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Susanne Vega: why it is called mother of a MP3 ?

MP3 are the format of digital coding of a sound most popular now. Sound files in this format can be played practically on any modern audio - a player and on the computer with any operating system. Word MP3 - the second for occurrence frequency in inquiries of search engines of the Internet, like Google or Yandex. The first word as it is not difficult to guess, sex .

Popularity of the MP3 format is caused by the fact that it allows to squeeze sound files approximately ten times without essential loss of quality of sounding. Means to listen to favourite songs outdoors, it is not necessary to drag with himself quite big and heavy player, and, above all, a weighty pile a compact - disks. It is possible to make at own choice musical collections of favourite songs, collecting them with different a compact - disks and to carry them with.

Moreover, the small MP3 size - files allows to exchange easily pleasant melodies with the friends familiar and even unfamiliar through the Internet file hosting services. Fans of a darmovshchinka and opponents in principle of copyright would probably have to put a monument to the inventor of such cool piece as a MP3 on the saved money. But will not put.

However, Karlheinz Brandenburg (Karlheinz Brandenburg ), thank God, does not need a monument. In fifty five years (he was born on June 20, 1954 in the German city of Erlangena) Karlheinz is live, healthy and heads department in one of the most prestigious German scientifically - research institutes - Fraunhofer (Fraunhofer - Institut).

The institute patented the new standard of a sound recording invented by Brandenburg. Since September, 1998 it raises a license payment for use of this invention. All producers of the MP3 players or programs of the coding - a sound dekodirovka in this format are obliged to pay for use of the invention. It is clear, that eventually the buyer pays for everything. Thus, if you bought a MP3 - the player, so and your kopek laid down into the account of institute of Fraunhofer.

As we see, Brandenburg of personal benefit does not receive from the invention. But it does not torment him. According to the scientist, he is satisfied with the work, the colleagues and considers that it is the most important in life.

At working off of algorithm of compression of the sound which is the cornerstone of the MP3 format, Brandenburg used record of the song Tom`s Diner . This song in " style; folk executed without music, fascinated Brandenburg. The scientist was sure that the algorithm of compression of a sound on which he then worked will not allow to skompressirovat, and then to reproduce anew a warm voice of the singer Susanne Vega singing this song. Susanne so many thinnest nuances were in good voice!

All the improvements Brandenburg rolled on the favourite song. Possibly, it fairly got it the colleagues. Many of them joked that the main purpose of the MP3 format - adequate reproduction of the song Tom`s Diner performed by Susanne Vega. Others began to call Susanne Vega mother of a MP3 . The last nickname was pleasant to the singer, and her PR managers started this nickname in broad masses of the adoring listeners.

This masses, really, wide. Susanne Vega in the USA many compare popularity to Boris Grebenshchikov`s popularity in Russia.

Susanne Vega (Suzanne Vega) was born on July 11, 1959 in Santa - Monica (California). Her parents left till the daughter`s birth. In 1960 mother Susanne married the Puerto-Rican writer Ad Vega who took away the family in New - York. Susanne read out herself from the childhood as the Puerto-Rican, without being confused at the same time the at all is obvious not Latin appearance. She lived in Puerto-Rican quarter, in Spanish spoke fluently, as well as in English.

Early enough, in 11 years, at Susanne musical abilities and poetic gift were shown. The stepfather was her chief mentor in art.

After school Susanne was admitted to School of arts on Manhattan. Here she was engaged in the ballet, but dance troubled her. It turned out later that fault to it asthma. And the cheerful, sincere relations with the audience at the girl who is confused the appearance were obviously not built. From it different complexes, for the actor pernicious grew even stronger.

The ballet it was finished. Susanne began to make the songs in clubs. Since 1978 it had a small, but benevolent audience. At the same time Susanne Vega studied in college. It finished study in 1982, began to work, without stopping the performances in clubs. Gradually it found the style.

Popularity came to the singer without haste too. Several times record companies rejected its songs, but in 1983 Susanne concluded the first contract, and in 1985 let out the first album making enormous success.

In 1987 there was the second disk of the singer, Solitude Standing (A condition of loneliness) on which among other the song " was written down; Tom`s Diner so fascinated father of a MP3 . This song along with the song " Onions; from the same album became a hit. And in 1990 its popularity in general flew up to heaven. It occurred after Tom`s Diner quails (this time under music) reppersky Black group DNA from London. Tom`s Diner it turned out so popular that in 1991 there was an album under the name Tom`s Album . Here the most interesting remixes of songs of Vega were collected.

According to this well-known song it is possible to gain an impression about Susanne Vega`s style. The singer writes songs without the finished plot. Her heroes are ordinary people at whom at heart it is not joyful at all. These are children who are beaten by parents, cripples, patients, men and women who were thrown by the people who were considered as darlings and the family.

The singer sits at some ordinary small restaurant on Manhattan. Rainy day. People enter and leave. In the newspaper - news. Some woman stopped at a mirror window of restaurant at which the singer sits, and, without noticing the girl behind glass, smartens up...

The song is so crowded with everyday trifles that fans even defined date when there is an action. One of newspaper news - the famous person died, being drunk. In the " newspaper; New York Post of November 18, 1981 it was told about death of the actor William Holdin (William Holden). His body was found in two days before. It was dead-drunk and rasshibsya from falling on the sidewalk. Vega recognized that she wrote the text in the spring of 1982, having remembered one of autumn days of last year.

" restaurant; Tom`s - not an idea of the singer. This restaurant really is in New - York, in Manhattan. There is it since the end of 1940 - x years. All these years restaurant the Greek family Minsizulis owns. It is glorified Tom`s not only Susanne Vega`s songs. Here too shot the series ", well-known to all America; Seynfeld (Seinfeld).

But series began to remove much later, in 1989. Quite perhaps, authors chose this restaurant as it was already well-known to public according to Susanne Vega`s song for shootings.