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Secondary education in Israel - that unusual? The high school of

Tells the girl who arrived to Israel at the age of 15 years: I arrived here and when began to study here at school A little grew very lazy because policy here - each pupil is responsible for himself. And nobody forces. And we got used that teachers us grazed, called home, demanded that we did not miss lessons. And here suddenly such freedom! Naturally, all relaxed, nobody studied. Well, we were children. Before army - wind in the head!

It is possible to add to it that continuous expectation of acts of terrorism, some military operations, uncertainty - how many you still will live All this affects youth not as parents would like. Children want to manage to enjoy life to the full. Therefore many begin to think seriously of completion of education only after army service.

Also there is no sense to complain of that, as the teacher not those, and pupils it is worse today, than yesterday, both techniques are no good, and the system lags behind something. Main thing: if the pupil leaves school and wants to continue education - there is enough school knowledge quite for this purpose.

Possibilities of continuation of study depend on several components: level of the school-leaving certificate, average estimates on specialist subjects (in the school-leaving certificate) and grades in psychometrics. The selection committee considers documents of arriving and issues it the list of the recommended directions of study.

In Israel there are three gradation of the school-leaving certificate: 3 units, 4 units and 5 units. By results of the examinations which are carried out in the 9th class (all - 12 years of training), the possibility of receiving one of gradation is defined. If the pupil writes control for the certificate on 80 (at 100 - to mark system of an assessment), he can receive the certificate on 4 units. And if below - 3 units. In other words, in the 9th class the pupil himself chooses to himself complexity of the school-leaving certificate. At entering a higher education institution the assessment in a concrete subject standing in the certificate on 5 units is multiplied on 25, and the assessment from the certificate is multiplied by 4 units on 12,5.

Here is how the graduate of school, and now - the student of university describes this system: The Difference in volume of material, how deeply this material is studied, complexity of tasks. Let`s say on 3 units: you have all data, you need to put only in a formula and to solve. On 4 units: you need to find some data, then by means of these data to solve a problem. On 5 units: there it is already required to think, more profound knowledge is required. Perhaps, to use theorems. It is not simple to substitute in a formula .

Naturally, the certificate is necessary for study continuation. But also that not everywhere: there are many private educational institutions where it is possible to continue education, without having the school-leaving certificate.

From continuation of conversation with the student:

- You as consider, what here becomes - it in general is normal? Or there are some failures?

- Of course, there are failures because people do not learn I did not learn either geography, or biology, or chemistry here. Because I chose to myself physics. And for a minimum level of the school-leaving certificate of it it is enough. The person rejects objects which are not necessary to him. There are people who learned sociology, the TANAKH and history on 5 units. English, mathematics and all the rest at them at the lowest level. All are as if not obliged to teach the physicist. It is possible to dare not to learn in general. But English, mathematics And it finally to them did not spoil the certificate. Let`s say the person from a religious family well knows the TANAKH and other things It can take 5 units of the Tanakh at once (minimum on the Tanakh - 2 units). (The TANAKH is sacred books of Jews which also the Torah in Christianity called the Old Testament enters. Studying of the Tanakh is important because in language culture of Israelis strikes abundance of quotes from sacred books - B. R.)

- And anyway it opens for it the road for social sciences. If he wants to study sociology

- Of course. The mathematics solves everything at receipt only in technical educational institutions. With 3 units of mathematics there nobody will take. Even will not look. With 4 will take in the majority of colleges. And even at universities it is possible to get on the majority of faculties. And if 5 units on mathematics - look at once at psychometrics.

Psychometrics is an examination on ability to apply the knowledge of all objects gained at school. Here tasks of logic, probability theory join. Responses handing over psychometrics (from a forum): The Most part of logic - arrangements, experiences and truth / lie. Texts and addition of offers are calculated generally on check of attentiveness and speed of work - without especially difficult logical constructions. Subjects of texts: science (research of the Moon), sociology (development of religious norms on Max Weber) and history / medicine (development of model of a brain from Platon to Galen). Level - popular .

The system of secondary education is constructed on idea: the school student can concentrate on what is pleasant to him more and better is given. It is enough basic knowledge on other disciplines for receiving any education further (professional or university). And if the young man has a requirement to add admissions in a school course - there are evening schools which will help to make it.