, but come back from a hard labor from songs .

And it, our Cossack young, sings, learned subconsciousness, internally feeling a charm of simple words. Fresh, pure, tasty and invigorating, as a water drink from a key, words.

Is not present at this song of authors - both words and a folk music, such recognition is worth a lot!

Lidiya Ruslanova, executing it, nevertheless in soul hoped that the author of the song loved by it will be found.

The author is - it is the composer Boris Mikhaylovich Terentyev, our fellow countryman. Ukrainian, but people`s artist of RSFSR, by the way. Though studied in the Kiev conservatory. He many songs wrote

, is and serious opera and symphonic works. But he was not lucky with national recognition - it Lenin offset Time believes in communists etc. sounded and as the Longfellovsky arrow fell somewhere ( it fell to earth I know not where).

The composer B. Terentyev became 40 years a joy - before he was a public servant of a high rank from music and okolovsyachesky arts of the different republics of the USSR. That is on such posts, where not before addition of songs. When it left from section of mass genres of the USSR also appointed to a modest position of the chairman of the board of Muzfond of the USSR, the mass of free time appeared. Its first song test in 1953 is Here someone went down from a gorochka . He composed words too so this song - real author`s . Never Terentyev objected that his opus is called in all printing book and musical editions - music and words national . Hundreds of its works are forgotten already, and will never remember them and that fell in love with the people, that you will not ruin, you will not kill

In 1975 in Berlin in the evening from radio of the Western Berlin, I suddenly heard the Russian words of a rollicking Gipsy song. The woman an excellent contralto in excellent maintenance " sang; orchestra of the national " tools; absolutely dirty, without the slightest signs of notes of a market mat the song Madam Banzha, madam Banzha,//you scoundrel and hypocrite To Hear a barefaced mat in open air for shape of morals, rusish kulturish then was, not so much unpleasantly how many it is interesting and that will sing further (if they and before were already finished singing)

After the German tongue twister of the announcer from which I understood only ALIOSSHA words poured down:

I recognize darling by a pokhodochka. He carries

, wears trousers of riding breeches.

A he wears a hat on a hat, Boots it carries

Nariman .

This song did not meet to me since then, can because there was no free time much to look in box or to listen to air But in one of Old songs about the main thing Garik Sukachyov struck me - so it is on the other hand the imprinted situation immortalized already earlier in Here someone went down from a gorochka

That initially - a bright award on a breast or a hat on a hat ?

DIMITRIEVICh, ALEXEY IVANOVICH (23. 03. 1913 - 21. 01. 1986) was a star of the Russian emigration. In the world was not russko - frantsuzsko - ispansko - cheshsko - barselonsko or Argentina soul which would not facilitate the tormented exile life, listening to its velvety and rolling baritone through a thorn and a scratch of a record player. Dimitriyevichey was the whole camp - ensemble, they were people mother Earth, Roma - cosmopolitans - wandering from the country to the country.

There were many performers of songs and romances among emigrants and indigenous people West. To take at least my darlings Diana Durbin (Deanna Durbin) or Yul Brynner (Yul Brinner) . But, stop, here my voice was strained : Yuli Borisovich Brynner was born on July 7, 1915 in Vladivostok. The native of Switzerland in 16 years running from the house in search of adventures - Jules Brynner was his grandfather. Means, the most famous of magnificent seven too Russian? Yes, but he was not an emigrant. It TAMA was born. Ours romance for this purpose the American Russian we will sing another time

B 1967 in Argentina Alyosha Dimitriyevich together with Yul Brynner writes down a plate We are Roma . There it is for the first time published I recognize darling .

Matershchinnitsa Valya Dimitriyevich is Alyosha`s sister. She was married to Volodya Polyakov - the two-meter handsome, the native uncle of Marina Vladi (Polyakova), our Volodya Vysotsky`s wife Here is how all at them there in Harbinakh - Paris - Berlinakh - Barselonakh - Prague is cunning overwound by


Let`s sing, friends, our darling chuzhestranka - the song in full accordance with the original author`s text:


I recognize darling by a pokhodochka. He carries

, wears trousers of riding breeches.

A he wears a hat on a hat, Boots it carries

Nariman .

Why I you, my dear, learned?

Why why I fell in love with you?

Ah, earlier I did not know it, Now I suffer from

each hour

Here my dear left, will not return.

Left it, apparently, forever.

it will not return To Moscow any more,

Remained only a card one.

I recognize darling by a pokhodochka. He carries

, wears trousers of riding breeches.

A he wears a hat on a hat, Boots it carries

Nariman .

Emil Pik, Bath - Holes (Tel - Abibus)