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Secondary education in Israel - that unusual? Elementary school

So, you arrived to Israel. You have children of school age (or they have to go to school), grandsons. What waits for them at school? academic year Begins

- and you are overtaken by the first shock: Israel does not force to learn the multiplication table (and you still remember as far as it was important)! And on notebooks there is no table - the hint! What will be farther? How without it? It without it - as the disabled person without stick (it about the offspring)! Do not worry, there is a " calculator; is an answer of the teacher. But how? - sounds inside because there is nothing to object: really, there is a calculator. Also it is possible even to use it.

But there pass school days. Dityo comes to college or to university. And all is normal. It appears, and without table the people do not vanish. And parents? They continue to worry that the child did not know the multiplication table at elementary school!

It is one of hyphens of school in Israel which is evident. Many things are not visible. Not because they are confidential. Just because here in them do not see something special.

I studied together with children. Now one - in college, two - at university. Besides, my contacts with the people enriched me with data on some features of the Israeli school, on views of educational process and the teacher, and pupil.

Elementary school

my interlocutor - the teacher from St. Petersburg, in Israel is more than 15 years. Almost from the very beginning - at pedagogical work. The first acquaintance to such school in Israel, the first impression: in a class there is an assistant to the teacher , and it is much easier to work.

Slightly later it became clear that practically does not have control behind work of teachers. Here nobody demands plans for every day. Nobody comes to lessons to watch as far as the teacher follows techniques of the Ministry of Public Education. I saw only one teacher at whom on a table the plan of a lesson lay. I do not write. Also it is not required. The system is such: minpros sends the list of classes in which in the end of the year will be ministerial control at the beginning of academic year. If the class does not receive control of the ministry, the teacher will see off it. Thus, all teachers as if indirectly report on the work .

The relations between parents of pupils and the teacher are unusual . There is very severe criticism from parents... At the Soviet school it was not because the teacher was not only the teacher, he was a god and all And here the parent can approach and state at any time to the teacher all that he thinks. Can address the director, in the Ministry of Public Education .

Teacher and pupils : The pupil comes with the complaint to another, something they quarreled. On old canons I would give advice not to communicate, not to talk, not to pay attention, to put myself above the offender... What teach in Israel to: not to give negative reviews of parties of the conflict at all. Even if you precisely know who is guilty. When the child approaches with the complaint, I first of all repeat everything that he told me. I am with it, I reflect everything that I hear and by that I show it that I only it on these 2 or 5 minutes when he tells about the problem. I look at it, I envelop it the attention. I repeat everything that yauslyshat, I ask whether correctly I repeated. And when he confirms told by me, he repeats the story again, but is already quieter. The child opens and calms down more. If in the story new information appears - I repeat after it once again. And upon termination of the story of the pupil I can ask it a question: And what you would make in this case?

Such approach very effective, it helps to bring the child out of a traumatic state. If the child at a lesson is inattentive, the reason of absent-mindedness can disappear in the yesterday`s conflict, in the child`s head still there was a quarrel with the neighbor in a school desk. And I would never learn it if I did not sit with the pupil and did not talk to him .

Training of teachers in Israel is carried out in colleges with training term 4 years. Study continuation - at advanced training courses: To Complete such courses - a duty. Examples of courses: spelling, relationship with pupils, increase of a susceptibility of pupils. There are courses at various educational institutions, and teachers receive plans of such courses in the form of brochures or as an insert in the diary which at the beginning of academic year gives labor union of teachers. Still there are Teacher`s clubs with the courses. Courses are paid, but available because are partially paid by labor union.

The teacher receives something for professional development like points. The maximum of points - 24, and it gives a good extra charge to a salary. It is possible to pass two - three courses at the same time. It is possible to study all the time. Those who chose the points have an opportunity to receive still some encouragement, for example, a possibility of teaching other subject.

When enter new textbooks, teachers have to complete advanced training course. And if the teacher did not manage to make it about new academic year, he is obliged to complete a course in the beginnings of year.

Assistants to teachers . In the first classes of all begin to train equally. Then as necessary can send the assistant to the teacher or the second teacher to a class. Partially they are replaced by religious youth (girls) which passes alternative service. They have no vocational education. (At first sight, it can seem wrong and irresponsible. Actually it is rather logical: in religious families there are a lot of children - to 10, and even it is more. And seniors always of sponsor younger . So they at all have a long-term house experience with children.)

Testing . Signing up in school is carried out regularly: documents are filed at the place of residence. No preliminary surveys are conducted. But at school on the course of educational process children who demand special approach come to light. Most often they are not in time behind a class, sometimes prevent carrying out lessons. Such children (with the consent of parents) are directed to testing in the special organization in which children`s psychologists work (with university education).

To the child on testing (it the parent brings) suggest to make several works. For example, to draw something. The psychologist asks the child that or whom he drew. And further on the basis of analysis techniques it issues the conclusion about abilities of the child: whether it can continue training at usual school, or it is recommended to lower degree of complexity of training (there is also it) and to look for special school. Options - to the discretion of parents (and if the pupil is already rather independent - and taking into account his wishes).

At school there is a special teacher. He receives all results of testing. If within three years of a problem, determined by testing, are confirmed - the child does not own objects as other pupils own - it is a signal that the child cannot be engaged in the general class. For a start it needs the reduced class (to 10 people). If at school there is no such class, look for that school which will accept it and will learn.

Happens that parents do not send the child to the special (reduced) class: do not want to give to the child allegedly lowered status. And it harms it. In a special class the pupil will receive more attention, its development will progress quicker. And in a usual class it will not be able to become equal. Training in the reduced class does not mean at all that the child is hopeless. One of my pupils with problems of the speech was defined in such class, studied in it several years, normally graduated from school and received the school-leaving certificate .

In general, at school give freedom to development of a creative component of mentality of the child, freedom of thinking. It encourages children to the statement of the point of view on everything that surrounds them. The Israeli school brings up the free person in a free world .