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Why the poetess Tatyana Danilyants is called by a venetsianomanka?

Tatyana Danilyants - the film director, the photographer, the poet, the curator of the " program; The Art - a house in short meter . Now Tatyana is the author of several short and documentaries among which such known as U (2001), Frescos of dreams (2006), The Garden which is hidden (2007), and several personal multimedial projects including the photo, audio-and video installation - Venice (2006), Venice. Afloat (2007), etc. But on it the track record does not come to an end with

: Tatyana is the author of three poetic books of verses: Venetian White Venezianita . Of course, it is possible to be surprised to names, but the poetess defines the creative credo as venetsianomanka - considers Venice as one of the most nutritious places on the earth.

There she visited already more than 15 times. Its movie The Garden which is hidden about the radical Venetians who are still living in the city. The bilingual poetic book Venezianita / Venetian Tatyana presented at Piazza San Marco in the opening days of the biennial of the Modern art in 2007, it Venetian sounded in " bookstore; Acqua Alta (that means high " water;) near pyazzy San - Marko, in an exotic gondola... She very much is proud of it!

Tatyana Danilyants - twice the winner of the International festival of a free verse. Its verses are translated into the English, Polish, French, Italian and Japanese languages. In 1994 finished MGHI of Surikov (faculty of art criticism), then two years studied on the High director`s courses at State cinema (f - direction t), the master - a class of the Polish film classic Andrzej Wajda finished then. Worked as the editor and the journalist at television, the copywriter in network RA, the editor on the Internet - resources.

Member of the Union of writers of the Russian Federation and International association of art critics. The participant of numerous poetic performances in Russia and Europe. Besides everything listed, it is a member of the Union of pictorialists. The constant participant of exhibitions in Moscow and Venice. Tatyana`s works Danilyants are stored in private collections of Russia, Western Europe and Canada.

So many talents were weaved in one person, but Tatyana does not divide them, they are uniform for her. For me filmichesky and poetic exist, in effect, in some uniform space... An art - hausny cinema - goods same piece, as well as poetry. Both that, and another demands improbable acuteness of all bodies of perception both from the creator, and from public. And still... sixth sense - Tatyana Danilyants says.

And Tatyana in one of hot August African nights in the Algerian city of Batna was born. At the age of six years together with parents moved to Moscow. Was admitted to school with profound studying of mathematics, and also to music school on specialty of a piano. Parents and the grandmother saw in it future pianist, but alas... Though achievements of the daughter please parents, and they do not regret at all that their dreams failed.

Creating new visually - information image, Tatyana Danilyants`s photos staticize tradition Russian pointlessness but already in another, not in traditionally picturesque measurement - in poetic spaces of the artist it is painted by a reflection and restores the lost time .

Its image is intellectualized and loses the sensual corporality doomed to a mutation and full transformation.

Its forms visually emphasize qualitatively new communications of art with language philosophy where sight meets the pure consciousness which is not necessarily demanding reliability of tactile gesture.

Abstractness is identified not only with infinity of matter here, but also with infinity and variability of conceptual visual reflections about quality of the life surrounding us, about its stratified barochnost needing special dialogue on which there was incapable a monological vanguard - the critic Vitaly Patsyukov writes about it.

Tatyana speaks: My position in art is, I think, a position peacekeeping. This overcoming of the conflict not through the conflict, and through its dissolution in light.

For this purpose, of course, it is necessary to radiate, exhale and be this light all the time capable to accumulate it that is difficult... However, any of zhiznestroitelny, creative strategy is difficult and internally expensive as walking in a hill, upward. But also the result but - is wonderful...