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What will remain from us after death? Whether

the Blonde, whether the brunette, whether cheerful, whether sad, whether the black, whether yellow-faced, whether rich, whether poor - for old women with a braid all the same, what you. Sooner or later each of us will die.

From the thought of death the body throws into a shiver. Mystical, terrible, always painful ritual of the termination of life causes primitive awe in the person. What attitude towards death would not be dictated to the person during lifetime by religion, medicine, psychology, the normal person is afraid of arrival of the death anyway. Try to start conversation on death in the company - and jokes quickly run low, there is the general awkwardness and discomfort. The overwhelming number of people has true respect and awe of the native before the moment of dying of own flesh.

But there are people of strange property. I do not know how to classify them, but they absolutely differently treat death. Their thinking is oddly changed. They do not feed respect and fear of own death, but also do not sneer at death, do not joke about it. All their attitude towards death is reduced to the sheer contempt for this final note in life of any person. These people, undoubtedly, differently treat also life. Something demonic lives in their eyes and depths of their souls.

Only once I happened to meet such person. We shivered with it in the train when I once again went to business trip to Siberia. Seldom, but people from whom, and literally skin you feel it meet sometimes on a course of life, fluids of mental force, quiet internal power and ice indifference to all real proceed. In soul of such person surprising, space rest governs. At conversation with the new interlocutor I understood that true contempt for death is shown not in the choice of especially dangerous professions, not in mad motorcycles races, not in lasagnas on steep rocks in mountains and not in recruitment as the mercenary in covered with " blood at all; hot spots .

It is not necessary to confuse search of death to contempt for it. Indifference to death consists in special feeling of the passionless relation to all chain of human life. The birth, the first shout, the first desire to be sated, kindergarten, school, service, a marriage, children, grandsons, an old age and death. These people, that is despised slanting up to the soul depth, possess a peculiar magnetism. It is extremely interesting to talk to them, but at heart then there is a feeling of emptiness and a strange deposit of hatred to people around.

By profession my fellow traveler was the judicial physician. In usual conversation behind a small bottle of two people to whom the long joint way under knock of wheels is necessary there was a question: what will remain from us after death? Then he also stated the vision of this problem, but about it is a bit later. I asked this question also to other people after that meeting, and they (all of different age, a floor and occupation) consider so:

1. After death there will be a memory of relatives and friends. Whether kind, not really kind, but - surely will remain! At least an image of the dead in consciousness of dear people.

2. After death there will be ashes, the unpleasant shapeless, decaying body, but the soul will already look for a new haven.

3. After death there are fruits of hands of the person - his music, his verses, his pictures which is hammered together by his hands a stool in a hall, at last. Or its financial empire, or a cozy shop created hardly and risk on repair of footwear.

4. One desperate musician, the fan of heavy music and the psychostimulating substances, with black humour answered that they after his death will remain the emasculated mother`s and father`s nerves yes four shelves of phenomenal demonic music in " style; hev - " metal;.

5. In the usual village that in the Lipetsk region, the local philosopher, the former agronomist, having inclined on one side the head, told that from him after death there will be a fertilizer, and his soul will leave on freedom from - under thicknesses of the earth through a yablonka or still what tree or a plant that will grow on the place of its burial.

6. The old man in Yeysk which reasonably is afraid that children and the grandson cremate him a body after death instead of a committing to the earth, with a faint smile mumbled that after it there will be a smoke in a pipe of a crematorium and soot when it flies to heaven. In that soot there will also live his soul. And where winds and storms will transfer by air his soul, he does not know, as well as any normal person.

7. The lover of dogs, the professional manufacturer, under bark of numerous young people absolutely of doggies and mordaty dogs in open-air cages almost of a progavkal - with humour - that after her death there will be tens of remarkable Labradors who will do a heap of new labradorchik, and those, in turn, is even more puppies. And her soul will live on a droplet in each well offspring of her first family of Labradors whom she tied more than twenty five years ago.

8. The cheerful drunkard in the village near Chelyabinsk gave thought that after his death there will be huge large bottles and the most powerful, trouble-free, literally live that is with soul the moonshine still and skillfully twisted additional coil. And his soul will move in this coil: painfully it likes this brilliant thin tubule of ideally correct helicoid form.

9. The photographer on the beach () is simply confident in philosophical mood that after his death from it there will be hundreds of thousands of pictures that will scatter over the countries and rural lands, and in each photo will be on a kernel of his contemplate soul.

10. And here the judicial physician that with genuine, sincere contempt belongs to death, in the train Moscow - Novosibirsk just told that everything that will remain after his death, is a label with number that hang up in a morgue on a thumb of a leg of the dead person. According to him, the person also suffers, going on a course of life, and rejoices that nevertheless goes, and fights, is ill, kills, loves, hates and creates to reach, eventually, a well-deserved reward, this label on a thumb of a dead leg of the dead person. So he thinks, the true realist and the quiet contemplator of life.

Romantics, not true realists, - cautious subjects and other people who have awe before death fear, fear, a shiver or even irony - build in the consciousness " sand castles;. They dream that something will happen to their soul after death that something from them will remain. That there, behind the last line, on that aspect of life, there is something . It is unknown that, but something nevertheless has to be. At least hell or paradise. And here the real realist despising death the judicial physician, precisely knows that everything that will be brought to the person by death - it is a label in a morgue on a leg thumb.

Each person will die, so was moved from time immemorial. And everyone, though unwillingly, but already since the earliest childhood develops in some way the relation to a final moment of life.

I noticed that the attitude towards death influences a way of the person, his character and behavior during lifetime. Whether to become the real realist or the romantic in pink glasses in relation to death - everyone should solve independently, quietly, somewhere at heart, perhaps, a minute of serenity, under noise of a sea wave.