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Unknown father Hemingvey

Was born on July 21, 1899 in the town of Pica (Illinois) which is renamed now is not present, not in Hemingvey - a town, and in Ouk Park (Ouk is an oak). In 60 - x years in the USA treatment of schizophrenia by means of a shock therapy was widespread. As a result of treatment of Hemingvey progressively lost memory . He made the first attempt of suicide in April, 1961, and the second attempt was successful on July 2, 1961 in his manor Ketcham (Idaho).

We know it .

We also know that its known and translated practically into all languages of the world, are:

- Also ascends the sun The Sun Also Rises (1925),

- Farewell, the " weapon; A Farewell to Arms (1929),

- Death on midday Death in the Afternoon (1931),

- the Collection of stories the Fifth Column and the First 49 stories The Fifth Column and the First Forty - Nine Stories (1938),

- For Whom the Bell Tolls For Whom the Bell Tolls (1940),

- the Old man and the sea The Old Man and the Sea (1952) - the story which was conferred the Pulitzer Prize.

In 1954 Hemingvey got from hands of the Swedish king the Nobel Prize on literature for top of skill and art in modern literature .

And now - what is not known by us about to the father

Why, actually, - father from where such familiarity yes and no in English, strictly speaking, the words Rara ? At many people of the world, for example, of the people of the Western Africa this word emphasizes respect for the man; pases are pas (with an accent on And) means something it seems " there; dear sir, the barin, the owner, the one who is higher by situation and respect . In Cuba where the considerable part of the life was carried out by Hemingvey, there is such custom too.

Critics and followers of Hemingveya noted his outstanding skill, it - from living in 50 - e years of the 20th century was the only thing which it is possible to put near Shakespeare (some English-speaking famous writers so consider). And it, of course, allows to call it father .

Everything also got used to external strongly muzhchinkinsky to a look which as if suppresses all nearby the standing or sitting males. Here it ours father - on a safari in Africa or with a rod on fishing on very heavy a tuna, and here he in Spain on bullfight or in the Parisian cafe drinks cognac.

However those who close it knew were surprised how the image " is wrong; macho maskulinovy idol at such vulnerable and gentle soul of the eternal boy whom mother till 9 years in maiden dresses dressed up and called my Ernestina having formed character unstable, eternally maiden and inclined to change and change, as wind in May . What British call Up to the end you do not learn Never know with women of Women so in consciousness and flesh world bearded fathers it was driven that to most of the numerous beloveds it to be risen did not know as, calling them daughters .

From now the living former Soviet people remembers many how unexpectedly and suddenly on them collapsed this bearded image with sad eyes and a timid smile. Everywhere he could be met - in kitchen at the friend when sat up behind a bottle of cheap Bulgarian wine late, on a desktop at junior or senior research associates, in cafe youth, in hairdressing salons - well, generally, everywhere where the worker of not physical work was found. And a chetyrekhtomnik released such circulation that peyperbek of the London publishing house Penguin (opened, by the way, to the world papanyu ) left far behind, but there were not enough all the same books for those who was considered as intellectuals.

However whether all of us reading those cut down and obtsenzurenny up and down eternal understood Hemingveevskiye allowed to publication four books? Why Hemingvey around the world as Jack London, for example, its very good kompatriot, creating only for 20 - 30 years earlier " is still not forgotten; fathers ?

The American critics and analysts of creativity of Hemingveya answer: all modern English-speaking literature passed through Hemingveya . Notice - not left Hemingveya as Russian prose left from Overcoats Gogol, and through prism Heminguveevskaya. And prism, as we know, usual white color for 7 flowers of a rainbow distributes - create only: to you particle of that general white colors in the English literature father and a pra - a pra - the father Hemingvey and Shakespeare gave out .

As it is possible to define style of the letter fathers ? If to consider it under increase in usual English grammar for school, then and you will not find anything special (except errors if not frank mistakes). Fully in Hemingway`s texts of the demotic, rough and not used in salons words; the minimum attempt which is absent even such at all to embellish somehow beautiful mot dialogue . Fi - and, it is indecent - that as, and children if till 16 years read?

