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How it is had a rest on the Sea of Azov? Rest to Yeysk. Part 1. Rest by the savage, placement, unexpectedness of

Is asked what to go abroad on rest in search of the sea and the sun when the aforesaid seas and the sun and in Russia there is a lot of? You will tell that it makes sense to go abroad in search of worthy service and not so filled with bodies and garbage of beaches. However service nevertheless concept relative what it will be in more detail told in the first block of this reporting about.

In the south of Russia there is a charming city of Yeysk where there is a lot of the sun and the sea. In Yeysk there is also a wish to tell about features of rest, and I will begin with suburbs of this nice city.

Tourists are savages

Kilometers in forty from the city of Yeysk that in Krasnodar Krai, there is a village Dolzhanskaya. It settled down directly on the bank of the Sea of Azov, at foundation of the spit Long. And so service there by places differs in not persistence and primitive magnificence. On melkorakushechny, sometimes sandy, beaches tourists - savages establish tents, cover the cars with awnings and the whole day in a mustache do not blow and blow more and more wine and rejoice to the position of the savage - the tourist.

Sit under the sun, bathe, catch the small fish. Which - where there are toilets. I saw one such. Rather tremendous: from a brick, the lop-sided small building. But still in it division into boys and girls remained. There is, however, a small nuance: it is dangerous to come into that toilet. There is a feeling that this ancient brick push swallowed many human souls in two bottomless, so to speak, points .

Here is how it is necessary to treat service. As tourists are savages with Dolzhanska. Sea, sun, sincere company and casting wine. And - dance! Dance, young so far! Dance if already elderly! Dance even if absolutely decrepit! Night, fires, songs, smell of sea water, high sky. It is rest in the suburb of Yeysk, on Dolzhanka as local people speak. And on which conditioners, Split - systems, television, satellite plates, snow-white pushes, the crackling sheets are necessary there! All this is a commonplace in decent hotels! Here, the savage, the tourist becomes closer to the earth, to the sea, to the sky.

And how many there families has a rest! And the unification with the nature does those families more solid, boyevity because fight elements for a survival are present at savage rest. And in median part of Dolzhanskaya life of active children and little girls boils. Windsurfers dissect here, almost like Keanu Reeves in the movie On the roll . Well, it is sensitive worse, a bit more slowly. But it is all the same beautiful! The sand, proximity to the nature smells of the sea. Here such rest waits for tourists in forty kilometers from the nice city of Yeysk.

the Roof over the head in. Yeysk

the City reminds

in a form a braid and is located, actually, in the basis of Yeisk Spit that goes to waters of Taganrog Bay and Yeysk Liman, as if dissecting waters of the Sea of Azov in half. In Yeysk the area in general, probably, there are a lot of grain-growers. There is both Yeisk Spit, and Dolgaya Spit, and Kamyshevatskaya Spit, and Glafirovskaya.

We will arrive to the city now. By train. Though fly there today and planes as it is sung in the song. The plane, however, happens and does not reach. More safely - under knock of wheels. The station to which there arrive trains is located almost in the downtown. Here vacationers are attacked by taxi drivers. And still earlier, in the train, vacationers are attacked by representatives of services of placement with offers of a shelter over the head. Photos that agents in colourful albums carry, as usual, show housing to the best advantage. And even such rooms where natural light gets seldom and with great difficulty from - for microscopic windows and dirty glasses shine.

Is the offer as the lower price segment, and it is better, and elite. For comparison: at the agent in the train the room will cost for two about 600 rub a day. Same, found without its help in the city by knock a fist or the head in gate of owners, will cost 500. And after the easy bargaining and 450, and even, in the presence of bruise on a forehead, 400 rub a day, i.e. on 200 rubles from the person in days. But these apartments it is necessary to look for, go, clatter in gate, to bark in response to bark of master`s dogs, to stamp on a heat, to wipe sweat a kerchief, to stumble also other. And here, directly in the train, with assistance of the agent, you can already be considered as a populated. But also the price at the agent other.

Further - bigger comfort. The one-room apartment with the conditioner, the TV, cold and hot water, the refrigerator and other can be found in Yeysk for 800 - 1000 rub a day. For comparison: on the Black Sea coast the similar apartment will pour out in 1100 - 1200 rub a day. The lowermost price of placement in the city begins with 150 rub for a bed from the person in day.

There is one more thin moment in the climatic plan: you should not refuse at once without grounds housing without Split - system, the conditioner. Sharp difference of temperatures often conducts with the heated air of the street and a cool of the room to instant cold of not acclimatized still having a rest. Kids catch cold from such differences even more elementary. Even the fan directed to you not of the southern person, is capable to impair a little rest by a fever, cough, cold and other symptoms of an illness.

The housing is leased everywhere in the city. But in new, beautiful regions of the lower part of Yeysk that are located further everything from beaches, the plate I lease housing the vacationer almost you will not find. Here modern multi-storey buildings, wide highways and prospectuses rise, it is a lot of shops. If you wish to live here - it is necessary to buy a local newspaper, to ring round housing commissioning agents and specifically owners that is handed over by apartments in modern city.

And here in the center, and is especially closer to beaches, small houses of different quality prevail. It is a lot of residential buildings that directly - are showered and demand good repair. There are also modern cottages, many-tier, but it is much less of them. In them, as a rule, fully to the people. Both master`s, and visitor. In old, small houses with tiny sites, it is breathed much more freely, on my understanding. Choose. In general, knock, and will open for you! .

There is a wish to prepare sensitive part of readers at once that go to the Sea of Azov. Even in modern number with the conditioner, new repair, the color TV and pure sheets at inclusion of night light it is possible to contemplate walnuts of black color. Having seen them, you, maybe, decide that you have a heatstroke. Or local beer and wine are so tasty that you strongly touched them, and you were visited by delirium tremens from the " company; Hot Wines of Kuban . The confidence in the last option amplifies when these black walnuts begin to move promptly.

I hurry to calm first of all ladies and kids: these are just such local tarakashka. The size - about that walnut. Are thoughtful at inclusion of light, are prompt during the next moment. Perhaps, I am a nasty hunter with turbid wine a look, but during all the time I managed to overtake a slipper of only one this mutant. So, be ready to it here to meetings.

Be continued.