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Secondary education in Israel - that unusual? Education in army

pupils who do not finish study Not so seldom meet, throw school. Or reach the last class, but do not take examinations for the certificate. How there can be their life in Israel?

... Here the story of the person who did not receive the school-leaving certificate at school:

- I studied 10 years by then when to me 16 were executed. Two years I somehow earned additionally, did not idle. When I was 18 years old, to me sent the agenda about an appeal. Year after that I spent for getting the driver`s license (it entered preparation for army). It was called, served in engineering troops, drove Hammer . It was first rather heavy, then - received an official message of thanks from commanders for good service.

For half a year before demobilization I was told that I can continue study. Offered all excellent students of service (and I was an excellent student) various courses: foreign languages, the computer equipment, rescuers (on beaches)... Somehow my direct commander approached me and reported that I will get demobilize in several months, and I can be directed to courses. Surprised me why me. It turned out that the chief of training of the military personnel of engineering divisions of crew in whom I serve organized the place on such courses especially for me. Such 5 - monthly courses - as if completion of educational process which I did not finish at school. I had to pass the school program of those of two years which I did not study up.

Such as I, on courses there were more than 100 people. On such courses it is not simple to get. All listeners of these courses did not graduate from school for various reasons in due time. Many of them at school had difficulties. But they almost everything proved to be excellent soldiers. Among them there were those who already had to get demobilize, but remained for half a year on extra urgent to finish this course. I had a contract for continuation of service too, though very short - half-month or month, I do not remember any more.

Taught there only soldatka. Almost all believers. Almost none of them were on service more than a year. And officers who were on courses served (at that time) no more than a year too. All girls had an excellent certificate of the highest complexity in a subject which they conducted: English, mathematics, geography, language.

Studied from 7 in the morning. Rise in 6, in the 7th raising the flag, in 7. 15 occupations began. And so to 22. 00 with small changes and with a lunch break and a dinner.

As a result I received the document that finished 12 classes of school. Examinations in English and geography are recorded in the Ministry of Public Education. These are estimates for the school-leaving certificate, but to the full certificate still rather far: there are no estimates approximately in 20 objects. But now it can be filled, and at desire to pass all examinations. If there is a need.

On these courses very strict discipline. If to me something was unclear - with me remained after a dinner. Then gave a notebook that I wrote down each lesson that I did not understand. And every evening I gave this notebook to the form-master - to a soldatka who was as if senior over group of pupils.

Such woman teacher was at each 7 - 8 soldiers. She dealt with everything that remained unclear after lessons. And she watched discipline - reported on all delay on the commander of courses.

These half a year were physically not heavier than three years of service in engineering, but it was all the same difficult. At first - somehow everything is very easy, but quickly everything bothered. There was a wish to throw everything and to leave. Because after these courses there is no service any more. And why to you this course? After three months you broken, nothing is necessary to you. And these months - the most difficult it is aware, there is the heaviest material for the certificate. Then, after material studying, at examinations it is already quite easy.

- Tell, already there passed year as you left army. You are happy that you ended this course?

- Yes, of course, yes. At first I did not want to go to study at all. When the commander convinced me that it is obligatory that I have to pass it, I answered that I do not need it that I also was not going to study further. But then solved: Well, all right, I do not know these five months what will turn out. As a last resort I will return on the " base;.

Decided to go to study when I for one day was brought there where has to take this course. The educational institution is located on Kinereta. Very beautiful green place, quiet, suitable for study, and good air. It was pleasant. All my service passed in the desert. And I decided.

Children registered there and took trial examination. Examination small and unpretentious: on English to write something in Hebrew, to solve something on mathematics. Were also such that was not handed over.

And today, after this course... I meet sometimes people who remember me on school: as I dangled, did nothing, gave up study. Also ask: what you, where you whether did in general military service? I speak to them: Yes, I served in active engineering service all three years, was an excellent student of service, graduated for 12 classes of school. Other person! And now I study All have square eyes!

... In Russia try to get to higher education institution to army: it was possible not to serve (in those days when the military department of higher education institution replaced conscription service), it was possible to receive a delay. Besides, early education is justified physically and physiologically: the pupil did not wean yet to study (a physical factor), and his memory did not weaken yet (a physiological factor). In Israel it passes into the background because for students there are no delays. But also there are no restrictions for study: you can study how many you want (paid education) where you want also at any age though till hundred years. There is money - pay and receive so much how many you will be able to take.

One more episode. I have a familiar artist. He did not study drawing in Russia, there he was an engineer. And here, in Israel, it decided to be improved, went to study to private studio. Also told about the impressions: Russia had to teach you. Also learned. Also asked from you, and demanded. There is no it. You draw - well! Well you draw - even better! But to you nothing is explained, you are not corrected! That grabbed - that and your!

Probably, this last is also the fundamental principle of education in Israel. The person chooses itself (even if he as if in life understands nothing): to study or not, to be an excellent student or not, to aspire to something or not. It is free!

Of course, it is freedom of the person in the environment in which he is. It is influenced also by teachers who encourage both good behavior, and good progress. It and parents who want to see the children successful. It and friends - companions. And if such environment where many study well comes across or try to do it well, it considerably influences the person at any age. Even on rather mature. Because education, eventually, is the admission in the better life.

However, in Israel the rule which was read once by Arkady Raikin does not work: Without the higher education as a dog, you will be gone! But all - something in it is!