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How it is had a rest on the Sea of Azov? Rest to Yeysk. Part 2. Beaches, transport of

So, after reading of the first part of article you, perhaps, chose how to have a rest - the savage or to find the place where you stop during your stay to Yeysk. When things are already classified when everything was settled with berths and some already took a nap a couple of hours after moving, the soul and a body ask to be refreshed.

And first of all the vacationer wants to lie down on the beach, to plunge into the sea, to play coastal pebbles. And for this purpose it is necessary to set the feet on the beach. About beaches and how to reach them, and the speech in the second part of article will go.


the Most known beaches of Yeysk - Central " beach; (to the people most of all), opposite Central - the cozy children`s beach (adults on it it is much more, than kids, well, on that it and Children`s ) . Further - Kamenka (the people have less), the protyazhenneyshy narrow beach along the railroad that goes on the coast of the huge estuary (the people lie in places), and the youth beach on the edge of the city, in its most top point. On to a youth team - small pebble, is a little sand, to the people very decently. On To Kamenka - cobble-stones, an entrance to water it is hard. On Central - it is a lot of people, it is the most well-planned beach. On the estuary - pebble and railroad tracks, but bathing less and they are very stretched on the narrow line of the beach.

Water on all beaches as pair milk, refreshes a little. To dive, especially a jump the head down from a pier, for example, as on the Black Sea coast or the Mediterranean Sea, categorically I do not recommend: it is possible to be thrust by the head in stones as a meteorite in thickness of the earth, and forever to calm down. In Yeysk at the coast everywhere small and rassech water and to reach the boat at a jump by hands the cold abyss of the sea for the maximum cooling here it will not turn out. This shoal is very good for kids, for strongly drunk, for not able to float, for volume aunts under centner with superfluous.

One such with small steps passed deep into waters of meters on fifty, there sat down on fifth point and periodically began to lower shoulders in water, sitting still at the bottom. On the lady there was a straw hat. The impression was made that this aunt so dives. That is, makes a start legs from a bottom, jumps out a little of water and again plunges against the stop.

The neighbor with whom we drank beer and with played cards also noticed immersions of the aunt and immediately went to dive . Philosophically quietly we who remained ashore looked as the man reached on foot the volume lady in a hat, practically without having plunged into water overknee in any way. There, it is far in water, the neighbor, the evil spitted out, and then, following the example of the bather in a straw hat, flopped the fifth point on a bottom and too began to lower shoulders up - down, as if diving.

Water in Yeysk not transparent, that is especially nothing to do to fans of the underwater world and bathing in masks here. Color of water slightly light-brownish, and water directly - warm - warm. If to lie in it the whole day as Ikhtiandr, occasionally creeping out on the land, then to achieve some cooling of an organism really.

It is possible to see all beaches of the city personally in one day without any efforts and to choose for itself the most suitable. The benefit, minibuses go regularly, with the name of the concrete beach on tablichkes a route. And here on the story about transport that is very important, and especially minibuses, there is a wish to dwell.


If you came to Yeysk only to spend money, then services of a city taxi will help with it with success. The taxi in the city is full. By each car on a roof the small yellow tabloid with the phone number and very easy for storing is fixed. For example, 2 - 22 - 22 or 3 - 33 - 33, 4 - 44 - 44 and so on. So if you need a taxi, go outside, look at the road and through heels of minutes you will have a lot of phones of the most different local carriers.

A here the main passenger transport in Yeysk is a share taxi . The leading brand - Gazelle . Color usual - yellow. We will also talk about this main carrier of vacationers and residents of Yeysk in more detail. As on a minibus it is possible to reach practically any point of the city, it is necessary to know several simple of rules of movement .

In - the first: you got into " salon; Gazelles took seat. The driver should not put at once the note as a fare. Wait for the end of a trip and at the exit pay off.

In - the second: it is possible not to ask Skoka costs to the market? for example. A single tariff in Yeysk on a share taxi - 9 rubles regardless of distance.

In - the third: prepare chervonets in advance that there were no problems with delivery. And so - you reached, leave, give 10 rubles, and the driver the automatic movement puts to you in a palm change ruble. Time - time, and all are happy. Drivers Gazelles in advance have a large number of ruble coins. Make also you the same, but concerning ten-ruble notes.

Still drivers of minibuses in Yeysk are a little scrupulous concerning correctness of the announcement the passenger of the required place of a stop. In one of minibuses I read an inscription: HERE and ZDESYa I DO NOT STOP! . I immediately decided to carry out pass - experiment. Having reached to the necessary stop, I declared to the driver: Stop ZDESYa! . The couple from among visitors smiled, local lyud frowned. By the way, local differ from visitors simply: visitors are black, suntanned, burned, stunned, pyanenky and with beer, and local - on the contrary.

The driver hissed that zdesya it does not stop. Then I sadly sighed and asked: Well, if not ZDESYa then HERE stop! . We, visitors, were glad to this unsightly pun again, and local did not even smile, but even more frowned. The driver enough with irritation bellowed: Here to you zdesya! but landed nevertheless correctly. So, call the stop accurately and clearly.

In - the fourth: local authorities pressed drivers of minibuses and they as if are forbidden to select now passengers out of stopping points. So, it will be more reliable to pass a little to a stop, and there to sit down.

In - the fifth: quietly you treat technical condition yellow Gazelles . For example, when I got out from extreme forward passenger sitting at the necessary stop, felt unclear weight directly on that place in which the person sits. Weight on to the fifth point in other words. And when I stepped into asphalt, this weight left me and failed under a minibus wheel. It turned out that during long driving of this Gazelles on an exclusive heat with constant passengers, the front seat became impregnated then many, as if it is softer , bums. Many bums as having a rest, and local. Here the sitting cover also stuck to my shorts.

So, I left a minibus with weighting behind which failed on asphalt on Yeysk wind. Why sitting was not fixed, I do not know. But the driver, cheerful such guy, fervently spitted out: Eh! Again fell! also asked me to give it sidyushka . I it is bewitched made it, the driver in blow of a palm drove sitting into place, smiled and, having left in a huff, again drove along a route. The minibus creaked and rumbled, but passengers everything is further carried.

As for buses, they in the city is, but I saw them a little. In the long-distance message from Yeysk it is possible to go to the largest cities - Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Kropotkin, Moscow (on the capital - the bus daily in 10 - 00 from bus station. The price of the ticket for the adult - 1750 rub). Start up the bus from bus station to Novorossiysk in the summer. It leaves at nine in the morning daily, through Slavyansk-na-Kubani rolls to Anapa and at 19 - 31 in the evening arrives to Novorossiysk. Here you already and on the Black Sea! And, of course, buses go to suburban villages and settlements.

Be continued.