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Whether it is easy to be the artist?

of the Tribune abated. A second more also will come to a carpet the following gymnast. Graceful gait the girl appears on the platform and accepts an initial pose. Music is distributed, and merge together the gymnast and her subject. The tape, precisely live, dances, constantly changing drawings. Here it shot up up, was straightened in all length To Hold - voices of fans merged. The gymnast dexterously catches a subject and continues exercise. Without stopping for a second, the girl soars on the platform, carrying out elements, unimaginable on beauty and difficulty.

In seconds when her face suddenly addresses the viewer, everyone can make out on it a dazzling smile. It seems that pass - the performance lasts long, and it is difficult to believe that all composition took less than two minutes. Music calms down. The girl leaves a carpet, and her next competitor prepares for an exit. So there take place competitions in rhythmic gymnastics. Audience every time becomes witnesses of a festival of beauty. And what occurs on that side of stands? What is felt by heroines of a ball in these one and a half minutes?

Hour before performance. The gymnast who spent several hours for a hairdress and a make-up on check of the packed things, comes into the gym. Two minutes and it on the warm-up platform. Nervousness has already an effect. It is as usual warmed, stretches sheaves and repeats the most difficult elements from exercise. Then takes a subject in hand. (It can be a jump rope, a hoop, maces, a ball or a tape depending on the sports category). If the trainer finds minute, free from refereeing, then he approaches the ward, is interested in her readiness and gives couple of last manuals.

The gymnast sees how the second mother strongly endures her. In the head slips thought: not to bring and it verifies according to the list how many performances of participants of competitions remained to it. Here remained to come to a carpet to one girl. The gymnast leaves a warm-up carpet, waves legs forward checking the readiness, back. To look at speech of the previous sportswoman it is considered a bad sign therefore the Gymnast will see a carpet, only upon termination of music. Around it girlfriends on command gather. They worrying too, wish the girl good luck and clamp cams for the next two minutes.

To the platform it is invited Many believe that for good performance on a carpet it is necessary to come from the left leg. I Will make everything that I will be able. I am ready to these competitions. I in an excellent form. The trainer was happy with me at trainings Thoughts fly by with velocity of light. Initial point and hardly noticeable shiver of a body. Signal, music. I Smile Perfectly! After all this difficult element turned out And I worried Hoop Throw: now I will catch, well flies It is not necessary to think of sequence of elements - repeated thousands of times at trainings, everything is brought to automatism.

But never you know why suddenly lost balance why the throw of a subject which always turned out suddenly terminated in loss why turn of a body by 720 degrees suddenly stopped on 360 You know only that with each mistake you lose precious points that as a result it can prevent you to get a medal that each your incorrectly executed element pain responds in soul of the trainer. Despite the fatigue increasing every second, despite offense for mistakes, the Gymnast continues performance, trying to make everything as it is possible better. Strict people, that sit with boom opposite to a carpet, those on whom estimates of work of sportswomen depend throw not less tired looks on the gymnast, and even do not look, talking among themselves. It, of course, cannot promote a good spirit, but the professional gymnast knows how to draw attention to herself. Charm + artistry - here one of success secrets.

Music calms down. The gymnast leaves the platform, in the head memoirs of performance flash: Whether I made Everything so? What did not turn out? And ahead conversation with the trainer, points, rewarding parade, new trainings and new starts. Fatigue, tears, injuries

without seeing rest, the Gymnast perfects the most difficult exercises again and again Again to come to a carpet and to present to people around and itself a two-minute holiday.