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How it is had a rest on the Sea of Azov? Rest to Yeysk. Part 3. We told drinks, entertainments, excursions of

In the second part of article about beaches as to reach them and how to try to be refreshed under the southern sun. For the holiday-maker of heat in the resort sometimes it is difficult transferred, there is a drying-up thirst, getting thirsty constantly. Therefore the question of drinks in this situation becomes very important. It is much more important, than houses.

Rest is both excursions, of course, and entertainments what we will talk below too about. And at the end of article my subjective view for the best time for visit of the resort will be given. But, I emphasize, subjective and optional to execution. Proceeding from the above, we continue the story about features of rest on the Sea of Azov and, in particular, to Yeysk.


the Couple of words about drinks for vacationers. The special impression was left by cool " kvass; Old Minsk what is sold everywhere. The most pleasant taste, really refreshes. Now - about beer. Such beer as in Yeysk, I did not drink long ago! And so nostalgic name - Zhigulyovsk ! The " brewery cooks it; Bavaria . Who will remember " Zhiguli; fifteen-year prescription - will wipe a tear.

And here " brewery; Bavaria in Yeysk cooks this beer with simply amazing taste. Softness, as at easy milkshake, and the same ease. Taste is transparent, as at an ice spring in a taiga solitude. Simple yellow label. Is on sale in pouring on 35 rub for 0,5 liters. As much costs in glass. Same brewery Bavaria lets out Yeysk Competitor but they were pleasant to me less.

Do not forget in fight against thirst about the old kind green tea which is only strong made.

Local barrel wines are very sweet, but the feeling of a poroshkovost of initial raw materials nevertheless is available. It is a lot of different tastes. What can be told? Try all tastes!

And here I tried local vodka once. After drinking of a bottle 0,7 for three of rather big men under a shish kebab, I felt a certain discomfort in the area zheludochno - an intestinal path. Generally, lowering details, I state: no, vodka in Yeysk was not pleasant to me. However, it is possible how in an old joke, I got poisoned with pepper that added to one shot glass against the southern cold. Then council at consumption of local vodka: avoid to drink it with pepper.

of Entertainment

As for entertaining establishments, near the Central beach is a big scene where till the morning little-known actors act. In Recreation center that in the Center, on Sverdlov Street, come stars . In August, 12 - go, wait for Valery Leontyev. There is also a poster of dancing collective TODES - 26 - go July, and 31 - go July - Sergey Drobotenko. Sergey does not sing, he is a humorist if who does not know.

In the downtown night clubs and bars with dance pavilions function. At night in these parts the congestion of the people was not noticed. It is a lot of empty seats, a little sluggish from unprecedented, probably, July heat, a dance.

Near the Central beach you will see the amusement park with a big big wheel. Rather big construction. Feature of driving on a wheel consists here that you, having passed control, have to manage to take seat in a cradle, have to be curtained by a chain from two parties, plunge into rigid chairs and have to manage to jump out of a wheel at approach of your cradle to the earth. That is, nobody will especially not help you, as well as to watch your safety. Eventually, same you climb as the baby to drive in a cradle of a massive big wheel. So, there is nothing to smack the lips discontentedly if for you there is no appropriate supervision.

There are also other attraktsionchik, but one is especially unpleasant that near a wheel: when you after tasty beer begin to twist - to twirl in the most different parties, including head over heels, the embarrassment is quite possible. Knowing it, the inspector of an attraction costs a little at some distance from the vacationers squealing in air. But also money, especially iron, a generous stream take off to turn from pockets of fans. Being unsteady, the skated people, as a rule, do not bring together them, and hurry behind beer or other soothing again.

Right there not far there is a small aquapark, it near the children`s beach.

To fans of cinema: at city cinemas there are film distribution novelties. In any case, Transformers revenge fallen on screens of Yeysk already. So, to have a good time in the city is where.

of Excursion

In general, territories around Yeysk - steppe. That is equal, without mountains, hills, even hillocks. There is an excursion to Hansky lake . Only in photos in travel agency this trip looks more colourful, than actually. But nice such, once live, effigies of different living creatures in the museum. Here it is possible to be smeared from legs to the head with dirt. Medical. There is a tour on falls . That`s all, perhaps.

The main excursions nevertheless are turned on other coast - Black Sea. To Gelendzhik where the biggest aquapark in Europe is constructed. In Sochi, where mountains, dark nights, Olympic venues and a heap of other beauty. So, emphasis in excursions in Yeysk is placed on the Black Sea coast.

When is better to go to Yeysk?

Yes when time, of course is! When holiday or just is the corresponding spirit. And when there are those pieces of paper, let electronic, let paper. Money, in other words. In the summer, in the fall, even in the winter and in the spring. The only thing that I noticed, in July the sun scorches so, as brains, and skin melt and fried very intensively. Soon you become similar to " chicken; grill what is twisted on huge spits in electric furnaces, and brains from high temperature begin to work as chicken.

As water - shoal, it warm all summer. So to shift, whenever possible, rest time in Yeysk towards May - June, and also it is represented to the second part of August (and it is even one September better) me quite reasonable.

However if you like to be fried thoroughly to bones, to fade as a cat, and to melt in sunshine, as steel in a blast furnace, then the middle of summer for this purpose the most suitable time. However, I saw how people, especially elderly (and young people too) fell in faints from true heat of summer on beaches of Yeysk. An umbrella over the head, a hat on the top, long sleeves at a shirt - all this will be useful, especially for children. At a strong podrumyanivaniye of skin of the child and the, smear with sour cream it and yourself as pig before a mortgaging in an oven as a festive dish. Very much helps. It is also pleasant to take sour cream inside. It in Yeysk tasty, fat.

And still moment: if you not really are afraid to fly by planes - it is an exit. The matter is that in the train in July whether in a compartment whether to a reserved seat, it is stuffy and sweat flows a hail, it is sometimes hard to breathe. In SV of places is not present and at the price it is comparable to an aviatariff.

Still idea - to go on own car. But only not to drive! The route M - 4 - one of more - less tolerable, though strongly tryasuchy in places. However the traffic police conducts the real hunting for the reckless drivers who are not fastened and other irresponsible here, and sometimes and conscious drivers.

So, better a silent gait, as they say, changing driving with even someone, with stops, to trudge slowly to the sea and beaches. And if you do not become impudent, then soon to your look the lunar path on a smooth surface of the sea will appear. In Yeysk this path especially of an iskrist is also cheerful. Welcome to the city of Yeysk!