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What do we know about the Moroccan mint tea?

became popular to attend tea ceremonies Recently. There was a large number of tea clubs. The Chinese and Japanese tea ceremonies are most widely presented. But today I want to tell about the Moroccan tradition of tea drinking.

Morocco - the Muslim country, many connect emergence of tradition of tea drinking with a religious ban on alcohol. Perhaps, the climate and a nomadic way of life of berbers also played a role in emergence of this tradition.

Morocco - the largest importer of tea. Since prosperity of trade between Europe and Maghrib tea began the distribution over the country. And by the present moment of Morocco became the first importer of the Chinese green tea around the world. Most we love the " green tea at Moroccans; " Gunpowder;.

In the cities, settlements and even tents of bedouins the real tea ceremonies are organized, tea is drunk by all, is regular also in a large number.

In Morocco it is accepted to drink green tea with mint. Such combination became part of culture and is used during any meal or without it. Not to do without tea both in operating time and during travel on the desert. Till a lunch it is drunk for cooling, and after food drink hot and sweet tea to help digestion.

This fine drink in a silver or tin teapot is served. To tea offer a fig, fresh mint leaves, sugar. It is accepted to drink tea from glass glasses of the small size. It is necessary to take a glass correctly: it is put on a thumb and hold with a forefinger the upper edge.

Prepare tea in Morocco only of the man, and the most various ways and with a big invention, turning tea drinking into a colourful ceremony. The Moroccan way of preparation of tea looks so. In a silver teapot fill up a tablespoon of green tea. Fill in with a small amount of boiled water and at once merge it. So dust is removed, and tea becomes less bitter. Again fill in with boiled water, add a lot of mint, only leaves and 5 - 7 pieces of sugar to a teapot.

Further put on fire and constantly stir slowly as soon as tea begins to boil, remove it from fire. The received saturated infusion is cooled, pouring several times in a glass and back in a teapot.

Exists a certain way as it is necessary to give some tea. For this purpose the teapot is raised highly over cups (about 1, 5 m) both a thin and long stream, without splashes, poured in cups. Special skill is considered to put a glass on a floor and to fill it from 2 - x teapots, at the same time without having sprayed tea.

Such tea turns out is oxygenated, at the same time in a glass a lot of foam is formed. Foam - important making tea drinking, thus the guest understands that are glad to him in this house.

the Moroccan tea not only is tasty, but also is very useful.

And all because the mint which is improving digestion, removing heartbeat, stimulating blood circulation and having sudorific action is its part.

Green tea exerts beneficial influence on a human body, invigorates, increases attention, improves memory, normalizes a metabolism. Its use before meal normalizes work zheludochno - an intestinal path, and it improves digestion.

Pleasant tea drinking!