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What girls pay attention to?

1) So, first of all girls pay attention to the person. Therefore:

and) Try that on a face there were whenever possible less spots (wash more often; every time clean skin the special clearing lotions. Before going to bed it is desirable to use cream which clears skin of eels and opens a time);

) If you have a shave, then have a shave a minimum of times in three days. And if you see the girl every day (and especially - often you kiss), then in general every day! Nevertheless, for the girl it is more pleasant. Also do not forget about aftershave lotion. It will help to avoid irritation on skin;

in) you brush teeth More often. And not only in order that in club they shone from an ultraviolet;) When cleaning pay bigger attention to internal part since there often there is more raid, than in front;

of) you Carry with yourself in a pocket a chewing gum or a freshener of breath. So, just in case...;

d) Clear ears of sulfur special sticks with cotton wool;

e) is more detailed about a hairdress Now. Girls always pay attention to the one who though something stands out from the crowd. So there was always and so it and remained. I not to that you have hair cut under the punk, or in general nalyso! No. There is enough of that you constantly watched the head: washed, did not allow emergence of dandruff etc. But nevertheless it is better if you have any original hairdress. Lately much like highlighting. It is better to do it under a hat but not under a foil. So more effectively it turns out. As for the style of a hairdress then already choose on the discretion. But I speak at once: the fashion on the licked hairdresses on one side and back already passed;

) Sunglasses. In the summer without them, of course, anywhere - all of them time with. But at communication nevertheless it is better to remove because for the girl it is important to see your look.

2) Then girls pay attention to appearance entirely:

and) you Wear always only clean clothes;

) Change it every 2 - 3 day;

in) In a coloring has to dominate no more than three flowers. And it is even better - when two;

of) If you wear jeans, then buy a quite good belt on them;

d) you Carry three kerchiefs in a pocket: one to dust with footwear, another - if is required to the girl, and the third - for itself;

e) are considered as the Most sexual underwear at guys swimming trunks in the form of the fitting shorts. In - the first: very conveniently, and in - the second: beautifully;

) Constantly use a deodorant and toilet water - after washing, but not instead of. There are also special leg deodorants;

z) you Watch nails. To the girl do not love not well-groomed, obgryzanny nails, and especially - dirt under them. It is the best of all to cut them right after a bathroom when they become softer;

and) Try to play about less houses with pets not to go scratched and bitten :)

to) If you still have no hours - buy. Here again it is necessary to look on compatibility with style: if you love gold, carry a chain, a signet or still something from jewelry, then it is better to choose hours if not gold then gilded;) But in this case you should not carry silver since it is not in harmony.

of l) Every day change socks and pants. By the way, socks try to choose to match clothes too;

of m) it is not necessary to be picked in public a nose and teeth. It is better to make it then where - nibud round the corner or at an entrance;)

of N) In advance well tie laces on footwear if they are available;

about) In a pocket or in a purse at any guy respecting himself always has to be kapitoshka ! And not some there, and Durex INNOTEX or Vizit !;)

p) If you smoke, then buy a good reusable lighter. And, if finance allows, buy Marlboro Parlament R1 Sobranie (as a last resort: LM Monte Carlo Chesterfield Bond ) ;

r) Buy a gas barrel and constantly you carry in a pocket because everyone happens;

c) should not wear too wide trousers, a t-shirt knee-deep, the cap tense up to the eyelashes. It is not fashionable any more and only causes laughter. Though, if your girl, or the girl whom you look for, too such then all, of course, in a different way;

3) Figure. Yes, girls as well as guys, pay attention to a figure. Therefore:

and) Start going to a gym. For the guy this in general obligatory business;

) If you a thin constitution, then eat more. Also typesetting of a form is promoted by condensed milk;

in) When you shake, place more emphasis on a breast and a press, and then already on all the rest;

of) consider as One of the most sexual parts of the man of the girl the back. Therefore it needs to be swung too, keep in mind;)

4) Personal hygiene.

and) Time in two - three days, and is better daily, be washed and wash the head, ears etc. Do not forget about a neck and a navel! there is no

) anything of that kind if the guy has a shave under mice. The sweat smell on hairs remains in this place! So every two weeks is better somewhere to have a shave;

in) Now as for shaving there . Here already as it is pleasant to whom. I think, most of girls will agree with me, what is better, when there order and purity, but not the jungle. And so it is pleasant to girls more; with

generally, wash more often everything that is only possible!;)

5) Behaviour and character.

and) I consider that the guy has to be clever. Such it are pleasant to girls;

) Courageous and capable to protect the girl at any time;

in) Honest on life and twice honest before the girl since it makes a basis of the relations. If nevertheless once changed, then it is better to admit because sooner or later it will emerge and then it will be worse;

of) Decent and intelligent. Well, for example: always to open before the girl of a door, to remove for it at restaurant a chair, to help to bear heavy things etc.;

d) Girls are auditory . Try to be more sociable;

e) Not always make to girls concessions, and that they will mount to you upon a neck and then it will be already more difficult to re-educate it;

) you have to pay To cafe for the girl. For a taxi, a disco and other - too you;

z) do not refuse to the girl happiness though occasionally to receive flowers. Especially roses. It very much is pleasant to them;

and) Girls well just VERY MUCH love when they are filled up with compliments, speak and do pleasant, pay much attention etc. (but you watch that it did not turn out, as in the " point; e !) ; to

to) Always you say that you think, and do not hide the feelings. Girls are more constraining, than guys so you have to show an initiative;

of l) In general will be fine if it turns out so that you still know how to cook well. So while there is time, read recipes and experiment. At least the simplest, but you have to be able to prepare;

of m) If your girl does not matyukatsya, then try not to do it too. If does not smoke - try to throw that also you;

of N) do not forget about communication by phone. And not only with girls, and and with friends, girlfriends and other people that the others did not have an impression that you about them forgot or to you all the same. And in general - try to maintain the friendly relations with all because your reputation in society depends on it;

about) If the girl does not want something, then it is not necessary to insist. Respect desires of each other;

p) Sense of humour. For development read any jokes, stories on the Internet... Without mat, naturally. Tell with expression to friends to be trained;

r) Be able to listen to the girl. Often for them it is just necessary; c) you come

To a meeting for about 10 minutes earlier. To be late it is allowed to the girl, but not the guy;

of t) do not forget about the man`s duty - to bring the girl to the house;

at) you do not go gloomy even if you have a bad mood;

Perhaps, on it so far all.

Be simpler and people to you will stretch ! ;)