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Who counts days to 27 - go July?

Seem, yesterday we with flowers in hands, in a school uniform went on the last call. Yesterday tried to constrain tears, being turned in a farewell waltz. Yesterday met dawn after a graduation party and sent balls to the sky, accompanying everyone with the treasured desire And I am for some reason sure that the majority of desires at us coincided: To ENTER TO the UNIVERSITY.

All academic year we made plans for the future, every day discussed them at changes (and sometimes and at lessons). One made the choice easily and seriously prepared for implementation of conceived. Others to the last convulsively leafed through books HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Russia also did not know on what to stop. And here a choice is made. Certificates and certificates on results of USE are received.

the Yesterday`s school student puts things in a bag and rushes on the bus, the train, the plane Towards to the future. Heavy time of receipt for everyone passes in own way. I will tell what it became for me.

Even it is not trusted! Really it it? So many time saw this building on the picture, and now it before me Here great minds of our country " studied; To Delight there was no limit when I approached Moscow State University. From everywhere and blew as history. It seemed, I came to be in the fairy tale. Unfortunately, the fairy tale quickly ended.

of Turn! It is not visible where they begin and where come to an end. It is not clear why suddenly before you arise new napes . It is surprising how quickly you cease to admire so large number of adherents that also as well as you was chosen by this higher education institution and this faculty. Approaching on millimeter the purpose, you do not notice how there passes day. At last, you in a selection committee. Before you students of this higher education institution are young people, is slightly more senior than you. They also want to communicate among themselves, to joke, sometimes to speak with somebody by phone. Here also you begin to understand that why the turn which blocked the whole street so slowly moves. So, you here. Accurately you fill in the application form to the rector, you provide all necessary documents, you receive in exchange the receipt and you leave happy of an office, with hope that else you will return, but already as the student. See you jaundiced eyes of those to whom to a door hundreds more of people.

Most of all, probably, was not lucky entrants of GU - HSE. Many also did not suspect that they desire here to arrive, will divide so many graduates. I got to turn from the third attempt. (The first 2 days came too late - to eleven and at nine in the morning). On the third time about seven in the morning I was on the place. In the list, registered in turn, my surname appeared at number 173. For the sake of interest specified in how many the lucky at number one came. About two o`clock in the morning - answered me. Here it is thirst for knowledge.

But the most interesting, in my opinion, receipt at those who besides providing already ready results decided to take additional examinations in higher education institution. I happened to participate in a creative competition at faculty of journalism of MSU. It passed in two rounds: composition and interview. Provided us 5 wide and interesting subjects for the composition. (I chose Plot of a century ) Interview seemed to me far more difficult. Here all qualities necessary for the real journalist were checked. For this part of a competition I managed to get a maximum of points therefore I can tell with confidence that the main thing - to be pleasant to the commission and to present myself in the best light. Questions on interview sounded the most different: to list editions, a certain look, to tell about news in the world, to express the relation to political problems, to guess the author of lines of the poem In advance to guess what will be and somehow it is impossible to be prepared. In several days doors of faculty had lists. Everyone to come to them on journalism faculty (and such it was gathered more than 800) tremblingly looked for the registration numbers and points got for a creative competition. From outside it was the unusual picture. Someone, without having managed to depart from lists, choking with happiness, began to jump and to shout enthusiastically HURRAH . Someone, having looked down down, hardly constraining tears ran away from faculty - dream. Someone quietly stood apart and did not believe that he received so a little. The appeal on which 4 persons from 84 could prove that they were underestimated was farther. And those who lost hope here already got next day in a queue in other places.

In 3 days will end documents acceptance. And through 5 with a sinking heart each entrant will begin to look for the surname in the lists recommended for transfer. Who knows, can do this time we will remember with a smile, sitting in audience of native higher education institution