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As well as why to embrace trees? Part 2

As it is possible to play with all this wealth? Yes it is very simple. If you want, then perceive all this as Beautiful Mind, as a special look autogenic training. And you want - believe, as well as I. It is few difference.

The person has a biofield . It covers it as a cocoon. The sizes - from a half a meter to meter. Outdoors or in the village can increase. In prison or crowd - to decrease.

Begin with ball - pound your palms that they became hot. Put them at distance of 20 cm from each other. Present that from your hands energy - in space between palms flows down. Roll from this energy ball . It everything is condensed and condensed... Everything grows warm and grows warm... You tell it about yourself. Soon you really feel it. You can to insert it to in a solar plexus. And it is better - to slap palms, having made power " gloves;. In them your hands will be more sensitive.

Play with someone from members of your family (or with yourself if in a family they are sceptics). Bring closer a hand to the partner from meter distance. Slowly. Soon you will feel change of temperature or even a certain elasticity. From the first it can not turn out - be not upset. Also do not demand from yourself anything.

You can increase or reduce the biofield. Having felt it (having touched " gloves;) or having just presented, you can inflate it as the balloon. It is possible under an internal tekstovochka: the biofield increases, inflated, filled with air... By the way, on people increase in a biofield can make frightening impact. Reduction leads to the fact that you can not be noticed. Touch surrounding objects imagined (or made of your biofield) hands. Feel a surface of these objects. Leave the body, take several steps.

All these exercises help you to come into contact with the radio body. And with a power information field in general.

Further it is possible for to drive streams . Sitting on a chair or a sofa, it is necessary to imagine how the hot stream (associations with water are possible) enters the lower chakra and streams along a backbone. It is possible to sentence (better about himself): The Stream is powerful, hot, it holds apart me, fills each section, streams above and above . It streams on your backbone to the exit - in the top of the head. Drive this stream with all the heart. That next time he was called quicker. You do not saw yourself if nothing turns out from the first. Here the main principle - is no place to hurry. Remember the magic phrase - the result is not important, the main thing - process.

It is also possible to experiment with the descending stream - clear, pure, cool, it bears in itself(himself) clarity of thinking and knowledge... It will enter through a cinciput and will slowly begin to flow on a backbone. Br - r, even goosebumps go.

And further? It is possible " further; to clean charkas streams, sending hot or cold energy to each chakra in turn. Process is slow, but grateful.

Especially you should not be fond of these techniques - they to accustom to power information look. It is much better to practice meditation - in particular, very good technique is described at doctor Vladimir Levi in Art to be itself or in Kut Humi`s book Laws of soul or karmic " codes;. However, the one who worked with the power will never forget this experience. In it invisible work will begin, it will develop...

... Oh, I seem distracted a little! I about trees wanted to tell you! You can nothing, described above, to do, and to go safely to the wood or to park. Just these techniques develop a certain tonkochuvstviye, intuition, and in general such abilities bring closer us to God, to true I ...

It is easy to explain positive power of trees: they, as well as people, have the biofield, the aura. And they, as well as at us, have power streams. And as they it is better are grounded than we, get the tops above, conduct quiet and a regular life, it is so pleasant to us to adjoin to them... The fact that they with ease process our negative energy is important. We with them almost antipodes: trees consume in food what we call garbage (excrements, carbon dioxide), and at the exit give oxygen and food (fruits).

It is the best of all to choose trees to taste. I can share the impressions...

Birch easy, light. Power at it fast. However personally for me it a little thoughtless . Does not scold to bones. But nevertheless it is pleasant to stand at a birch...

Pine or fir-tree viscous, slow. For me - too slow. And still - it seemed to me that this tree - not the optimist.

An oak - powerful, from it it is possible to compare currents to a man`s bass.

It is interesting that on a horoscope of druids, I am a poplar. And this tree is pleasant to me most of all - a silvery, pyramidal poplar, an aspen. Power from it powerful and that frequency which is necessary to me. Also the chestnut is pleasant.

It is important that the tree was convenient. It is necessary to lean against it the fifth point, a back and a nape - to synchronize your streams. In legs as neatly speak in the people, there is no truth - them it is possible and not to lean. Though if there are diseases of legs, then it is possible.

It is good if the tree is a little inclined - then on it conveniently to lean the elbows. And if still there is a depression in the ground - that lie as in a chair at all.

The tree has to be rather thick, but should not be sick, too clumsy, with a set of dry branches. From century, but healthy trees there is such power that almost you faint. The trees growing near water, more powerfully. One pyramidal poplar at Volga to me was so fallen in love that I go to it every day - it honor me switches off pleasure. By the way, if with a tree already had contact, next time it is adjusted quicker. It is possible to be treated both in the summer, and in the winter.

It is necessary to stand long . Personally at me the effect comes depending on a state. Sometimes you come all on nerves - you do not feel anything minutes five - ten. And then - covers... And all it seems to others - trifling, unimportant. The world changes - begin to look somehow in a new way around. Eyes of a tree which wisely grows not one decade here... After you are drawn, having leaned a back thoroughly, it is possible to be developed and nestle a breast, having embraced a tree. Though charkas also leave from both parties of the person, heart nevertheless as it seems to me, all sufferings and throwings leave thus.

Once I came off a tree which embraced and looked at it with other eyes. My God My God! - I thought. - Yes it live, as well as I! During this instant I saw a tree so wonderful God`s creation that there was a wish to kiss it. It seemed inconceivable that we cut them, we heat them furnaces. From now on for me to cut down a tree - as the axe to rubanut the native person. Though I did not suffer from a lesorubstvo earlier - the fire kindled dead wood. Decided that from now on I will try to limit quantity of wooden objects in the house though they also are pleasant to me. There are modern materials...

You are treated, my friends, are treated and communicate with the nature. Do not attach to my method too great value - it is not panacea from all problems, others are solved only understanding and reconsideration. Sometimes - with the expert, whether it be the priest or the psychologist. Also I do not advise absolutely to neglect modern medicine (though to listen to doctors, having opened a mouth, too I do not recommend).

Good luck are also happy!