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What do we know about the Polish painter Theodor Aksentovich?

were noted 150 in the Spring - the anniversary of the famous Polish painter Theodor Aksentovich. Anniversary was painted by a number of actions as which initiator the Armenian Embassy in Poland acted. As the artist, Aksentovich is widely known for thin scenes from life, especially household genre scenes from life of Huzuls in the Carpathians and bright portraits, also he was the rector of Academy of arts in Krakow and professor of the Armenian office of university. And in spite of the fact that his name is not widely known in Armenia, his name worthy to join ranks of celebrities of the Armenian origin. Now date of his death comes. And though it is not so joyful to note it, but all - wants to be remembered. Theodor Aksentovich was born

in Hungary in the small town of Brasha in the Polish family having the Armenian roots. As the fates decree he traveled over many countries - studied in Academy of Arts in Munich, then continued education in Paris, and in 1893 in Chelsea he got acquainted with the future wife - to charming Iza Genrijetta Gilguda from the known theatrical dynasty. In the same place after a while he gave birth to the son Philip. During this period Theodor Aksentovich was known as one of the best copyists - he skillfully duplicated Titian and Botticelli`s works, and also cooperated with several famous magazines. But he chuvstovat the mission, sought to self-express. Travel across London and Rome could not but impress the beginning artist - it poured out in a row interesting portraits with which his professional career began.

In 1894 he begins to cooperate with Wojciech Kossak and John Stayki over a panorama Rac ł awice ( Rachlavsky panorama ) which became one of the greatest panoramic pictures in the history of the Polish art. Prolonged work forces the artist to move to Krakow which shortly becomes professor in local Academy of Arts and actively proves in public life - founds artistic conservatory for women, organizes society Sztuka ( Piece ) which a number of the famous artists - Jozef Chelmonsky, Yulian Falat, Jacek Malchevsky, Jozef Mekhoffer, Jan Stanislavsky, Vlodzimir Tetmayer, Leon Vystsolkovsky and Stanislav Vyspyansky entered. And in 1910 it it becomes deserved the rector of Academy of Arts. Its exhibitions took place in many cities of the world - Berlin, Munich, London, Vienna, Chicago, Paris etc., and now great variety of pictures are in the known galleries of the world and private collections.

Throughout life there took place the set of exhibitions of the artist, as in Poland and abroad. Were the most noticeable: in Berlin (1896, 1913), Saint - to Luisa (1904), Munich (1905, 1935), London (1906), Vienna (1908), Rome (1911), Venice (1914, 1926)

Paris (1921), Chicago (1927), Prague (1927).

Theodor Aksentovich died on August 26, 1938 in Krakow. The Polish people appreciated the artist`s merits, having called one of the central streets of Krakow his name. Unfortunately, the artist did not visit Armenia, but his works reached us, and Armenians are able to be proud of outstanding figures of the nationality.