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Again potato? In a new way

I Will tell old recipes to you in confidence, potato in my family is held in invariable respect. In - the first, it is a universal product, one that it is always pertinent on a table. In - the second, it is combined with any products, in - the third, after potato dishes you will hardly remain hungry. But it is, of course, not all. In potato there are vitamins, protein, minerals. There is also ascorbic acid, however, in small amounts, but after a decent portion of a kartoshechka the result is available!

Ukrainian cuisine abounds with the different potato dishes having invariable success. Come into any Ukrainian restaurant - receive the card of dishes from potatoes. Anyhow? Potato is good razvarny, strewed with an ukropchik. With a smetanka and a chesnochok, in a uniform, fried in hot fan, mashed potatoes with a seledochka and a fresh-salted cucumber, but also it, of course not everyone.

If you imagine potato in the form of the unfortunate Cinderella in the washed-off dress from a sacking, it is a high time to change clothes of it for a ball dress and a tax in new quality - queens of a feast. I am interested in potato dishes as I often accept three sons and two grandsons. To feed such crowd of large healthy men - not such simple business, you will not be limited to salatika and zakusochka. We love, Ukrainians, properly to eat! Paid attention that many love potato and only do not want to admit it. Are afraid for a figure, and it is absolutely vain!

ALL truth about potato

of 75% of potato - water, 20% - starch, and the rest - protein, minerals and vitamin C. Nutritionists explain that potato is absolutely in vain ranked as the products leading to obesity.

A glycemic index (the indicator of that, how fast glucose comes to blood) - average. Difficult carbohydrates with a low index - porridge, buckwheat, vegetables - do it slowly therefore are not included in the category dangerous products . Candies and cookies - too quickly, deposits on hips are guaranteed! Well, and potatoes are in the middle, it is simple to use it it is necessary not more often than once a day, with the minimum quantity of oil.

In that case the portion will add to 100 g of the baked or boiled potato to you only 80 kcal. Well, convinced? Then forward, to a kitchen table, we will roll up sleeves and we will surprise the relatives! I know, each hostess in an arsenal has many potatoes dishes. Present, guests almost on a threshold. WHAT to DO? What to surprise with? I will prepare - I for them

potato shrimps pie

That is required to us: potatoes - 400 g, cheese - 200 g, shrimps (any) - 100 g, champignons - 100 g, leek (or napiform) - 1 branch, greens for ornament - a basil, cilantro.

I cut shrimps, onions and champignons. I fry 5 - 7 minutes. It is necessary to tell that any mushrooms, mincemeat, vegetables will approach. Safely experiment. You need to surprise guests!

We peel potatoes, we rub on a large grater. We grate cheese (it is better than sharp grades) separately.

In a deep frying pan we spread a layer of potato, about 1 - 1,5 cm thick, from above - cheese, then a mushrooms and shrimps stuffing, layers can be repeated several times. We trample down a shovel, we fry minutes 5 - 8 on one party, then on another.

Easily, quickly, conveniently, and any domomuchitelstvo! Pie turns out friable therefore, having turned it, we coat top with mayonnaise, sour cream or sauce. And from above we decorate with greens. It is juicy, tasty, nourishing! What, they still move (guests)? Then we will arrange them the Italian masterpiece -

balls Nokia


, in Italy potato is respected too. We mix mashed potatoes with flour (1:1), by eye, we will add parmesan and egg, dough has to turn out abrupt, we cut on pieces - and in the added some salt boiling water. And then accurately we get a shumovochka, we give with sauce or with a set of sauces - who what prefers!

It is possible to prepare the French dish for gourmets -


us in a family it call by

U Potato paradise . we spread Very thin slices of potatoes (it is better to use the shredder on a grater) in a high baking sheet, we shift onions, garlic, greens at own discretion. We fill in with heavy cream, from above a butter piece - and in the warmed oven for one or one and a half hours. The dish can burn slightly therefore in minutes it is better to close the 15th form a foil.

The Spanish pirates looked for gold in America, and found potato. So we will drink for it! From potatoes it is possible to prepare more than 500 dishes of different degree of complexity!

Good luck to you and culinary inspiration!