In that is continually that 20 - go centuries all modern writing youth and not only was divided by emergence of Hemingveya in literature into two opposite and unfriendly camps: the first - writing under Hemingveya - Hemingveya trying not to pose as, but not much it manage the second.

Father often exasperated with questions - tell, share experience, give advice how to become the good writer, you are considered nearly as the best American writer.

Avoided any directives the master, laughing the matter off and otbrekhivayas - a pier if you do not know what to tell about, then do not undertake a pencil (he wrote all life with a pencil and did not use any other stationery itself).

And what to tell about, interviewers were not appeased? Subjects - human and giving hope, answered father . Most of all reader problems of death, loss capture someone or something, steady aspiration to the purpose, valor and heroism - about it and write, never you progadat, Hemingvey told it without any irony (or self-irony).

And now about most for us little-known in Hemingvee. It - principle of an iceberg . If attentively to read what remained in Russian translation after censorship in 16 - y to the head it Death in the afternoon this principle father defines so: Throwing out some pieces from the story, the writer thereby strengthens the story. But it is necessary to do it so that the reader felt what is thrown out. If to let know to the reader what remarkable part of work did not reach the press, to the story will accept * enthusiastically * . Let`s notice in brackets if the Soviet censorship cared for popularity the works studied by it and would know the main principle of the letter fathers Hemingveya, literature Soviet long ago the shining tops reached. But censorship of such principle did not know and, without philosophizing crafty, all work " is more often; under " water; and none will be the wiser.

In what comes to an end Also there ascends the sun you remember? Whether it is the principle of an iceberg: defective Jake Barnes and Bret Ashli reflect on future joint life .

End Farewell " weapon;: Frederik Henry comes back to hotel, it is lonely also around a rain - a rain .

For Whom the Bell Tolls : Robert Jordan expects inevitable death

of Hemingvey an innuendo and notorious desire not to chew to the reader of an event in them deep value did not consider as symbolism. He hated this term. Though each good follower principle of an iceberg the most intimate symbols, which chains and shackles will chain in advance trains the reader for one and subsequent his works. It is impossible to neglect selection and planning of the symbols. To develop them, in detail and to describe, think over comprehensively when and where to pull out them from a bag or to publish as piano in the bushes and then already and to cut down, throw out ruthlessly, but so that the reader saw and understood, - it is thrown out the most gained, loved and then will fall in love with such writer as father Hemingveya we adore and we appreciate.

Also we do not know that was told by Ernest Hemingvey in the speech at delivery to him the Nobel Prize on literature on December 10, 1954 (he refused to go, the speech was read by the ambassador of the USA in Sweden):

Members of the Swedish Academy, the lady and gentlemen,

without having any abilities to compose the speech and oratory, it would be desirable to thank administrators of distribution of awards of Alfred Nobel for this award. There is no writer who would apprehend this an award without gratitude. There is no need to list such writers. Each attendee has the own list, proceeding from the knowledge and an inner world.

I would not decide to ask the ambassador wash the countries to read this speech which the author wrote from the heart. It is impossible to tell written, all that you feel. Everything that you write, seems such clear, but degree alchemy which you put in written it can be transferred / to the reader/, and can be forgotten.

Writing in the highest manifestation there is very lonely life. The organizations of writers (unions) facilitate and brighten up literary loneliness, but I do not think that they improve quality of written. He (writer) grows up in a monument (a sculpture for public) only by constant loneliness if it shares the loneliness with someone, its work worsens. If it does everything itself, then - it the good writer tries to reach eternity (or oblivion if there is no loneliness).

For the real writer each new book - the new beginning only. He tries to be higher than already reached again. He should try to make something that others already tried and failed. Only then, if to it carries, to it the success will come.

As if literature was just written if it was necessary to write only that, but in a different way that was already written. As we have many writers in the past, the modern writer costs far behind the past, leaning of the past, leaves there where nobody can help it any more. The writer has to write WHAT HAS TO TELL and not stir about it.

I Thank you.

Emil Pik